Original X-Com Developer Rebooting 1985 Classic Chaos

Original X-Com Developer Rebooting 1985 Classic Chaos

Julian Gollop co-created the original X-Com, many years ago, and was not optimistic about the chance of this year’s XCOM turning out well. But XCOM turned out to be a smart game and was very well-received. Nearly everyone loves it.

Perhaps the wild success of the new XCOM, then, is what has inspired Gollop to go back to his gaming roots with another remake. As Rock Paper Shotgun reports, Gollop’s new project is a reboot of Chaos, a 1985 turn-based magic-themed game for the ZX Spectrum.

Gollop’s new site outlines his plans for the game, including both a singleplayer campaign and a multiplayer aspect. The singleplayer campaign is set to rely heavily on randomly generated maps and elements, making the experience different each time and for each player.

2012 seems to be the year that everything old really did become new again. Between HD re-releases of mid-recent games, mobile ports of older games, and complete reboots and continuations of popular series going back as far as M.U.L.E., it’s a prime moment for retro classics to find new life and perhaps even a new generation of fans.

Chaos Reborn [Gollop Games via Rock Paper Shotgun]

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