Our Wonderful, Totally Normal Co-Workers Try The Wii U

Enough about what we here at Kotaku think of the Wii U. What do other people in our parent company who don't cover games for a living think of Nintendo's new console?

We had them play some Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U and asked for their snap judgments.

Watch the video and see what they liked and what they didn't.

Spoiler: No one runs out to pre-order one, but they do have fun.


    Mare-Eh-Oh Kart... ARGH! Americans!

      Haha, had no idea what you were talking about first - I read the "mare" like "are" with an M on it. But it's like "air".

      Don't know that that's really any American thing at all though, I've never heard one say it like that before. The other guy in the vid says it normally. If anything, it's more like how the British say it. Those guys are the real weirdos.


      I'm from the states. That's more of a New York/New Jersey area accent.

        Actually, after watching that, she doesn't even have that kind of accent. She just says it that way. Weird.

    The point they made about the Wii being pick up and play compared to the Wii U being slightly more complicated makes sense. It might be a daunting proposition for those that prefer simple tablet games. But to veteran gamers like myself that want a new challenge this is perfect. Will this sell to the masses? from what i saw on the video maybe not as good as the Wii, but you never know. After all the console market is showing its age (7 years already!), and something new and fresh might be just whats needed.

    Last edited 16/11/12 4:44 pm

    That mario kart idea blew my mind, Imagine a left 4 dead where a player could be the "Director", uggh I love it.

    Who are these trogladytes? WiiU is the nintendo console that actual gamers have been waiting for. That bloke said wii tennis sold the Wii for him, this is the wrong crowd to be asking to buy the product.

    Sure 'harder core' gamers are fewer in number to the casual market, but we consume and spend more per capita than any other market when it comes to electronic entertainment.

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