PC Gamers Can Now Download Battlefield 1942 For Free

PC Gamers Can Now Download Battlefield 1942 For Free

Sure, Battlefield 3 remains a big deal, and Battlefield 4 is is on its way. But fans who want to go back to where it all began will need to hop into Battlefield 1942.

The 2002 World War II-themed FPS launched a franchise that, between games and DLC, has had more than 20 releases in the last 10 years. In honour of reaching that 10th anniversary, EA is making Battlefield 1942 available as a free download via their Origin service. The download includes the base game only, with no expansions. EA’s FAQ says that mod support is “untested”, but advises players where to go to talk through mod support on their own.

10th Anniversary: Download and play Battlefield 1942 for free! [Battlefield blog]


  • With so many excellent free to play games out now, this feels like a jaded grab at getting people with nostalgia eyes to get origin.

    • Well, as far as I’m concerned it’s good that they’re giving away a free game. I have a hard time criticizing anybody for giving away something for free. It’s not like you have to buy anything else on Origin or use it for anything else other than that one, free game if you don’t want to.

    • The BEST memories, we still play BF1942 and codename eagle at LAN’s.

      BF1942 and DC still one of the best and most well balanced BF games.

  • I was super keen for this until I read the Origin part. No thanks EA. So it turns out you literally would have to pay me to use Origin.

    • May I ask what your problem with Origin is? I’ve been a user of Steam for eight years and love it however I don’t see any major problems with Origin that would stop me from ever using it as well as Steam.

      Sure they charge way too much for games however in the case of free games like this where is the problem?

      • Yeah I’m the same, I don’t really see the huge issue with Origin. Fair enough if you don’t feel like supporting EA in any fashion, but other wise Origin works ok for me (even if it’s just for BF3 and Mass Effect).

      • Its basically bloated spyware – I don’t want it on my machine for the same reason I don’t want tose BS tool bars in my browser.

      • Spyware or not, that’s up for debate elsewhere, I’ve already chosen Steam as my games manager on my PC. EA decides to stop publishing their games on Steam, that’s annoying but it doesn’t mean I’m going to download their Origin ‘service’. I have the willpower to actually boycott. If Battlefield 3 was on Steam I’d buy it. Same with Mass Effect 3.

        And don’t take this as me being a Steam fanboy. I also buy games elsewhere (GOG for example) as long as they don’t need me to download something else that’s going to want to run on my PC 24/7.

          • No. I have some GFWL and UBI games in my library. I also have some EA games in my library still from before they stopped publishing on Steam.

            I don’t actually intend to buy any more GFWL or UBI games for PC though. GFWL lost me when it said I needed a Gold subscription to play online. And UBI’s DRM and launcher are too much hassle – I’ll stick to consoles for them for now.

      • This. There no major problem with origin except pricing and you can always get your key elsewhere and enter it. Plus all my ea games on steam now show up on origin too.

      • Try using Origin in a country other than your own and you might find one major reason why it sucks.

        I live in Thailand and the Origin store displays only in Thai by default, with no option for English. Unfortunately I don’t read Thai anywhere near fluently enough to navigate anything on the site regarding billing details and the like.

        There are thousands of similar complaints from expats in other countries on this issue. Why they couldn’t have an option to change the interface language like Steam does I really don’t know.

    • I think the title of this article should actually be changed to Origin Gamers Can Now Download Battlefield 1942 For Free

  • Its spyware. It scans everything and sends it back to ea. Steam does not try to access my email folders. Origin is a lockdown mechanic to enforce purchases via one outlet. Steam is a service where the games are commonly available elsewhere including other distribution services.

  • Yes goyim, Steam™ is good. Origin is bad! Please spend all your shekels at Steam™ and get great discounts by agreeing to our special Steam™ DRM! Its only a “little bit” intrusive!

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