People Magazine Thinks This Is Christina Aguilera Dressed Up As Zelda

Uhhhhhh. Oh, boy. Either People magazine got some really bad information on Christina Aguilera's Halloween costume this year, or Christina Aguilera herself doesn't know who or what Zelda is.

Either way, according to this issue of People — and caught by Gamervescent — depicted above (and in full below) is "game heroine Princess Zelda, and beau Matt Rutler suited up as her love interest Link." At least they got the gender/names right?

Interestingly, if you visit People online and check out a similar image, the description is somewhat different.

"The queen's got her knight in shining armour! Christina Aguilera poses with boyfriend Matthew Rutler," it reads. Guess someone figured it out.

The Legend of Xtina [Gamervescent] Haunted Hollywood! Star Costumes of 2012 [People] I hate you, hollywood [Reddit]


    Zelda! Hands down. THAT.. is Zelda. For real dawg! .. Oh People.

    Wow, hats off to that man for making drag look good..

    Unless Skyward Sword changed a lot of stuff that link doesn't look anything like my Ocarina of Time 3D.

    Maybe she's just really, really, really bad at cosplay.

    I think the people at people may have sniffed a few lines before doing this photoshoot, no resemblance at all.

    Does it really matter what she calls herself while wearing that? :S

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