Pinch Me, I'm Excited About Halo 4's DLC

Excited? About DLC? I'd normally rather throw myself under a bus, seeing as 90% of the stuff is usually over-priced fluff, but 343 look to be putting a ton of effort into Halo 4's fancy Spartan Ops game mode.

An episodic series of co-op and multiplayer experiences, I knew they'd have some sort of narrative attached to them, but damn, didn't know they'd even spent money making more of those gorgeous Halo 4 cinematic sequences for them as well.

I missed the first episode, but the second should be out later today.


    Says he's excited about DLC but skips the first episode... right...

    Is it possible to play the previous episodes as well? I'm getting my xbox in a few weeks and don't want to miss anything.

      You'll be able to play them at any time once they've been released. However, it looks like the Spartan Ops online matchmaking will be restricted to the latest week's episode, so if you don't have mates to play cooperatively with, keeping up with the episodes when they're released may be worthwhile to you. You'll still be able to party up with mates and play whichever episodes and missions you'd like though.

    Wait, whaddya mean 'missed' the first episode? It's still there to play, right? I don't have the game yet, but I'm not missing content, am I?

      I don't know for sure, but from the way it's set up it looks like you can select which episode you want to play once more come out. I think there are achievements tied to the first episode as well, so I doubt they'd block people from playing it.

        Correct, however online matchmaking is limited to the 'current' episode available.

    luke.... you must travel to university and learn the ways of the journalist.

    My the skills be with you. At some point.

    the first set of spartan missions have been really lame thus far. cinematics are great but the mission structure so far is just plain boring.

      Second set is a lot better, you feel like your progressing.

        The missions actually link together, and tie into the episodes cinematic a lot more than the first episode.

      The dialogue is terrible. I think they hired Jennifer Hale on the promise she would do her lamest sounding Shepard possible. I wish it was Mary Elizabeth McGlyn

    You can definitely play all episodes when you're ready. The previous ones don't disappear or lock if you haven't played them yet.

    Not so much DLC as being unlocked over time. Pretty sure its on the disc. And its free, just feels like they are trying to make it feel 'episodic' artificially.

      You mean by not charging anybody for content that is already on the disc... that's a first for the industry

      The missions are, but I think the cinematics are streamed.

      it's only free for the first season, which features 5 episode per chapter, 1 chapter released per week over 10 weeks. They apparently plan to continue releasing new series as they go which you then pay for. Honestly this seems like the first real attempt at Episodic content for any game to really take on.

    First mission is on the 2nd disc of Halo 4.

    You donlowd the rest.

    I liked the first episode but it was too short and too easy. I really hope they scale up the difficulty and duration this time.

    I'm actually impressed with Spartan Ops. It's only starting out of course, but I expected it to just be a prettied up version of Firefight, when in reality they really are like mini campaign missions with a progression and objectives to complete. I agree that it could be more of a challenge, but I can see the difficulty ramping up through later chapters as the first episodes in chapter one seemed like more of an introduction than anything, just like the progression of the normal campaign.

    First episode was fairly terrible - story was pretty much limited to the cinematic and the last few minutes of the last mission... mission objectives were copy/pasted directly from the campaign, lacking any context. If they can add more context (ie. why I'm doing these missions, beyond "you're a Spartan and you'll do as you're told") and integrate the plot throughout the episode, it might get better. They've got two weeks to engage me, before my free gold runs out.
    Also, respawning into the middle of a zerg of crawlers, over and over again, was not fun.

    Hey Laura Palmer, just because you shoot things and don't understand science doesn't mean to have to go calling all the scientists "egg heads". Stop picking on them and let them do their damn job!

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