Play A New Double Fine Game Prototype Right Now

Yesterday, Double Fine put together an interesting new idea to crowdsource the selection of their next "Amnesia Fornight" games. It's a cool move, inviting people to support them financially while opening up their process to the world and giving fans a say in what games they make.

In that same spirit, they've also made a number of prototypes available via their Amnesia Fortnight Bundle, which allows you to vote on new prototypes and download a few existing ones. Today, they added a new prototype to the bundle, for a game called BRAZEN from Iron Brigade project lead Brad Muir. You'll only get the prototype if you pay more than the average, which is around $US6.50 right now (clever, Double Fine). You can see Muir describe the game in detail in the video above, and snag the prototype from the Amnesia Fortnight page.


    I really like the art style but I'm not too fond of the jitteriness of the animations. I'm not sure if that's what they were going for with the whole "stop motion" thing or it's just because it's a prototype.

    I've only seen a few pitch videos and while some are better than others most do look interesting. I probably won't buy this but I'm certainly going to keep an eye out if DF decide to make any of these games. The last one spawned some pretty awesome games so I have high hopes for this one!

      It's purposely like that to mimic the stop motion miniature look, the way they used to do giant monsters in older films, which is the theme of the game. While I really like what they're going for, I agree that it does stand out too much compared to the fluidity of the normal character animations - perhaps they can find a balance between the two styles.

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    I think this one is just a prototype. But holy crap, I played it, it was good. Double Fine was going to make a monster hunter clone. It could have been all sorts of crazy mega awesome.

      Wait. In the documentary, they talked about one project that was being developed but not announced. It could have been The Cave, but I seriously hope it was this.

        Watched the video, holy crap.

    This looks like a fantastic idea! I'd totally play this. Good title, solid base of an idea to build upon and it seems to have found a little hole in the market that no one has catered to yet.

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