Play As Batman Or His Foes In The Upcoming Arkham City Board Game

Well this certainly sounds cool. Deck-building game designers Cryptozoic games are creating a new game based on Arkham City. In a cool twist, the game will cast one player as the caped crusader, and the other as his all of his enemies, and they'll duke it out for control of Arkham City. Using cards, in the Batman tradition.

Here's some details from Cryptozoic:

  • In Batman™: Arkham City Escape, two players engage in a game of wits and strategy that pits Batman against his greatest foes as they try to escape Arkham City!
  • One player takes on the role of Batman, and the other player is in command of Batman's Rogues Gallery! No two games play out the same, as the villain player uses a random assortment of villains each time.
  • Each of the Arkham City inmates has exclusive special abilities to use as they take hostages and try to escape the clutches of the Dark Knight.
  • Utility Belt cards give Batman access to a variety of special gadgets to use as he works towards stopping the Arkham City escapees and saving his allies!

Arkham City Escape will be out in February 2013. You can find out more about the game, along with some close-up images of a few of the cards, over at Cryptozoic's site. This all sounds good to me. I hope there's a shark card.

BATMAN™: ARKHAM CITY ESCAPE [Cryptozoic games via Polygon]


    The problem I have with 2 player games is usually when I play board games there are four to seven of us with six being the most common lately.

    Six player games is what I usually look for.

      I think it's a good niche to fill. Most games that are 2-6 players, play really badly with only 2 players. Having a game that plays well with 2 players is a bit of a rare thing these days.

        Perfectly valid point that your average 6 player game is terrible with two people. Settlers of Catan, one of my favourite games would not be that much fun with just two people.

        I suppose I should have mentioned that when it's just two people we're usually doing something else or playing a Video Game split screen.

        I want some 2 player games but I'd never get the chance to play them. And seriously add Catwoman and it could have been easily bumped up to four players as she does the psuedo good gal thing from time to time.

      I have the opposite problem, every board game I own is for 4-6 players but most of the time it's just me and my girlfriend wanting to play something together.

      In fact, I find it hard to find two player board games so I'm glad this is coming!

    Sounds like a good idea but would've prefered a game based on the arkham city ip not the game and as noted before 2+ players.
    Many better "board games" that should be considered before this imo.

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