Play Halo 4, Earn Microsoft Space Bucks

Planning on playing a massive amount of Halo 4 multiplayer? You could actually earn yourself Microsoft points for doing so if you take part in the Combat Tour Offer Microsoft is currently touting.

Put in 35 hours of Halo multiplayer and you'll earn yourself 100 Microsoft Points. Put in over 140 hours and you'll get yourself 600. That's half a Mark of the Ninja!

It looks like Microsoft is seriously, seriously investing in making Halo 4 a success across the boards, and seems intent on making Halo 4 the game to play on Xbox LIVE.

Thanks VG247


    Amen to that :)

    If Microsoft is so determined for Halo 4 to be a success then why did they leave out local only search options?

    So people can digitally profit from a Live subscription?
    The people who would actually have the time to put into this probably can't afford to buy points.
    Still, good way of buying expansion packs.
    Will this negativeley affect Microsoft's bottom line in any way, considering only digital goods can be purchased and anyone who is playing Halo 4 multiplayer pays for a Gold Live subscription?
    And reading the conditions, the hours only count until November 30.

      Your right, you have to play approx 6 hours a day to achieve the 140 in time, I'm already discouraged.

    What about us gamers on GFWL? Can we earn points? Or do we just have to keep paying $10 just to change our gamertag?!

    140 hours by November 30? Are you freakin kidding me? 6 hours a day of Halo 4, every damn day until then? Screw that.

    35 = ~1.6 hours a day for just over 3 weeks - Yeah that's not bad.
    70 = ~3.2 hours a day for just over 3 weeks - Well that's starting to push it a bit, but doable if you commit and don't like COD.
    140 = ~6.4 hours a day for just over 3 weeks - Now that's getting a little crazy isn't it? lol

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