Political Messages In Curiosity Can Be Kind Of Inexplicable

Political Messages In Curiosity Can Be Kind Of Inexplicable

As Curiosity settles into its second day out in the wide world, players worldwide keep tapping away at the massive cube inside.

It’s not all rude words and penises, though of course there are plenty of both. As political fervour swept the US yesterday and last night, so too did politics seep into the cube.

Perhaps the most mysterious of political messages — among others that read simply “Obama” and “vote” — is the above from On The Cube, signalling “Bad news for Obama’s cat”.

President Obama is, of course, a dog owner. Bo Obama has not had a feline companion in the White House during the President’s first term.

As for bad news? President Obama won re-election last night, and this morning the Curiosity servers are, if not entirely stable, at least performing better than yesterday. Those seem like news that most cats, presidential or otherwise, would be pretty indifferent about. Because cats, man.

Bad News For Obama’s Cat [On The Cube]


  • I’m curious (hah!) as to whether people are playing this for what’s inside or whether it’s because they can write messages and be involved in other meta-games. I mean, it’s just like cow clicker, but without the cows.

    • I actually played a bit yesterday and had fun trying to build up a good high score streak. Then the coins I earnt went away so I doubt I’ll be going back.

  • I couldn’t really make sense of what this article was on about, maybe I’m thick and missing the subtext, but the line is almost certainly a reference to Schrodinger’s cat, running off the back of geeks/science now being hip and, consequently, a whole load of fucking hipsters making skin deep references to shit they have no comprehension of.

    • It’s not that complicated. Someone wrote “Bad News For Obama”, and a different person came along afterwards to add the “‘s CAT” at the end and the picture. Notice ‘cat’ is in uppercase while the rest isn’t.

      • Cheers, I haven’t the foggiest idea of what Curiosity is all about, when I saw the headline I thought it had something to do with NASA’s rover, hence I read the article and know nothing about the game. Still, the article didn’t seem to make light of anything other than BS.

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