Politician Who Wanted Warning Labels On Violent Games Loses Re-Election

Politician Who Wanted Warning Labels On Violent Games Loses Re-Election

US Rep Joe Baca, who had long wanted cigarette-style warning labels slapped on violent video games, won’t be headed back to Capitol Hill. He lost re-election yesterday in a redistricting arrangement which had him pitted against a fellow Democrat for a seat in a differently numbered district.

Baca, a seven-term incumbent, sought three times, unsuccessfully, to have video games labelled with a violence warning akin to the warnings one sees on packs of cigarettes. All three efforts died in committee.

Rep. Joe Baca Has Left the Building [Game Politics]


    • McDonalds not having enough chicken nuggets can lead to aggressive tendencies this is just another asshole looking for a scapegoat for the worlds problems.

      We just all need to hurry up and just accept that being violent is natural for humans and so inborn that you can’t change it.

          • Um… The fact that we dont have preditors is purley because we are smart enough to have things like say… Mace for bears… And intelegence is not the same as violence, for instance i have not a violent bone in my body, but i am opening to just relaxing infront of a fanticy of say, being an action hero.

          • Humans are pretty good at being their own predators anyway. Besides, it is only our ability to create tools that keeps us from becoming easy prey for everything else. Without tools, we have no claws, no scales, no poison glands, no fur for warmth, no sharp teeth, no regenerating limbs, no bony extrusions, nothing really to defend ourselves from attack. Animals have learnt to fear our tools, not us.

  • I’m not sure why everyone is against this-I mean if there were massive warnings then the parents buying the game couldn’t whinge about violence anymore because the whole front of the game is covered in warnings and all the over 18s who want the game can still buy it. If anything I’d think the media would stop berating game devs because the blame would be noticeably on the parent

    • No reason that games should be treated any differently from films, music or books though. Last I checked, no game gives anyone cancer or emphysema (with the possible exception of Kane & Lynch).

  • Don’t you just love it when people say “oh these days everyone is sooo violent, it must be media”?

    So I suppose when the Vikings massacred Anglo-Saxons about 1000 years ago, they had a time machine which they could use to bring back electricity, TVs and video games? What about Gladiators in ancient Rome who enjoyed killed each other on a regular basis in the name of entertainment, while the crowds went wild? Oh and the ancient Greek Olympics where people actually died on a regular basis in fights and what not?

    Gee, common sense dictates violence is just apart of human nature, wouldn’t you? Some of these morons need to read up on history, because they’ll find that society was MUCH more violent a few thousand years, even a few HUNDRED years ago. No TV, games or rock music back then….I wonder what THEY blamed it on? Religion? Politics?

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