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Potaku Peoples Court case number #0020 is now in session. Two teams enter to discuss the ultimate gaming battle. Super Nintendo or Mega Drive? Pick your side and listen in!

Welcome back to Potaku again for another week and for the season finale of Series 2! This week we discuss SNES vs Mega Drive and what makes them so awesome. Our guests this week are The Last Question, Nathan Kelly, The Cracks and ebbsnone, ready to dispense justice to all those who dare challenge their views!

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Love Shiggy.


    SPOILERS: Shiggy likes touching himself.

      How is that a spoiler? Thats FACT

    Man, what was the song used at the end of this episode? It sounds familiar but I can't put my finger on it!

    The Mega Drive doesn't even compare to the awesomeness that is the SNES

    Haha I was waiting the entire episode for zelda, metroid, megaman to come up and it wasn't until the end that you guys remembered them at all. The controllers are also something I thought more time would be spent on, four face buttons, start, select and the shoulders vs three buttons and a start button. Every game I played on the snes used atleast four buttons so i have no idea how the genesis ports dealt with this. Mega Drive games always looked less impressive to me than snes games but it could have just been the difference in art styles from the companies with nintendo having a fluid cartoony graphical style.

    You guys never mentioned anything about the price of the consoles which is a big deal when most of the genesis library is multiplat. I think you could give points to the genesis if it was cheaper to buy for someone that only planned to play multiplat games (I'm assuming it was cheaper but have no idea)

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