PS Vita Gets Its Big 2.0 System Update

PS Vita Gets Its Big 2.0 System Update

PS Vita’s 2.0 System Update hit, adding PC style email, PlayStation Plus, WiFi transfers with a PC, better browser functions, weather for Maps, and easier usability, among other features.

Above is a Japanese promotional clip for the update, which should be hitting all Vitas.

PS Vitaシステムソフトウェア2.00アップデート [YouTube]

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    • Nope, it’s a pretty good update. Massive improvement to the web browser, addition of a pretty swish email client, better button controls, Near now has an understandable and usable interface and explains what it actually is, you can sync to a PC over WiFi instead of using USB, you can update games without having to have their cartridge in, and there’s Playstation Plus support (i.e. cloud save game storage for everything, automatic updates, plus the free games which are coming this week’s store update).

      Very nice update overall.

  • Still the same god awful home screen. I swear I read somewhere that an update was coming that added d-pad/button support to the home screen, but it doesn’t do anything on mine.

  • It also finally adds ability to group videos in folders. One of my major gripes, as it was a step down from PSP functionality having every video in one list.

    The update to Near was definitely needed. Much better now. Also having all your friends activities visible from the Friends home screen is way easier/quicker.

    Really happy with this update.

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