UPDATE: All States Have Either Passed Or Tabled R18+ Legislation In Parliament

With most states and territories either in the process of pushing through R18+ legislation, or having passed it already, it was left to both NT and QLD to play catch-up in order to meet the January 1 deadline set by the Federal Government to get the R18+ rating up and running. Thankfully, it seems like QLD has taken notice — its own specific R18+ classification was read in Parliament for the first time last night.

"The introduction of the R18+ classification will give parents clear and unambiguous guidance about what material is unsuitable for their children, hence protecting them from being exposed to material that may harm them," said Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie, who presented the bill. "It will also give adult gamers the right to make informed choices about what they want to see and hear in a computer game."

This was simply the first reading of QLD's R18+ classification. A bill can be read up to three times before it's voted upon.

NSW and ACT have already passed R18+ legislation, whilst VIC, SA, WA and TAS are all the process of pushing theirs through. The Northern Territories, at this point, have yet to table any R18+ legislation.

UPDATE: It looks as though NT has tabled its R18+ legislation today, meaning that all States and Territories have now either tabled or passed their R18+ legislation. Looks like we may actually make it in time for January 1!

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    Minor typo Mark - Territory is singular, not plural.

      Northern Territory + Australian Capital Territory = Territories.

        I think he's referring to "The Northern Territories" in the last paragraph...
        Also, "Yay, progress!"

        Last edited 01/11/12 1:27 pm

          hooray for spell checkers that pay more attention to errors than content in the article.

            Well, not being in QLD or the NT, I (personally) don't care all that much about the content, but errors tend to stick out like a sore thumb to me in whatever I read; they distract from the message being conveyed, and there are only so many times I can bite my tongue on the issue. It's a pity that fewer people regard proper grammar on the 'net as important; it is a communication medium, after all, and correct grammar does nothing but aid communication.

              Yeah but is it really, truly necessary...

              Last edited 01/11/12 5:17 pm

          I think 'Territories' in this case means the two northern 'provinces' (for lack of a better term) of NT and Queensland.

          Ummm Torres straight islands. Territories was correct.

            Torres Strait Islands are governed by Queensland.


        It's a grammar mistake, not a typo. The whole sentence is written in plural.

        It's not unjust to expect correct grammar from journalists.

          I couldn't agree more with sage87. If you can't write a sentence with correct grammar, journalism is probably the wrong career path.

            You're right. Clearly, Mark Serrels should be sacked immediately.

            For shame, Mark. For shame.

    Great to read that R18 is on the way for the January 1st deadline

    Qld's opinion sounds actually sensible. That the rating will allow *parents* to protect their children from content they should not be allowed to see. None of this "Oh noes, children could see this stuff and they are going to go out and kill everyone because we can't trust their parents to do their job!" paranoia that seems to come from certain other state's attorneys.

    I am still waiting and hoping that the WA version of it doesn't get mangled beyond recognition! Good to see progress being made though.

      we dont have many days of parliment left either, and they dont go back till after the election. its tabled but i don't think it will be passed in time.

        Damn. Well at least my expectations have been lowered so far that this isn't even disappointing anymore o.0

    Yay the NT got some form of recognition. I recently emailed our Chief Minister about the matter but got no response. Apparently it has to go through several people. I await their response.

    My prediction for first game to be classified R - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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