Quadriplegic Gamer Pulls Off Mass Effect 3's Hardest Multiplayer Feats Alone

You need to kill hundreds of enemies to win a silver-level Mass Effect 3 multiplayer match. Heck, even with multiple players, it takes serious teamwork to make sure everybody survives. So, it's already impressive that Alain Poitras won out in the Silver and Bronze level runs in the video above.

But when you consider the fact that Poitras has been quadriplegic for years, his achievments are even more impressive. Poitras plays on PC, using a touchscreen mouse and a stick held in his mouth to type on the keys of his laptop. He's shared videos of his runs with fellow ME3 players on the official BioWare forums and wound up impressing BioWare senior designer Manveer Heir with his skills:


    That's some serious skill/dedication right there. I can't even solo bronze most of the time.

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