RAGE May Have Underwhelmed, But Its Characters Were Gorgeous

RAGE May Have Underwhelmed, But Its Characters Were Gorgeous

id’s RAGE may have its fans — and I’m one of them —but even they’d admit it never really hit the heights it could, or given the developer’s pedigree perhaps should have hit.

Two two things I liked best about the game were its sky (seriously, it’s one of the best in video game history) and its characters, which aside from a few ill-attired ladies, was a memorable cast of post-apocalyptic bandits, scientists and fat guys.

This gallery from Duncan “Dead End Thrills” Harris shines the spotlight on these inhabitants of the wasteland, giving them the chance for a little recognition the total package of RAGE’s critical and popular reception may otherwise have not afforded them.

Rage: Isolated character examples [Dead End Thrills, via Super Punch]










  • Man that game was pointless.

    It was a glorified tech demo filled with invisible walls, a non-existent story and one dimensional gameplay.
    Even the driving sections it looked pretty but felt like you were stuck in a fishbowl. You could drive between any two points on the “non-linear” map in under 2 minutes.

      • I don’t know if i’d say that.

        While they are all first person shooters Doom added a HELL of a lot to the Wolf3D template. Quake 1 was great singleplayer at the time, Quake 2 was good singeplayer and multiplayer and was brilliant.
        Quake 3 is my favourite multiplayer shooter of all time.

        They’ve never been a company which made great single player stories but the focus on multiplayer made up for it. The problem with Rage is it’s designed as a single player experience but the world, while beautiful, is so jarring in it’s level of non-interactivity that it makes it feel like you’re trapped.

        The towns in that game freak me out, the characters all ignore you or repeat the same line of dialouge and NOTHING ever moves or changes. Go away for 10 hours, come back and it’s the same time of day, everyones in the same spot doing the same thing. People can ignore that kind of stuff in a game like Quake where there world is a sandbox for killing things. When you’re trying to make a “town” it’s just not good enough.

  • After playing for 4 hours or so, I kind of gave up. The interaction with the characters wasn’t in depth, and the story itself wasn’t engaging either. They did look nice though, but they didn’t do much.

  • biggest waste of my money, i was playing on hardest difficulty, unlocked most things, got to the last bit, game ended with such a bad ending. this game should’ve been atleast $20, not $70. This is why i turn to other methods to get games nowadays… borrowing it from a friend 🙂

    the one thing i loved was the shooting, thats about it…

  • The shooting on the hardest difficulty was brutal, especially when you got into the wasteland part in the shopping centre. That entire part I was shitting myself.

    But I never finished the game either. I think I’ll get back into it one day.

  • Agree that the shooting mechanic was pretty damn cool, and how the enemies reacted depending on where they were shot.

    I was really getting into the last level with the super duper gun they give you before it. Then the game ended….. :/

    I got it on a Steam Sale though, so no dramas.

    Agree with the character designs though. They looked pretty damn cool and the character animations were quite impressive. I played the game with no expectations and I enjoyed it for what it is. Some people buy into hype too much these days and can’t help buy buy games on release at full price. I rather wait for reviews and then if it still half interests me, I get it on sale.
    There’s usually patches by then also 😉

  • I enjoyed the game, just felt the last fight should have lead to the final chapter of the game rather than cut scene/credits. They also wasted all the NPCs, needed to have more dialogue and side missions from all.

  • Rage was fantastic, but sparse. The content there is so well polished, but it’s very barebones. I like the world, the concepts, the art and the gameplay a whole lot, and really wish id would do it justice.

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