Real-Life Mario Kart Race Ends In Broken Bones

For his school's annual billy cart derby, 12 year-old Australian William Wong did the awesome thing and dressed as Mario, even building his cart to be a replica, of sorts, of the plumber's more recent vehicles in the Mario Kart series.

What's more, via The Australian, he won the race! But then he started celebrating. And lost control of the cart. So badly that he flipped the thing, breaking his collarbone in the progress.

But it's OK. William had a laugh that he'd "celebrated too early", and was even back at school later that day.

Broken collarbone can't dampen the fun of St Joseph's Nudgee Junior College's annual Billy Cart Derby [The Australian]


    Some say lost control. I say someone through a banana at him as he crossed the line

      Looks like William did the wong thing by celebrating before stabilising.

    Remember Kids, if you throw a blue shell during a race then everyone loses.

    If you celebrate before crossing the line you're gunna have a bad time

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