Relive The Horrors Of The Original Xbox Live Dashboard

Microsoft's Larry Hryb has been digging through the archives in honour of Xbox Live's 10th birthday and has come up with a few dusty old relics.

Above and to the right, you'll find images of what the first, original Xbox Live dashboard used to look like. And you thought the current dash is bad. While it sort of fits with the aesthetic of the Xbox's old dashboard, there was something not quite right about it. I always thought it looked like something you'd see on mid-90's Nickelodeon.

Below that is the sound the old Xbox dash used to make transitioning between screens.

Ah, memories.

Major Nelson [Flickr]


    Ah, back when the dashboard was just a friends list to make sure you had your mates connected to play Halo 2.

    Back before "Games" was buried behind tab 5.

    Remember the blades for the X360 dash? Those were awesome. I wish they had kept it.

      It was a damn sight better than what they've got now.

    Ahhhh the memories, fun times.

    Almost makes me want to go get one off ebay for old times sake to play some of the forgotten classics like Midtown Madness 3.

    I miss the original Xbox Live days :( I used to have way more fun online back then. Maybe I'm just becoming a grumpy old man now...Unreal Championship, PGR2, Midtown Madness 3, Rainbow 6, RTCW and of course Halo 2!! They were the days! Now it's just full of little screaming 12 year olds playing CoD :( I don't even bother talking to anyone unless they are mates. I have fond memories of playing PGR2 until daylight one morning with a bunch of Japanese guys trying to speak with them in the very little Japanese that I knew. They of course knew English and were laughing at my horrible attempts to speak their language!

    I wish the original Xbox Live service was still up and running. People would definitely still be playing Halo 2!

    The current dash is bad because it's flooded with advertising and hard to navigate, not because of what it looks like. Friends and messages on the main page? Minimal advertising? Simple and easy to navigate? This looks like a pretty good dashboard to me.

    I still prefer this over the abhorrent mess we currently have which has got to say something. I just want a games console dammit !!!

    agreed!! this new windows 8 dashboard is unbelievably shit, obviously Microsoft's intentions were to irritate and piss off their customers,they want to make a good one, how about a dashboard that s customisable to the users preference.

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