Remember The Super Meat Boy Galaxy Prototype? It's Being Held To Ransom (For Charity)

Some of you may remember that we highlighted a really awesome (and totally unofficial) 3D version of Super Meat Boy, called Super Meat Boy Galaxy. I tend to think adding a third dimension to one of the most difficult platformers ever released is the kind of idea that should come with a health warning, but I am curious. Now its creator is holding the game to ransom. Want to play Super Meat Boy Galaxy? You have to give to charity first!

The game's creator Aubrey Hesselgren has set a target of $10,000. If he can raise that amount of money for The Samaritans he will release the game on the internet, for free.

Seems like a pretty good deal.

The game was initially created to celebrate Super Meat Boy co-creator Tommy Refenes' birthday, but it caused quite the stir. I think this whole holding to ransom thing is a swell idea. Props to Aubrey for creating the game, and props for using the publicity to do something positive.

You can donate to the cause here.

Thanks VG247


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