Return To New Vegas: The Absolute Weirdest Way To Play Fallout: New Vegas

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been returning to Fallout: New Vegas, using the game to patch up downtime between the big releases of the fall. I've got a bunch of mods installed, but nothing particularly crazy.

But if you DO want crazy, you could always follow Youpi's lead and make the game well and truly bananas. In a crazy "let's play" series of videos and images, we are taken through the wild, wooly, modded world of New Vegas, weirder than I've ever seen it.

Some images from the LP:

And of course, one that's probably most common:

Heh. Check out the whole thing at Selectbutton, though be warned: there are a lot of images and videos in the post, and they can slow your machine down. You can see a full list of the mods Youpi has installed here:

Holy shitballs.

Anyone out there play with Wild Wasteland turned on? Would you ever download this many mods and hope to have the game actually run in a reasonable way? Is it only a matter of time before this same kind of thing is possible with Skyrim?

Man. I like modding, but I feel like if I installed all of these, my PC would actually throw up on the carpet. Doesn't mean it's not fun to watch them, though. We'll be back with more random stuff from the Mojave Wastes as my (and maybe some other writers'!) return to New Vegas continues.

Let's Play Wild Wasteland []


    Lol, they've already done it with Skyrim. Check out Skyrim: Week of Madness on pc gamer.

    I really want to give this a try, but it's already less stable than a drunk on a unicycle.

    I'm running 134 active mods (with about a dozen more merged, just to keep it below my maximum of 136 before the game will have a fit) and a heap of texture mods. It has taken me forever to get both the performance stable and the game stable.
    Thanks to FNVedit (which is a miracle of a tool), FNV Optimiser and Configator solving crashes it has given a lot my life and rectifies the problems with an already epic RPG.
    I always run with Wild Wasteland turned just to see the monty python references throughout the game. Even without it turned there are some hilarious encounters, like grecks when doing to the debt collector quest.

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