Robot Chicken's Team Fortress 2 Skit Gives Me Mixed Emotions

On the one hand, I'm extremely excited to see an Adult Swim/Valve mix that doesn't just involve a sign-up sheet and a hat.

The claymation is also a nice touch. But this feels more like Adult Swim saying, "Hey, here's a thing that sorta looks like a thing that you play online sometimes", rather than actually doing a proper spoof off of Team Fortress 2. It's kinda silly, maybe even kinda funny, but all around not the kind of witty and on the nose humour you may have expected from such a collaboration.

But then again... Hey! Here's a thing that sorta looks like a Team Fortress 2 thing, and that's neat!

Robot Chicken - TF2 short [YouTube via Reddit]


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      Have a mirror

    Here's the pyro introduction video so funny ^.^ and I don't even like TF2

    I love TF2 and thats why I enjoyed this so much. I think they did an alright job but I understand that they missed the mark - something using the strong characterization or the fact that its a hat simulator would have been more on target

    I know how you feel. I work in a pet store and Monty Pythons dead parrot sketch was a totally inaccurate representation of my field of work.

    When will comedy sketch shows aimed at teenagers and stoners get it right!?

    Oh look, it wasn't terrible. 100% accurate? No, and it's being torn to pieces over on the official TF2 forums. But ultimately, spoofs tend not to be in order to appeal to more people.

    Robot Chicken isn't as good as its first few seasons and nowhere near as funny as Twisted Toyfare Theater (which it spawned from) - that's the real tragedy ;)

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