Rockstar Wants You To Stop Spamming (And Pre-Order Grand Theft Auto V)

As someone who often has to trail through a host of spam comments, I sympathise with Rockstar on this one. After Hurricane Sandy delayed Rockstar's well laid plans to release the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer, fans of the series have been spamming Rockstar's official site for info on the trailer's release. Rockstar has now politely asked these folks to just... ease off the gas a little.

"We know you're all very excited for the next GTA V trailer, and we'll have more info to share with you all on that very soon," said Rockstar, on its official site. "Anyone that continues to spam the comments thread of this post with demands will however have their messages removed and their commenting priviledges suspended. Thanks for your patience and understanding."

It's sort of simultaneously nice and super assertive. I could learn something from these guys.

Rockstar has also officially kicked off pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto V in the UK and the US, partnering with some of the specialist retailers there. No details for Australia yet, but I'm sure if you walked into EB right now the staff would find a way to make it happen. Those guys and girls will take a pre-order on anything.

Would you like to pre-order 'Metal Gear Solid 7: Solid Snake On Ice' set for release in 2017.

Sure. Why not.

Thanks VG247!


    I'm going to be very disappointed if 'Metal Gear Solid 7: Solid Snake On Ice' doesn't happen, Mark.

    Very disappointed.

      I'm assuming Mark has inside sources we don't have access to. For my part, I am now fully invested in Solid Snake on Ice! :)

      Edit: Just called up my local EB, and the staff didn't know what I was talking about, but were happy to take a $20 deposit.

      Last edited 06/11/12 9:34 am

    Also, Mark:

    I can't find a retailer to accept a preorder on a pc copy?

      PC release usually happens about 6 months after consoles for GTA.

      There's no PC version announced yet. You may have to wait until the end of next year for it.

        Or buy an $200 dollar 360...

    I preordered at my eb months ago.

    They addressed it as such when people asked about it over on their site:

    "those asking about the PC platform, we're currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don't have any details to share about a PC version at this time. Anyone that continues to spam the comments section will have their commenting privileges suspended"

    So yeah, what a surprise... 6-12 months after console release most likely, and probably ported as an afterthought by a studio with no experience in pc porting like last time.

      Lame on no pc version at release, my ps3 is too old to buy new games for, vs cheaper game sourcing options for pc.

        With the amount of mods and community support you get on pc, I think you can handle waiting a bit longer. IMO gta is best on consoles.

    I saw this 2 weeks ago, great job Slowtaku!

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