Roll Up, Roll Up! Get Your Classic EA Games!

Wow. There's been quite a lot of bargains floating around today. I'm not the biggest fan of making Kotaku a billboard for bargains, but sometimes stuff is just too crazy to ignore. I think it's fair to say that the EA sale GOG is currently running falls into that category.

There are currently 26 classic EA games on sale, including Populous, Syndicate, and practically every Wing Commander and Ultimo game ever made. Each game is $2.39 each, which rounds itself up to nice $60 if you fancy buying all 26 games on sale.

You have just under and hour to decide!

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    Cheers Mark and as tempting as this is I would love my awesome rose coloured nostalgia to stay just that :)

    hnggggggg populous nostalgia

      Yer.. I love Populous.... I tried the indie game "Reprisal" which is based on it.. but it's just not the same.. nothing ever will.. unless they make a proper remake.

    (psssst Mark its UltimA not UltimO) :)

      Ultimo sounds better :D

        This is true.... plus it'd be funny to hear in his scottish brogue... :D

        Ultimo is something entirely different. ^_^

    I got boxed copys of Populous and Wing Commander 1 at my parents place... pity I don't own a computer with a floppy disk drive anymore :P

      But that's what is so great about GOG: for less than $10, you can get the whole Wing Commander saga, in DRM-free, 100% Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X (10.6.8 or newer) compatible goodness!

    If only I wasn't $15 overdrawn..

    Oh well, I'll just buy the few I don't already have when they're off sale, they're worth the full price

    Not kidding around at all guys but you should definitely get both Dungeon Keeper games for $5.


      I think they have also got it working on 7 now? DK2 used to be a bitch to get going on Windows 7.

        Correct. Dungeon Keeper II works in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Also, if you install GameRanger, you can quickly and easily set up multiplayer online Dungeon Keeper II game sessions, too.

        I recommend anyone who hasn't yet to get on Dungeon Keeper II and Theme Hospital - two amazing games on sale for under $2.50 each.

    You can sign up for emails from GOG telling you of their weekly sales. Most of these sales are from Friday to Monday; this one included.

    So much nostalgia but I've found half of them aren't as much fun second (or third) time around. Still I know I won't be able to help myself and I'll have to pick up at least one or two.

    I picked up Sim City 2000. It's still great (just turn off the music!)

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