Rumour: 2013's Call Of Duty Is Another Modern Warfare Game

According to a report on Siliconera, next year's Call of Duty game will take place in the same universe as Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare titles.

The site's source, related to the game's voice acting, is the same one who accurately leaked heaps of Sleeping Dogs info over a year before that game's release, so this is at least worth thinking about.

The report says the game will star "a battle hardened veteran in his mid-thirties with a nihilistic point of view" (I know, I know), features a flashback starring Soap MacTavish, and contains such riveting lines of dialogue as:

We've got KVA on the move! They're going to strongpoint the main gate, ETA two mikes! We're providing support for our heavy rollers! Ready up and let's move!


Goliath, this is Sentinel Zero One! We have enemy armour at the gate, hundred meters north of our position! Requesting close-air grid mark three-one-six!

None of which means a whole lot, though if it really is set in the Modern Warfare universe, it would be a very disappointing lack of imagination (and bravery) on Activision's part.

We've contacted Activision for comment and will update if we hear back.

Call Of Duty 2013 Details Leaked, Continues Modern Warfare Arc [Siliconera]


    is this really surprising? I predicted as much from the cod franchise. Theyve been lacking imagination since modern warfare 2.

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      No offence, but you are mistaken. Have you seen BLOPS2? With all due respect, you are wrong. This game is a MASSIVE game changer in the COD space, and just because you don't want to play it because of principle, doesn't give you the right to say that the series has lost direction from 3 years ago. BLOPS2 will be another record breaking game, and you don't get to do that just because you 'lack imagination'.

      Personally, I'm going to hold off judgement in respect for the workers at what remains of IW, and Sledgehammer (assuming that they are working on it) to see what they want to do with the franchise.

        Black Ops 2 will only be a record breaking game because Call of Duty has now become the "everymans" game, not because it will deserve it. It's the Nintendo Wii of the gaming world. Everyone will buy it, but it's not the best out there. Not saying the game is bad, but it's hardly the revolutionary title that furthers gaming and game design.

          What is a better game in that genre?

          Personally, MW3 was extremely shit. However, BlOps 2 plays really well and is a lot of fun. If you can trump this game you are doing well. Don't be so closed minded all the time

            Nothing. COD is the best FPS shooter out there, my point is not that the game is shit, but that the game will sell regardless. They could put a turd in box, lable it COD and it will sell. So it's bit naive to say it's a great game on the basis it has broken sales records. COD is a triumph in marketing, not game design. Just so you know, I have been a COD player since the get go, so don't assume I'm some anti COD guy. Just want them to actually further the experience rather than reskinning the same game with new graphical effects and more ludricous set pieces and plot twists.

              I'm still confused. Are you saying Black Ops 2 is a turd in a box that doesn't deserve to sell millions or that it is a great game that deserves to sell millions.

              As has been the case since cod4, if you play them for the story you will be disappointed. Multiplayer is where it's at, and where it completely trounces any other shooter out there

        Well said man, sure COD has had a few duds over the years. But Treyarch have really shook it up with BLOPs 2. The stupid sheep mentality of hate towards the game by people that don't even play it confuses me. Or is it a case of, in order to hang out with the cool kids, you need to rag on COD!

          The people that hate COD now are the ones who were playing it from the beginning, from back when MOH was a strong franchise. I LOVED COD, really loved it, but it's just a joke these days and BLOPS2 won't change that.

        Yes. Black Ops 2 has really surprised me and I'm glad I bought this one rather than MW3 last year, as I was considering both.

        I'll definitely be giving MW4 a pass, because it probably will be the same shit. But I will look forward to the next Treyarch game, especially if they decide to change the formula a bit more.

        you don't need to have bad gameplay or gameplay elements to lack imagination.

        No, I have not played BLOPS2. I played all of them up to BLOPS. If the game has changed significantly between MW3 and BLOPS2, then good for the series. But the producers lost me on BLOPS.

        You now realise that the game did not break any records. It was a let-down and it has not gone unnoticed.

    I would be more surprised if there wasn't going to be a mw4

    If it's a launch title on the next systems on a new engine, this could be interesting enough.

    Wait, you're saying the next CoD game is going to be a military FPS set in some sort of war!? Color me shocked!

      Most Call of Duty games are like that, so it's not that shocking. It's actually pretty expected.

    Actually, I heard from a reliable source that the next Call of Duty will be a mobile game where you are stuck in an airport transit lounge waiting for a flight and you have a limited amount of time and money to buy up the best priced duty-free smokes and grog. Achievements already developed for the game are 'you survived the smoking room' and 'found the toilets'.

    It will be free-to-play and sold as 'Call of Duty: Free'.

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    Wow. Mind blown.

    I also heard a rumour that next year EA will be releasing another game set in the FIFA universe. It's going to be called FIFA 14. Normally I wouldn't bother spreading rumours like this, but the guy I heard it from has been right about such things before. He successfully called the release of the last FIFA game - including its correct title, FIFA 13 - a good 6-9 months before it actually came out, so I reckon it's pretty reliable.


    Rumours or predictions?

    the next IW/SH game can kiss my ass. mw3 is a steaming pile of shit. treyarch do a much better job, but in saying that, blops2 isn't all that great either.

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Need a new disc 2 for my Mass Effect 3!!!!!!!!

    I am a massive CoD hater.

    I brought BLOPS 2 even my friends could not believe I had done such a thing as I am so anti CoD.

    Single Player is a bit mm dull.
    Tho I am enjoying myself online. The Zombies mode is alot of fun with Friends!

    I just want a graphed-up CoD4 with no changes. But I'll probably have to wait till 2017 for that. Until then, I couldn't care less about CoD.

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