Hahaha! Yesterday was great. I always keep The Dig 'trump card' in my back pocket, but this time Karlbee92 was the guy doing the trolling! Very well played!

This may have been my favourite post in the entire thread...

Okay, so back to normality — can anyone guess today's ScribbleTaku?


    Dynamite Dux.
    Played it on the C64, but think it most 8 bit systems.

      Although everyone knows the definitive version was in the arcade. ;)

    I can't be the only one who had this reaction at first glance. know what?

      I think you were ;o)

        Quite probably.

        Still, any excuse to post that gif will do me just fine.

      HAHA I was also wondering if that caricature had crotch stuffing

    Club Penguin?

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