Show Us Your Halo 4 Spartan

Master Chief ain't special. I mean, consider at his drab green — it clashes with everything! Cmon buddy, don't you know orange is in right now? Your armour needs to match the new weapons you're carrying around. This is basic fashion 101 right here.

Luckily, our Spartans don't have to be unfashionable. Thanks to the customisation options available in Halo 4's multiplayer, we can have all sorts of different characters running about. The one above is mine — I like to go for the cleaner, elegant look, with a small touch that says "I'm dangerous." Something like that, anyway.

What about you, what does your Spartan look like? You can either take a picture on your TV (theatre mode allows you to take screenshots), or you can head down to Halo Waypoint like I did. Once there, you can log in — first timers will have to link their Windows Live account. Once that's done, check out your Service Record — a profile of your Spartan should be there for screenshot purposes. Show us!


    I'm curious about the 'Spartan Points' thing for the weapon unlocks... I haven't unlocked anything because I don't know if I'll need my points later. Is the supply plentiful, should I be worried, is everything unlocked with leveling anyway?

      you get a spartan point per SR level you go up.

      its not like you have to unlock everything anyway. ive mainly just got a couple of armour abilities, a DMR and a Lightrifle. still have like 10 points hanging around

        Pretty sure it is every level at the start and then every couple of levels. I have 15 points left at the moment and im level 39, and I have only unlocked a handful of items. I could be wrong though.

      Spend them as you like. I haven't seen any particular reason to keep them, to be honest. I usually stick with a set of things, and by the time new shinies unlock, I have the points to buy them.

    I hate to be this guy, but my Spartan is default. He will always be default. Not enough hours in the day to be messing about with settings for something I'll never look at.


      Just make it look like this. I dare you :P (oh, and accept my friend request already :P)

        How's this?

      But you get to see your player model plenty of times. When driving, doing assassinations, holding turrets, etc.

      To each their own though, I'm always the other guy who loves any kind of character customization to make the character my own. I played Halo Reach for about 4 months longer than I would have purely to unlock a specific helmet. Ofcourse the funny thing is the second I got the helmet I lost all motivation to continue playing.... oh well.

        Same here, I love the customisation and the sense that you're making this spartan your spartan.

      takes about 2 mins while your waiting for a game to start to make some changes..... default is boring and also lame

    I went through hell to get this armor.

      Sooooo many people with this already

        I didnt know it was difficult to get? I assumed it was one of the starting helmets, not sure why you would go out of your way to get such a plain looking spartan lol

          You need to beat the game on Legendary. It's MC's armour from the other games, that's why I use it because I prefer the old art style to any of this game's armour.

    I miss the CQB Armour though..

    I've been helping with the waypoint ARG on the forum for the last few days and we finally unlocked the full raider set. It makes me happy and I probably won't change it for a looooong time.

      Also, I really want to get the Wheelman - Master commendation unlock set. But that will take a very long time.

    this is mine currently, need to play a bit more and get better gear :P

    Level 23 at the moment, what do you think
    Also Railgun is OP, i like to snipe the little mongooses

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