Skyrim's 'Dragonborn' DLC Is Official. Here's The Trailer.

It was hinted before, but now it's official: this is Dragonborn, the first piece of DLC for Bethesda's open-world RPG Skyrim.

Looks like there are some trippy new areas, although I can't tell if any of them are from Morrowind, as a previous patch had suggested. Sure looks like they are!

Dragonborn is out on December 4 for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. No word on a PC release yet, and none of Skyrim's DLC has made it to PS3 thus far, so if you've got the game on PlayStation... well... sorry.


    In your copy and paste from Kotaku US for some reason you have changed third to first. It's the Third (3) piece of DLC.

    *starts doing somersaults and cartwheels and giggling hysterically*

      Hugo! HUUUUUUGOO- nah he's gone again


      *joins in by running around in circles with his hands waving around erratically*

      on a serious note, i am so looking forward to that cool dragon priest mask :D

    I think I'll wait until they release a DLC disk.

      you mean, "GOTY" edition?

        Maybe. Bethesda released the Fallout DLC on a standalone disk, separate from the GOTY.

          I don't think that was even all of the DLC though. Just 2 of them.

    Sod off

    Yeah, wtf? This is at least #3 after Dawnguard and the one where you can build houses and adopt kids...

    is this for xbox only?

      I'm guessing like the other DLC that have come out it will be XBOX only for a month or so, and then be released on PC. I don't know what happened to PS3 dlc, but surely that will come eventually, right? Its not like a game developer would just IGNORE a platform, right? Guys?

    Thanks for validating my decision to pirate my 360 and only buy games for the PS3!

    I'll play this happily till it comes out on a collection for the PS3 and then buy it!

      How is it Microsoft's fault that a developer made a sub par version of a game for a different platform?

        by offering incentives for 360 exclusives.

        sounds like someone got the lid off the Domestos bottle again...

      You realise that Bethesda have pretty much said that they're having trouble porting DLC to PS3 and have stopped trying, right? Also, like Dyno says, how is it Microsoft's fault that you're a pirate?

        Blame Sony, for still running with an outdated piece of trash. IT only has 256 MB of ram ffs - wake up console kids, specs do matter.


    It did look a bit morrowwind-y. Definitely some Dunmer housing and maybe some House Telvanni shenanigans.

      yeah, i think you can go to Morrowind, that would be sweet. I think I'll just nip down to the shops and get an Xbox or just tell Sony to get rid of the piece of trash GUI that is the BANE of skyrim dlc and to stop being bloody indies. SERIOUSLY, NO ONE LIKES INDIE SHIT!!!1!!!!ONE!!!!1!!!!

      there was rumours it was set in the nord settlement in morrowind so it makes sense. hopefully its completely new locations. DG was good, but i had already travelled everywhere and yearned for new scenery, not just a plain of oblivion

    I can see one of those sand-tents and one area that looks like it's from Morrowind :).
    Maybe it will only be the most northern areas? or traces of and new areas built by people from there?

    The stuff in this DLC pack should make things easier for the Skywind people.

    I'm pretty impressed with Bethesda. They've released a steady stream of add-on content since the release and with the exception of The Sims: Skyrim, they're all looked relatively good.

      hey i like the sims, only because i am a closet architect :P

    The narrator mentioned Solstheim and it depicted a snow landscape (much like Solstheim) and I noticed those warg rider nuisances from Blood Moon. Also it seems that it could be set in mainland Morrowind too as I saw a more arid landscapes and bull netches. Either way this looks wicked

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