Some Halo 4 Players Facing Launch Day Server Woes

Some Halo 4 Players Facing Launch Day Server Woes

The long-anticipated, well-received Halo 4 is here. For some players though, it seems the wait to get their shooting on will be a little longer.

Players at Halo Waypoint are reporting a variety of server issues. The studio has acknowledged the server issues on Twitter and their forums, saying, “We hear you and apologise for the inconvenience. The team is currently investigating the issue and this thread will provide updates as we work on a fix. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.”

Connectivity issues — delays and slow responses — that are perhaps to be expected at launch of a major title are one problem players seem to be facing. But players are also seeing incorrect data displays for their stats and points, seeming forever “stuck” at SR-1 even as their actual levels are SR-15 or higher.

Servers being investigated [Halo Waypoint]


  • mine was working pretty well. although i was consistently getting heaps of lag in spartan ops for some reason.

  • I had a mostly problem-free experience, with a couple of instances of classic Halo host swaps, teleporting players and connection drops. Wouldn’t feel like Halo otherwise… But seriously, I hope these are “server problems” that will actually get addressed.

    It worked for me 99% of the time last night and, boy, is it GOOD.

  • I’ve had problems for the last 5 hours. Before this it was fab but now I have no rank, no challenges and cannot join my friends 🙁

    • Good point. I tried to find them but they’ve disappeared. Two steps forward, one step back.

      It was good that Reach had “prefer good connection” but it didn’t seem to make any difference and the game didn’t remember your preference anyway so it was just an annoyance.

      • While I’ll admit that the game forgetting your preferences was a bit annoying, I found it still made a huge difference. Regularly matched up against other Australians. Probably only 1 in 100 matches would it mess up.

        In Halo 4 I’ve already met Americans using the N-Word and Spanish players with UK.

        • I’d rather not get a game at all than play against someone with a slow connection. I wish you could hard-set this preference in the Xbox itself, like you can with inverted controls (not that anyone reasonable would actually invert their controls, RIGHT???).

          • Many Australians would prefer not to play the game at all then to play without a local search option.

            Space Marine? Dead.
            Ghost Recon? Dead.
            GTA? Dead.
            Red Dead Redemption? Dead.
            Max Payne 3? Dead.

          • Haven’t played GTA IV or RDR in over a month but last time I did they were still very much alive

  • Tried campaign co-op with three friends last night and it was pretty laggy…at one point it dropped one player consistently…we all rebooted our routers but it had no effect.

    Figured it was something like this or just XBL getting slammed in general (a few of the guys I game with who had a FIFA session last night mentioned they also had lag & connection issues).

    Hopefully it’s sorted out soon…loving the game 🙂

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