Something Tells Me These Wii U Auctions Aren't Real

Call it a hunch. Call it a journalist's instinct. There's just something about these Wii U consoles that seems rather flimsy...

Clearly people are hoping to cash in on the Wii U cardboard boom.



    Another nice article from Schreier. Keep up the good work!

    What?? I just bought six of these! Why couldn't you have posted this earlier? D:

    That's not so surprising to be honest, but what surprises me is there's 2 bids on the orange "gamepad". Lost all faith in humanity :(

      Obviously you didn't see the one that had 79 bids and was just over 91 thousand dollars.

    seems legit

    Well... At least in the title they clearly state they are cardboard. So I guess it really IS legit :/

      I agree, I'll give them props for their upfront honesty about. Though the very notion of people ACTUALLY making real bids for these worries me

    Just a bunch of people jumping on the first bandwagon.

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