Sometimes A Bad (Read: Tired) Game Just Needs A Little More Time

I had a very strange thing happen to me this week. I went back and re-played a game I hadn't previously enjoyed. Only this time, a year removed from my first experience, I actually enjoyed it.

The game in question was Assassin's Creed Revelations. With Assassin's Creed III out this week, and being a fan of the game's fiction (if not the modern-day stuff's wooden presentation), I figured I'd give the thing a second chance, if only so I'd be up to speed on events for the beginning of ACIII.

I'm glad I did, because a year later, the thing that had put me off first time around — the derivative nature of Revelations — wasn't really an issue. In 2011, I'd pulled the pin around three hours in, because it had been so damn similar to the entry in the series before it, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. The side-missions, the weapons, the perks, the whole thing. Constantinople felt like a re-skin of Rome, just without the horses. I'd only just played this game! I got bored, saw other games around I'd rather be playing, and that was that.

Yet when I started playing it again this week, that wasn't a problem. Because I hadn't really played it last year, it had now been two years since I'd sunk too much time into Brotherhood, and my Assassin's Creed fatigue had abated. I could enjoy the little things about the game again; the new city, the historical fetishism, the face-stabbing, the superb voice-acting. By the time I'd finished the game I'd go so far as to say that, surprising even myself, I'd loved it.

While this made me happy I could enjoy the thing again, and be primed for ACIII, it also made me feel a little guilty. How many other great games had I disliked or failed to fully appreciate over the years that hadn't been given such an opportune chance for redemption? I thought back to Fallout 3, which had bored me since I'd still been playing Oblivion right up until the point it had been released, so Washington's wastelands and inhabitants felt strangely all-too-familiar. Maybe now, a few years on, it's worth another shot (or maybe not, since in a post-Skyrim world it might feel even worse).

What about you? Is there a game, whether it be an RPG, shooter or even sports title, that you once dismissed as being just another version, or a tired update, that you might now be able to go back and enjoy?


    That's the thing with gaming in general. There is no need to jump right into the latest game, you can pick it up and have a great time regardless.

      I had the same thing happen to me.
      I was playing assassins creed 3, and I thought "this is awful"
      So I went and played assassins creed revelations; and it was awesome!


    And the moral of the story? (Most) Gamers don't actually want an annual franchise?

    Sounds about right. I imagine it's probably why the CoD singleplayer doesn't get looked at (I think the numbers for Black Ops 1 were something like 30% of people that bought it never even started the campaign).

    "Gamer fatigue" isn't something that the publishers can explain to the shareholders when their Year-on-Year profit margins aren't indefinitely increasing. Activision, EA, etc. have manufactured their own problem, and unfortunately for them it can't be solved by throwing more money at it.


      The annual franchise update/milking is all about short term thinking at the expense of the long term health and sustainability of the overall franchise. I had the exact same reaction to ACR that Luke did. It pretty much killed my enthusiasm for a franchise that I'd bought every installment of up to that point. I won't be going back to ACR since I traded it and I doubt I'll get AC3 since there are other games around that I'm much more interested in.

        Ubisoft is awesome at destroying franchises. Making games annual ruins them. AC 3 looks like it's awesome, but please Ubi... NO AC 4 for a while.

    Personally I did not even bother with brotherhood and revelations, after 20-30 hours with Etzio in AC2 I had my fill and didn't bother with the DLC or the sequels which I felt were milking the series.
    For what it's worth I am enjoying AC3 and I don't feel I'm missing much of the story as it's a bit silly and convoluted and a 5 minute youtube clip brought me up to speed anyway.

    Rev started slow but after 2 hours it found its footing. The hookblade was lots of fun!

      And the bombs! That was one of the more fun things about ACR - picking the right bomb & throwing it from a roof into a crowd of guards.
      Less said about the tower defence the better though...

        Absolutely and 100% agreed. The tower defense was an absolute waste of time. But the bombs were SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Once I got how to use them effectively, they were... pardon the pun... the bomb! It's this reason I don't like part 3. There's just not much to do in it compared to BR and REV. I started replaying Rev recently and found so much more to do in it compared to 3. Heh I love using the blood bomb to cause panic... :D

          Blood bomb was great! Can't believe they left bomb crafting and the hookblade out of AC3 :(

    Strangely I did also. I had finished all of them except for Revelations which I bought at release, played for about an hour and thought it was average at best. Wanted to finish it before AC3 and I actually enjoyed it.

    On a general note with games, often you just play things at the wrong time. I have a pile of games I started playing, liked but never finished. Sometimes life gets in the way and you never go back. I keep meaning to make an effort, but when I have time there's always a new game I want out.

    Yeah I never finished ACR either. It was fine but didn't grab me. I am not sure how much I didn't do. I think I had most of the city opened up. Would have been quite a few hours though.
    ACB was good as it was like more of a taste of AC2 which I ended wanting more. ACR never had the hook to make me go wow.

    Gamer fatigue is what killed COD for me. AC at least I generally play through the SP then leave it be so there's a gap.

    I think why so many people hated MW3 was that it was the third year of the same game.
    My COD theory is.
    COD4 - amazing.
    WAW - very good, WW2 setting so a different feel.
    MW2 - updated COD4, lessor due to match making but it was good to go back to Modern after WW2. So it was a change.
    BO - Very similar, however back to more like COD4. On PC dedicated servers so it played much better than MW2 which made it worth player.
    MW3 - same as last two games, zero interest. Offers nothing new or different. Issues like lag and match making make it worse than last one. Not worth playing.
    BO2 - people who liked COD giving it a shot after a break after basically skipping mw3, playing BF3 ect. Wanting their COD fix.

    Yeah, I don't think I ever finished Brotherhood - still have it installed, but I'm just not interested. And I haven't picked up any of the newer games since - also not interested. I *want* to be interested, I'm just not.

    Fallout 3 is definitely worth a look if you have a spare 100 hours. It is an amazing game.

    I also made the same return visit to this game about a week before I played ASS CREED 3. I also found it much more enjoyable playing ASS REV the second time 'round. IMO the story is better than ASS BRO's as well. Weed makes the Desmond journey mission's much more fun too!

    I am so fatigued with Assassin's Creed that I don't know when I can actually enjoy AC3. I tried playing it for five hours, but it was just a lousy experience.

    I often replay games a year or two after. Going through Dead Space 2 again now. Loving it. Such great atmosphere and style.

    Typically I find that the gems I pick up later are those I never got around to before. I rarely play through a game twice these days except for picking apart favourite maps/ areas/ missions.

    There is one exception, which applies to the article. That is Mass Effect 2. A game I played for maybe 2 hours or so on PS3. Didn't take to it at all. Got it again roughly a year later later on PC and loved it immediately.

    Playing Assassin's Creed III at the moment I have no regrets that I only spent about 3 hours on Revelations myself. It was a bore for me. The free run and climbing mechanics were functional at best in Revelations. I have never been entirely happy with them throughout the AC series. It was kinda old by then, the Ezio thing. Seemed all too familiar.

    AC III has problems and the free run/ climbing could be a lot better still. But for all it is worth the game is a masterpiece. The new setting was always a selling point for me but the way it all comes together has also been very impressive (on PC). I will lose no sleep over skipping Revelations.

    Waiting [hoping] for Ubi to introduce a Japanese connection either through merchant trade or lineage. Feudal Japan Assassin's Creed would kick arse. The Tenchu of modern times so to speak.

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