Sony Can't Promise The Last Guardian Will Be Released In 2013

I think I may have placed The Last Guardian on my 'most anticipated games' list in 2010, 2011, 2012 and I'll most certainly place it in my 2013 list — but Sony can't guarantee the game will be released next year, which is quite alarming in context. The game has been in development for four years — at the very least — and with Director and Lead Designer Fumito Ueda working on a contract basis on the game, folks are sincerely speculating whether the game will ever make it to retail.

French games website JeuxVideo recently asked Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida if we could expect to see the game in 2013.

"No, sorry, I cannot say that, he replied. "Because the last time we talked about a date for The Last Guardian, we finally disappointed many people. But I can tell you that the team is working hard on the project, including the engine. It is precisely because the teams working on the technical aspect of the game that we have nothing concrete to show you today. So now I'm waiting for the right time to introduce you to The Last Guardian and speak with confidence of a release date."

I'm still confident the game will be released, but when? That's a trickier question altogether...

Yoshida ne peut pas promettre The Last Guardian pour 2013 [JeuxVideo]


    I think the worry about this game is exaggerated. it will come out and be great. there are other games ie half life 2 that have taken longer.

    Is a next generation release title too much to hope for?

      Well there is precedent - Ico started out as a PS1 game before getting moved across to PS2. Although I don't know how long it was in development for before that point. I guess the problem is they'd have to (at the very least) create all new graphical assets to be able to release it as a PS4 game. Either that or release it as a PS4 game but make it a cheaper PSN release in which case they could probably get away with some "last-gen-ish" kind of graphics. But then the cheaper price would make it hard for them to recoup what must be a pretty large financial investment given this team haven't released a game since SotC in 2005. Even a small dev team is going to run up some significant bills in 8 years.

        I don't think the same 'last-gen-ish' thing really works when you look at the jump from ps3->ps4 (even though we haven't seen many EXACT ps4 graphics/gameplay examples) as compared to the ps1->ps2 difference. So i think it would be easier to transition from 3->4 given that assets would already be quite hi res, and if they really are thinking that it could be next-gen they are probably already putting measures in place to make that transition a lot easier.

        I still think there is a stigma against online only PSN titles in relation to boxed copies, shame though because there are often times when they stack up against each other quite well.

          I don't know about that... Journey is still my game of the year so far, and there's not much left to come out this year that might beat it now, unless Far Cry 3 turns out to be something truly extraordinary.

    I'd expect another release date "announcement" around the time Microsoft unveil their next console (maybe sooner if they feel they need to detract from Wii U launch).

    Unfortunately the game has now reached the point where it's release has become the thing of legend - like, say, Duke Nukem before it. The Last Guardian can now never live up to the expectations placed upon it, and we'd all be better off forgetting it was ever a "thing" and move on. Remember Gran Turismo 5? It was going to be the "second coming of Play Station", or something outrageous. Instead, it was a drop in the ocean next to the Forza franchise that had come along in GT's absence.

    Conversely, Sony have already invested too much to scrap it now. They have to release it to try and reclaim some dollars/face. It will be critically acclaimed, but a financial failure. It will get a very limited run and then swept aside to make way for another God of War title.

      I'm a big fan of the previous Team ICO games, and I'm not putting too many expectations on TLG. I don't believe it will be Sony's Gift to Gamers, but I'm sure as hell that I'll have loads of fun playing the game and exploring the world it's set in.

      I've got plenty of other games to play though, and I'm not hinging my gaming satisfaction on this title. I can wait until they've got it right.

        Ah, yeah, I agree: the people that are genuinely looking forward to the game will enjoy it "when it's ready". Everyone else that's building up unrealistic expectations (such as Sony, who is still trying to hype it as their Gift to Gamers) is going to be disappointed.

    Let's be honest: they can't promise a the Last Guardian will be released at all.

    Maybe it'll be a PS4 launch title. :\

      Considering how long it may take to come out, I find it hard to believe they'd put it on the PS3.

    I think this is the new Duke Nukem. I expect it will be a PS4 launch title, which kind of disappoints me a bit because I bought a PS3 for this game. That said, I've enjoyed the consoles other exclusives, so even though I'd be disappointed, I'd get over it pretty quickly.

    3-4 years isn't an uncommon development time for a modern AAA game, especially if you are writing most of your own tech as they are probably doing with The Last Guardian. Mind you, we don't know exactly when they started work on it, but if you are worried about the 3-4 year thing then don't be.

    What *is* cause for concern however is that Shadow of the Colossus was released in 2005, so they've had no money coming in as a direct result of their own games for quite a long time now (the Ico/SotC HD collection not withstanding). Sure Sony have been paying them this whole time but one needs to wonder how much longer Sony are willing to do that at this point.

      The good news, I guess is that SotC in particular was a sleeper hit, and is still selling copies reasonably steadily (thanks to the HD re-release). Someone is making money from it, presumably Sony, which would certainly ease their distemper at any delays.

      But you're right, it's not a bottomless gravy train - at some point something will have to give.

      Although the game was announced in 2009, they must have been working on it in some form since 2005, even if they changed the direction of the project at some point. That's eight, possibly nine years in development.

      Keep in mind, Duke Nukem forever was restarted at least 3 times over its lifespan, but we still say it took 13 years.

        Not necessarily. They could have been working on another totally different project after SoTC's release. If they started working on TLG immediately after SoTC in 2005 and didn't announce it until 2009 that it pretty strange. Four years is a long time to be working on a game before an official announcement is made about it.

        I don't know how much of the money from the HD Collection is going to Team Ico considering Bluepoint games are the ones that did the HD re-mastering of Ico and SoTC.

      Japanese studios do have a habit of staying open though even if they don't earn enough dollars, Suda51 and Platinum Games are perfect examples; they have both produced a cult games and following yet never earned much yet still manage to keep the games cranking out.

    The studio working on this is sony studio japan, which is sonys head playstation development studio that has released a alot of things the past few years and provides support for 3rd party developers. So most likely personal are moved off and onto the project the last few years and havent really got a full studio push behind it. Tho that will happen tho, from the looks of it it would be a waste to dump it now but the most expensive period is the run up to launch so who knows

    Seriously guys! What's so hard about making this game? What have they been doing that last 2 years? Surely they've put in enough effort to give us a new trailer; something that will show development is getting somewhere.

    Sony should move it to Next-Gen, if they haven't already.

    I really wish it will stay on ps3. I mean I got a ps3 for games like The Last Guardian. I really really want them to keep it current gen with the ps3. As like a last bang on the ps3 before it starts to die off.

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