Sony Discusses Aussie Planetside 2 Issues And Our 'Crazy' Download and Bandwidth Caps

Australian dedicated servers tend to be pretty rare, but Planetside 2 has them, and that's pretty cool. Recently, however, the servers seemed to be running into some issues and Sony's response gave us a pretty interesting insight into just how difficult it is to set these things up in our country.

"I want to iterate what transpired in one spot so it's clear what occurred here," said Veratu, posting on Planetside 2' official forums. "Before I do, let me re-state that every region that PlanetSide 2 runs in is configured, designed, and built the same from a hardware and infrastructure perspective. There is no one region that has a "better" setup than another. The only thing that differentiates them is physical locations in the world.

"That being said, this deployment into Australia was definitely a unique experience. You guys have some very unusual laws and limitations that we simply don't see anywhere else in the world. (ISPs cap your bandwidth and download amounts? That's crazy! I personally will be investigating ways to make that better, if it's possible, with regard to our games.)"

Veratu then went on to explain, in great detail, some of the issues Planetside 2 had in Australia and how the team at Sony Online Entertainment went about solving them.

But regardless, it's interesting to see that we're not all crazy when we complain about ISPs in Australia!


    Well, to be fair, it's getting better. My ISP, recently bought out by iinet, just gave me a free cap increase to 1500gb a month, plus a free speed increase to boot. Not perfect, I know, but a lot better than it was even 2-3 years ago.

    He's also ignoring the fact that, as our caps get better, ISPs in places like the US that have traditionally been unmetered are now looking into capping their plans.

      Canberra has decent infrastructure, though.

      I'm lucky if I get 3.5 down on a 60gb cap.

        Parts of Canberra have some decent infrastructure. There are large parts of Canberra where you can only get ADSL1 locked into Telstra.

          Telstra have actually installed ADSL2 in a lot of places but they don't let competitors access anything above ADSL1+ unless they install the hardware themselves like iiNet does.

        Rural south west vic was doing better than that before Warrnambool's exchange went up. I was getting 5mb on down with 200GB cap from eFTEL.

        ...and then the exchange burned down. Love communications blackouts.

    I get 500gb per month on 100mbit cable... Local content is great, I don't know how this is a problem for servers localed in AUS :/

      Because servers usually use terabytes of data a month.

    I was having 10mbps down last year on a 20mbps unlimited line. Now I only have 2mbps down left thanks to massive amount of torrent hogging bandwidth in my area. Student area sucks.

    I can stream 1080p video, with unlimited downloads for $39.90 a month. Internet seems fine here. It's consumers that are are stupid, still buying capped plans.

    Last edited 26/11/12 5:46 pm

      Who are you with, then? Show me a decent uncapped plan..

        I just switched to Dodo for unlimited ADSL 2+. $40 unbundled or $60 bundled with home phone.
        Been connected a few weeks and so far the connection is just as quick as my previous TPG one. Wish I had switched earlier :|

          Yep, same plan as me. Have fun with the Telstra telesales people, convincing them you actually have unlimited broadband and that their offers are shit.

        With Dodo. And sorry, it's actually $39.90 a month.

      Not everyone has a choice, it's either take what you can get (Telstra Wireless) or nothing at all.

        And that's why I use unlimited dial uo. Although admittedly I fork out $50 every now and then for prepaid wireless so I have some speed for the important stuff.

        Such a digital divide for people living out of town. :(

          Yep I live 10 minutes out outside a fairly major city and all I can get is ADSL1 on telstra, which is woeful at the best of times.... :(

          Funny thing is, I can see the NBN signs everywhere as they are rolling that out to a new estate only 2 minutes down the road, but it wont come out as far as we are.

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      Yes I would also like to know what ISP you are with please :)

    Oh so they came through with their promise for Aussie servers.. I was in the beta and it was laughable at best.. but with an Aussie server.. I might give it another go.

      Yep, played a bit of the beta but the lag was horrendous at times. Same as you, may pick it up again on steam and see if its any better with local servers.

      I was also in the beta, the Aus servers went live a few weeks at the end, it was much better (could use weapons other than shotguns/tanks and they would kill people!), but the aussie servers were not as busy (but still never lacking for a good big fight) - I'll be interested to see how they go on live, better I assume.

    To be more fair people in most of the EU pay the same we do for 100/100 fiber.
    People in HK can pay as little as $25/Month for 1000/1000 fiber.

      100/100, 1000/1000? Lol, upload can never be the same as download, its more 100/40 if ur lucky, I don't even think I have ever heard of an isp being stupid enough to offer 100/100 lol

        So at work we have 20/20 fibre...have the choice to go to 100/100 fibre. I work in I.T.

    I'm paying Telstra $60/mo for 8 gig quota on home wireless - apparently there were no additional ports at the local exchange when I moved into the area (country town though, I'll admit, although even those lucky enough to get fixed line are limited to ADSL1). I suppose I should be thankful I got internet at all, but it was the end of my online gaming days :'(

    I got moved to Seoul for work and I have been paying 20 AUD equivalent a month for unlimited download and pay TV. I have been getting consistently 60+ Mpbs. Not looking forward to getting posted back to the AU office

    "very unusual laws and limitations that we simply don’t see anywhere else in the world (ISPs cap your bandwidth and download amounts? That’s crazy!"

    Is this guy serious? Get your head out of the sand man, there are tonnes of places around the world still dealing with bandwidth caps.

      It certainly is not the norm though. Especially in most big countries.

    LOL at this being posted in the "Playstation" section.

    I'm seeing all these mb/s, wtf?! i'm bloody jealous.

    while everyone's speed is high, i get this:
    Queensland - Telstra - ADSL 1 or 2, not sure. free phone calls around QLD, 400 - 500 kb/s. 200gb Per month.

    10 mb/s? that's ridiculous.

      I think in most cases people are getting confused between mb/s and mbps.

      10mb/s would be nearly 80mbps, which is by far out of the reach of adsl2+.

      I would say they are talking about 10-20mbps, which is more in line with 1-3mb/s

      Happy to be proven wrong, would love to get 80mb/s on my current 400gb plan!

        Actually, mbps and mb/s are the same.

        You are getting confused between megaBITs per second [mb/s] and megaBYTEs per second [MB/s].
        10mb/s is ~ 1.25MB/s

        So win, in your case, I assume you mean you get 400-500 KB/s [kilobytes], which is actually about 3.2-4.0 mb/s [megabit]

    One problem with that, your ISP can only do so much speed-wise, for instance.. I'm too far away from the exchange to see better speeds on a copper line >_> So even if I did swap to Dodo, who can be hellish to deal with in their own right, my speeds would most likely not increase at all.

    I pay $60 a month for unlimited 8Mbps ADSL1 in a regional area. It's not that bad I guess, and I don't have any complaints about the speed. I can stream 1080p youtube videos so I'm happy.

    High caps and unlimited plans are only going to become more and more common, but the biggest problem is that some people can't even get ADSL and have to have expensive, slow wireless. And what's alarming is the sometimes short distances you have to drive out of a city to find these places.

    A lot of you are missing the point. This isn't really about the consumer end but host end (their side) There's a reason most companies don't bother setting up a physical server here in Aus and that's pretty much what caught these guys by surprise. Higher costs is one thing, but most companies in this industry have probably never seen the sort of crap we have here when it comes to downloads and usage hours and whatnot.

    Sigh. For $70 with telstra this is what i get: 400-600kb download on ADSL2 and 50 gig qouta. :(

    South West Sydney 8mb/1mb unlimted TPG

    service could be better if closer to exchange but the only thing i can complain about is the customer service, i had to ring them today infact to sort some billing errors and after a few minutes i just snapped and told them "please get me someone with more then 2 brain cells and someone who has authorization to do something about it. Just get me your supervisor and put me on hold".

    hanged up and wondered why i never call support for internet i would rather just fix it myself.

    while my download speed gets up to 2.5mb/s, my upload is capped at 40kb/s. It takes me half a day or more to upload a video to Youtube. compared to other countries internet speeds and prices, we're a fair bit behind

    I'm on fiber by Telstra. 90 Mbps but I only get 50G and it costs $80

    Where I am we're classed as 'regional' because being on the border of NSW/QLD with the Gold Coast being a stone throw away classes us as regional, but hey it gives every other ISP a reason to charge out the arse here. Total crap. That's my main issue with the ISP's how they charge so much depending who owns the god damn cable in the ground which you're using, so here not many reliable companies are cheaper than Telstra hell some are sometimes quite more expensive than Telstra. Internode wanted almost double per month for the same deal we're on at the moment with Telstra I thought they were joking.

    Australia does suck for Internet, been here for 7 years now and its still not up to speed to what I had back in Canada - oh yea and when an ISP here advertises it offers unlimited broadband it means the opposite - get it right unlimited means no caps and unmetered!

    I have 60mbit with a 200GB cap at the moment, being moved to a 100mbit/1TB plan for less next year. Thank you for taking over my ISP, iinet!

    ...I'm confused. What issues?

    I've been playing PS2 since late last week and have seen no server issues. Might have missed is fairly new and net is around 12/1.

    I'm on a 100/10 line speed. But still don't notice much in online gaming to America or other parts of the world. Australia is always fine. Still....cant complain with a 12.5mb/s download speed...only problem is the 200/200gb cap. Would love to host my own DayZ server...but that requires around 1.5tb a month....

    Im with Optus on a 60GB plan, and usually get around 5-6m down, and only about 600k up... good enough for me to play online games with little to no lag, and works fine to stream 1080p movies through Apple TV/iStore...

    But we do get shafted with price, I was in the US recently and the speeds and prices there are so much better in comparison, and those are even bettered by a lot of Asian countries...

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