Sony Is One Step Closer To Being Able To (Legally) Sell The PS3 In China

The situation with consoles in China is complicated. Since roughly 2000 consoles have been banned but were made available through some loop holes with grey importing laws — they can be legally bought via third person transactions, just not directly. Now, however, it seems as though some changes have been made.

The PS3 has passed through China Compulsory Certificate approval, which doesn't exactly mean that Sony can start selling PS3s in China, but it is a massive step forward.

Interestingly, Nintendo apparently has plans to launch the 3DS XL in China in December.

China, for now, has its own homegrown consoles, such as the Eedoo, but they're referred to in China as 'home entertainment devices'.

Playstation 3 Gets Certification in China, Ban on Gaming Consoles May Be Ending [TechinAsia]

Via Engadget


    Should there be a comma between "2000" and "consoles"?...

    maybe they've just realised there is no point in preventing it?

    Realised the ludicrous contradiction inherent in the fact the consoles are *made* in China but can't be legally purchased there perhaps?

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