Sony Sold 525,000 PS3s Last Week

The week of Thanksgiving marks one of the most important retail milestones for sellers of things. We've got a ballpark figure for how many people brought the new Wii U. (Around 400,000.) And Microsoft bragged about all the Xbox 360 units they shifted into people homes, too. (750,000 for those guys.) So, what about Sony? They're right in the middle.

The consumer electronics giant divulged that they sold more than half a million units of their home console, owed largely to the attractively priced bundles on offer.

As for the Vita, the gaming handheld sold 160,000 units. That's a lot less than the 275,000 DS units Nintendo said that consumers bought last week. When another company's least-shiny, most outdated portable outdoes your shiny new one, you might have a problem on your hands, Sony.


    US figures from all dem sales or international? You can't be sure sometimes when it's just an article copied over from the US site where that's probably just expected to be local sales figures in the context of the Black Friday sales.

      As it is directly related to the black friday/cyber monday etc sales my guess would be US only

    Always the Vita asides. While it is an awful sales figure, needs a price cut, and being outsold by older tech ate valid points, how can this article possibly say that and not point out the WiiU was outsold by six-year-old hardware, twice, ON LAUNCH WEEK.

      Wii U sold out though, so its not really a fair comparison. Also while the Vita sales are nothing impressive it is worth noting that 160k is a huge increase for the Vita in the states ( i believe it usually does ~25 - 30k)

    theres a discrepancy between this and vgchartz, guess vgchartz must be undertracking (happened before)

      Vgchartz always undertracks.

      VGchartz aren't in realtime unfortunately - they have to wait for concrete numbers before publishing.

    Yeah the PS3 is pretty close to 360 in sales now. Good to see.

    vita needs a price cut and vita memory cards need to be included in the bundle or at least halved in price. I love my vita more than my 3ds but there aren't alot of upcoming titles for really needs to up that install base

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