Sony Thinks It Will Sell Slightly Fewer PS Vitas And PSPs

Don’t fret! Sony is doing better and slowing turning things around. However, the Tokyo-based electronics giant is a little less bullish on its gaming handhelds.

From Reuters:

Sony cut its forecast for full-year sales of its hand-held PSP and Vita game consoles to 10 million from a previous forecast of 12 million.

Sony posts small second-quarter profit, keeps full-year forecast [Reuters]

Image: Koji Sasahara/AP


    I guess they finally realised that putting all their eggs in the Assassins Creed III/Black Ops II spinoff basket won't exactly work when the die-hard fans will just play the superior console versions...

    Yeah. Where are all the fan boys now??? Was abused by them for saying

      I thought that Sony were on the wrong track with Vita and marketing. It is dead. The general public know what a DS is. WTF is a vita?

        The vita is not dead. Everyone was saying that the 3ds was crap and it was dead yet now it's selling strongly. Now it's the Vitas turn, but it's already started to get a great library of games. LBP, UC, NFS, AC:L,Wipeout just to name a few. Ive never been a Sony fanboy due to the fact that i have a 360, but I was still tempted enough to buy one on day 2 of release. Do I regret it? hell no, not one bit.

          Lets be realistic. I own Sony products. I have a psp, bravia and ps3. But Sony fucked up with both the target audience and marketing. It is an awesome system +but its going nowhere.

            Again, I have to make the link between the vita bashing now and the 3ds bashing a year ago. The vita has had a slow start no doubt, but it's picking up pace. The high price and crap economy doesn't help either, but nonetheless its still amazing.

              The difference is the DS is a known brand and Nintendo could drop the cost and afford to lose money on unit sales. Sony can not. They have serious financial difficulties.

              Exactly. I would go so far to say that the Vita now has significantly more quality games than the 3DS does. Especially for the older market.

              Vita has Uncharted, Wipeout, Gravity Rush, NFS, AC, Little Big Planet + PSP/PS1 for cheap
              3DS has Mario Land 3D, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus, + a few GB and GBC games for more money than a PSP or PS1 game.

                And I'm not a fanboy either. I have an american, european and japanese 3DS (another area where Sony wins). The reality is that outside of Japan, 3DS doesn't have that many good games. But the system isn't dead, and neither is Vita.

                Dreamcast ??????

      Grab a mirror. You'll find one quickly, for sure.

        And here he is.... WTF? Im not a Sony fanboy. I love all systems. I am a commodore 64 fanboy if anything. Great comment!

          Grab a magnify glass and tweezers. You will have more fun that way.

          Wow, you're so hipster, everyone is so impressed.

          You are clearly a fanboy because otherwise you wouldn't try to flamebait.

            What making a point about Sonys marketing makes me a hipster ? Thanks for your contribution. BTW what is your response other than flamebaiting?

              Oh and thanks for proving my point about abusive fanboys who just abuse people for disagreeing with them. Either contribute a valid point or shut the f up.

    I am a Vita Fanboy, and I have not doubt that the device will sell poorly. It's extremely unfortunate, but it's just the way it is. What I cannot stand though is those who have never laid a hand on the console and continue to berate it, simply because it's a meme now. For those of us who appreciate the device for what it is, and are enjoying it (Seriously, how amazing is Assassins Creed Liberation? On a handheld?) keep them' great games coming...

      Agreed. Same goes with NFS MW. Seriously. The videos of that don't do it any justice. So freaking amazing. Also next year weve got Tearaway, soul sacrifice, killzone and sly cooper. With more to come without a doubt.

    Open Source and add full phone support! XDA devs will love you Sony!

    I was in japan on the launch date of the vita which was around the same time the new monster hunter came out for 3ds in tech stores i could walk in and play uncharted on the vita with no line but right next to me people were lining up to try monster hunter and shin chan on 3ds this is when the 3ds was "doing bad" lol the vita is just like the psp sony dont know how to market a hand held they make crappy sin offs of everything and expect that to just work they never learn...

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