South Australia Becomes The Latest State To Pass R18+ Legislation, Victoria On Its Way

Well, scratch off another one. Slowly but surely, each state and territory is in the process of passing its own legislation in time for the introduction of R18+ in 2013 — South Australia is the latest state to pass.

"This is likely to lower the risk of games that contain high levels of violence being available to minors," said South Australia's John Rau, who had previously had issues with the very existence of the MA15+ category, and initially petition for its removal.

Victoria also made a step forward in its own legislation, with its own legislation having made it through the Legislative Assembly to the Legislative Council.

Hopefully all states will have their own legislation in place in time for January 1.

SA Parliament passes legislation to allow R-rated video games to be sold from January [Adelaide Now]


    So how long before I can buy syndicate?

      if you have played the original syndicate you would regret buying the new one

        Yeah i played the old one... I like the style anyways... but looks like its import! lame

          i had the remake on pc, so disappointing, the FPS idea made it suck

      Probably never. It is highly unlikely that Syndicate or any game that has been rated RC and has past its sales peak will be re-submitted for classification.

      Keep in mind that these games weren't rated R18+ and then prevented from being sold, but were rated RC because the R18+ rating didn't exist. When the R18+ rating comes into being, the RC games will remain at that rating unless the publisher pays for a reclassification, and it is doubtful that they would make enough money off new sales to recoup the costs of such an endeavour.

        All they need to do is repackage it as the falsely titled 'Game of the year edition'... throw some dlc into it... make it somehow different to the original submission... then they can get it reclassified.

          I like the sound of "Resubmission Edition"

    has there been any news from Queensland on this?

      Not sure if it is has been implemented yet or just proposed but by the looks Queensland should be in the same boat soon.

    Is Victoria the only state not to pass this yet?

      I think there are still a few states holding out, I haven't heard anything about it from Queensland and to my Knowledge I'm not sure Tasmania has even introduced legislation yet...

        Pffft Tasmania, that place still part of Australia? ;)

    In the words of Daniel Bryan - YES! YES! YES! YES!

      I feel like a comment about goats (or at least their faces) is an appropriate response to hyp3rstrikes comment

      I was thinking more 'in the words of jenna jameson' myself...

    Michael Atkinson must be rolling in his grave. Or at least he would be if he was dead. Why isn't he dead?!

      Hey buddy,

      The guy was still an extremely effective public servant who was well liked in his district... just because we disagree with his opinions is no reason to wish him dead.

        An "extremely effective public servant"? Are you fucking kidding? This is a guy who held the entire country hostage because he personally disagreed with an R rating. That is undemocratic to an extreme, especially when there has been public support for it for at least a decade now. To say he was a good public servant is a load of shit.

          In the multiple years he was in state parliament holding up the r18 legislation wasn't the only thing he did...

            That doesn't change the fact he held the entire country hostage because of a petty personal issue. That isn't effective public service at all and I think it's totally understandable that he is widely reviled outside of his district as a result. "I don't like it, fuck what the people think" is a fundamental problem for a so-called "representative" (a title that is hardly appropriate when he ignores the population's wishes) in a political system that claims to be democratic.

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