Spike VGAs Announce Nominees For Best Video Games Of November

Assassin's Creed III, Dishonored, Journey, Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead are the nominees, announced today, for Game of the Year at the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards.

The rest of the list contains, as you might expect, a number of nominees that were just released only days ago, if at all. Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II are up for best-in-class honours, and both are nominated as best multiplayer titles, despite being available for a combined 11 days. The as-yet unreleased New Super Mario Bros. U and ZombiU also get nods. There's even a nomination for Linkin Park for its contributions to Black Ops II Medal of Honor.

This might raise the question of why, say, these awards aren't done in February or March, like the Oscars. Answer: because no one's buying video games for Christmas in February or March.

2012 Spike Video Game Awards [Spike]


    Yay for this years list of paid for advertising... i mean "nominated award contenders"

    Their GOTY nominee list is pretty terrible. ME3 is my GOTY so far but they are missing out on a lot of other games, but these awards are as useless as a shit flavoured lollipop so who cares

      you saying mass effect 3 is GOTY is about as usefull as a cock flavoured lollipop

    games that were released in Novemeber should not be put in for awards for the current year, they should be put in the following year so that they can be judged fully. i have the same view for movies as well

      So you think Liam Neeson should have been ignored for nomination if The Gray wasn't delayed?

        for that year yes, it would instead go into the following year's nominations. all this does is allow for certain games to keep their GOTY award when other games wont get a mention.

        Skyrim is perfect example. it won many many many awards but it wasn until a few months after it came out that we started see how bad the game was on 1/3rd of platforms, if skyrim was instead nominated for this year, it might not have gotten as many awards because of its problems. Next lets look at mass effect 3, we all know of the ending issue. and if it was only just released this month, it would win alot of awards, where in reality because of the issue it wont get many (if any) at all because people have had a chance to fully play it.

        Something even closer is Borderlands 2, a great game that improved in every aspect over the original (much like COD4 was to COD2 dispite the different settings) and people have been able to get a good sense of how it plays and to find any issues or errors but now its got to complete with the likes of BLOPS and Halo 4 that could have massive problems a few months down the track.

      This pretty much sums it up:
      This might raise the question of why, say, these awards aren’t done in February or March, like the Oscars. Answer: because no one’s buying video games for Christmas in February or March.

      I don't give these awards much credence.

    As big an Assassin's Creed fan I am... AC3 shouldn't be up there.

    My pick from that list would either be ME3 or Walking Dead.

    Last edited 16/11/12 5:54 pm

    Would rather watch paint dry and then switch to the trailers at break.

    Every category Journey is nominated in should definitely be won by Journey. The game is a masterpiece, even when compared to the big triple A titles of 2012.

    Personal GOTY for me is Trials Evolution, followed by Fall of Cybertron

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