Star Citizen Becomes The Largest Crowd Funded Game Of All Time

When Tim Schafer and Double Fine decided to crowd fund their video game on Kickstarter, the flood gates opened. The idea of large scale video games being funded by its potential audience became a reality. Obsidian's Project Eternity was arguably the next 'massive' Kickstarter, raising over $4 million. Now it looks as though Star Citizen, the latest potential project from Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander, has just ticked over the $5 million mark.

On the Kickstarter page it states the game has only raised over $1.7 million, but that doesn't take into account the massive amount of donations made on Chris Roberts' site, currently sitting at $3.75 million. In total the amount raised stands at $5.14 million — almost triple the initial target of $2 million.

Massive numbers. The last stretch goal ($5 million) means that a tablet app to check up on things like inventory will now be made available.



    Seems like it will hit the $5.5million sweet spot.

      Just hit 5.5, now lets see if they make it to 6mil!,

    Relevant Youtube links links for those interested in knowing more.

    How did I only find out about this now?
    Cheers Mark.

      God knows, it's been everywhere for the last 4 weeks :)

    Man.. sucked me in at the home stretch.. I wasn't going to pledge towards this because of my perceived impressions of the game.. but now that I've revisited the page and found that it can be played completely offline, I am happy to fork out $30.

    Holy crap - this game looks like everything i have ever wanted!!! :D

      I've been a fan since he worked on Freelancer, and this looks like Freelancer updated with much more funding and modern tech.

        Freelancer was awesome... but it was no Privateer, and well considering that Freelancer was his spiritual successor to Privateer I guess that makes sense :D

    Also the spammiest, I've gotten 3 emails a day since I donated a week ago.. But can't wait

    $30 doesn't feel like you're getting it cheap like most kickstarter projects though. I'll just wait for the final release and buy it if the final version turns out to be good. They have enough money to get things going.

      The point isn't to 'get it cheap', but to help fund the game.

    I dropped money on this almost as soon as funding became available.
    Glad to see the huge support - I hope this game ends up as amazing as it sounds.

      Yeh.. I looked at it.. got all excited and then I second guessed it.. thinking it was focusing more on PvP and f2p models.. glad I checked it out in more depth today. Also glad that one of the $30 Digital Only tiers became available at that specific moment :)

    If this game doesn't spawn a great BSG mod, I will completely lose faith in humanity.

      There was talk om BSG, Star Wars, Star Trek and Bab 5 mods in the forum before it went down.
      It's gonna happen;)

    Goddamn. Im in! I've been waiting for this man to be making a comeback. I've loved every single game he's done. :D

    I have been following this for a while and recently upgraded my earlier pledge to... *ahem*cough*... a fair whack more. The main reason is, which I am sure is the same for many others in my age bracket, it's been far too damn long since the last proper Space Sim that wasn't a mod or conversion of something from ages ago.

    It's ambitious, but the ground work is clear to see. There is a strong pedigree and while I am not one to forget a lot was not delivered in Freelancer I also know a lot of the reasons why, and now Chris Roberts doesn't have to deal with almost all the issues he had that made him want to leave game dev in the first place.

    The fact it is being built from the ground up to support things like the Oculus Rift also helps sell me. Though I personally won't be grabbing a VR system until its at least 1080p/eye.

    Im really looking forward to it, but the NAME name is pretty bad ATM. What do you reckon? Any suggestions?

    That looks cool

    Anyone care to take a guess as to why more money has been donated on Chris Roberts' site than Kickstarter?

      The implication there is that you know why. I'd assume because it allows paypal.

      Because they started taking donations on the RSI site a while before they introduced the kickstarter page. Also because whenever and whereever I've seen it advertised, it's always been a link to the RSI site, not to kickstarter

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