Star Wars Sequel Could Be Penned By Toy Story 3 Writer

If the Hollywood rumour mill is to be trusted, Star Wars: Episode VII may already have its writer.

Vulture reports that Michael Arndt has already written a 40-50 page script treatment for the film and is " likely to be at least one of the writers" for the movie, which is expected to start shooting in 2014.

Arndt's previous writing credits include Toy Story 3, Little Miss Sunshine, and the next Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. His work on Toy Story 3 received an Oscar nomination, and he won one for Little Miss Sunshine.

The Episode VII release information came as part of last week's surprise announcement that Disney had acquired Lucasfilm. Rumours have of course been swirling ever since, about who might be in the next Star Wars movie and what story it might tell. The Vulture report cites earlier reports from Entertainment Weekly that Harrison Ford is open to reprising his role as interstellar space stud Han Solo.

Star Wars: Episode VII May Have Found Its Writer [Vulture]


    I'm okay with this.

      I don't know if I'm ready for feels in my Star Wars.

        I don't care what it has in it as long as George didn't write the dialogue.

          Someone's never tried the "I don't like sand" pick up line

            I'd be much to frightened to use that pick up line on a senator.

    Hopefully he doesnt make me cry uncontrollably in this film..........

    Well - the guy can definitely write dialogue.

    Personally, I'd like Aaaron Sorkin.

      We'd hear statistics about the trade defecit with Naboo and the number of Blaster deaths on coruscant.

        Bahahahaha, best.

      Haha, no way. Maybe just c-3po's dialogue. I couldn't handle a star wars where every character is talking a million miles an hour.

        Or constantly walking the halls while talking. :p All Sorkin's stuff is walk and talk.

    I would give my left nut to have Joss Whedon direct the next 3.

      Nathan fillion as a new school Han solo pleaaaaasssee

    I'll be the lead in the next movie. I can't do any worse, that's my theory.

    I don't think Harrison Ford is open to playing Han Solo again as he has stated many times that he doesn't wish to go back to it due to the character has no depth or range or something like that. Of course this could change given there is a new writer, maybe a new direction and enough money.

    It will be typical Hollywood... about 16 different people will have had input by the time it shoots...then another 10 or so while shooting... then there will be WGA arbitration as to who gets story rights and script credits. (It is literally an audit of 'pages written by who' process, its fucked up).
    If you needed a consistent vision for Star Wars, you lost it the moment they made it an open process. Sure George completely messed up, but I point you too Prometheus as an example of too many cooks. If it was Just Ridley and just Lindelof it might not have had so many little holes and unexplained/unexplored dangling threads. It had more than the 4 credited writers... many more.

    That said, I still have hope. A fresh hope... a new hope, I could say, for Star Wars

    If it's anything like the first movie, they won't even need to cast actors, just cardboard cutouts and fill the rest in with CGI.

    I really hope they're just adapting something like Dark Empire rather than wiping away all the EU material (Force Unleashed excluded)

    This has given me....A NEW HOPE

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