Star Wars: The Old Republic Officially Going Free-To-Play November 15

Star Wars: The Old Republic Officially Going Free-To-Play November 15

MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially going free to play on November 15, EA confirmed today.

The game launched late last year, to positive reviews, but had trouble holding onto a subscriber base. EA announced in July that SW:TOR would transition to a free-to-play game this fall, but didn’t provide a specific date.

Players reading early announcements about which features would and would not be included for free felt that the limitations were excessively restrictive, and EA made some tweaks in response.

Old Republic lead designer Damion Schubert posted an update yesterday on the game’s official site, describing the philosophy behind the transition and progress the team has made so far, with the target launch date now only one week away.


    • The positive reviews were genuine they were just short sighted. Aside from the sucky combat it was a brilliant game, it just lacked any sort of staying power.

      • not really. If you carefully read those “positive reviews” most of them basically said “This game has a lot of design and technical issues, some trivial, some serious and some potential long term problems, but I’m giving this a 10/10 anyway”

      • I agree, the game was utterly captivating at first. I was honestly sure I would play it through with each class. Then I got stuck in the quicksand that is the later worlds of grinding over and over with little story reward and tired of it… a damn shame, if only lvls 30+ were as good as 1-20.

        • Yeah. There seemed to be way too much dependance on side missions on the later planets/levels. Some of them just felt like they dragged on and on forever. It wasn’t too bad the first time but once you got a second character up to that point it became really apparent you were doing busy work.
          The good stuff was great. Outstanding. There was just some bad stuff running through the core of it that ended up choking it. If fighting had of been as much fun as flying and side missions had of actually been optional things could have ended very differently.

  • “MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially making it’s last cash grab on November 15, EA confirmed today.”

  • Trolls wanting swtor to be WoW but different rear there ugly head in thread.

    Its a solid mmo just so many players invested in WoW to ever really leave it i.e I’ve spent 5yrs on this toon. really hard to just throw that away.

    • I thought it had all the bad bits of WoW without the polish, I really enjoyed the stories (Sith Warrior) however when you finish your story there doesn’t seem to be any reason to renew your subscription considering how single player it felt.

  • I subbed to WoW after playing swtor for a while and i found the opposite. it felt like WoW was lacking polish, although there is a heap more content but the maps are poorly built and there was a deff reliance on sites like wowhead to help you instead of quests being intuitive. maybe i expected to much from a widely celebrated game :/

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