Steam Has 50 Million Users Compared To Origin's 30 Million

Earlier this month EA's Peter Moore announced that Origin now had upwards of 30 million users — a big number no doubt, but one lacking in perspective. The only way these numbers tell us anything meaningful is in comparison to Steam's numbers. Is Origin catching up rapidly, is it close? Well it turns out Origin is a little closer than I expected. At the London Games Conference SEGA's John Clark revealed that Steam has 50 million users.

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little surprised. I had expected Steam to have at least double the amount of users of Origin. This is testament, perhaps not to the Origin service itself, but the ability of EA to drive the product using its own exclusive properties.

What's perhaps more interesting is engagement. We'd really like to get a little more in-depth information about both services — how often do users buy products from Steam as opposed to Origin for example? How are they using each service?

Steam has 50 million users, up to 5 million playing concurrently [PCGamesN]


    But how many of those Origin users have made purchases on the store compared to Steam users? I bet you'll find the percentage is a LOT lower.

    I have an Origin account, but only because it was mandatory to play the kinda meh new Need for Speed game. I refuse to buy anything off the store with such crazy inflated mega region pricing. It's more than retail, and it's insulting.

      Same, i have one for BF3 on console but would never buy through them.

      You are exactly right. People are forced to use Origin, but people choose to use steam. Massive difference.

      I would not even consider buying a product from Origin, and only used it to activate BF3. I like the convenience of Steam in that it's one repository for all of my games. I have no interest in distributing my content across multiple programs.

        Wrong. Steam is bundled with a lot if games in the same way Origin is. So there is no choice when it comes to dome games

          That's a fair point. All I'll say is that when Steam was released all those years ago I chose to use it, and the activation in Steam works for me because it means I can buy retail but still get full Steam integration. It seems to me that Origin is pushing me into Origin so I buy their stuff. (I'm sounding like a fanboi but I know what I like, and I like convenience).

            I get what your saying but I think its unfair to criticize EA for making origin a requirement on EA games when valve does the same thing with their games as well as selling steam to other developers to make it a requirement for their games

        I despise both Steam and Origin but am forced to use both of them.

    I only use Origin to play Battlefield 3 on my PC

    And as fun as Battlefield 3 is, I only play it once every 3 months

    Because of Origin, and the massive patches attached to BF3

    And I have never purchased anything on the origin store

    the only reason I have an Origin account is Mass Effect 3.
    I have never & will never be buying anything through that system.

    Steam, on the other hand... yeah. I've probably spent too much.
    Just don't need a second program doing exactly the same thing as something I've been using for years. Also, Origin has way fewer games, & most of them are EA titles, which for the most part, don't interest me.

    Yeah I just have Origin sitting there for BF3... never made another purchase on it.

    As opposed to my 140 or so games on Steam.

    I'm probably in the same boat as most people... I've never bought a thing of Origin. Only reason I got it was because of the free Mass Effect 2 that was given away years ago... Apart from a couple of other retail games, I don't use it at all.
    Steam on the other hand... Well... Autumn Sales just started... 'Nuff said...

    I think the numbers for each mean rather different things. I mainly have an Origin account because some games I buy on iOS or Steam sorta need Origin login. eg The Sims and Simpsons Tapped Out. I still refuse to recognise Origin as a place to purchase. EA has some work to do before I like them again. I guess that's how business models work these days. Get you past the gate for free and eventually you will be tempted to pay something.

    I'd like to see how many accounts each has purely based on consoles. I'm pretty sure EA is pushing way harder on that front.

    I have both and I've hated origin since the moment I installed it for Battlefield 3, Steam has been great the last decade.

    I'd say my opinion is pretty average (and common).

    mass effect 3 multiplayer. thats all.

    I have Origin, for my copy of From Dust.

    ...a game I bought from Steam.

      That would be Uplay, by Ubisoft as From Dust being a Ubisoft published game. (maybe that was a little pedantic)

      You need ubisoft's ridiculous uplay launcher to run that, not origin. A pain that I need origin for BF3 and uplay to run from dust when I want to show people. Steam for everything else.

      Last edited 22/11/12 11:12 am

    I'm willing to bet these numbers also include all of the Xbox and PS3 users who have since had their EA account login's transferred over to Origin for EA's more recent releases (Most Wanted for instance), that account is required for all online play. All of those people now count as Origin users which will pad the numbers significantly.

    I use both.

    Only things I ever bought on Origin were BF3 (Which I rarely play) and the C&C Pack ONLY because it promised windows 7 support for all the older games. Guess what? They don't work properly on Windows 7! Screw you EA!

    My steam account however is where all my time and money goes into.

    Sure EA, you got 30 million users. Most of which only have an account due to your extortionist tactics. Most of which would happily dance on your grave if you were ever to go under. If Origin were to go down and we could play our games without it not a single tear would be shed, only cheers of joy with the occasional cry of "fuck EA" thrown in there for good measure.

    Bitter Gamer.

    50 Million ACTIVE users compared to 30 million forced registered.

      Yeah, I'm a "forced registered" Origin account holder. I haven't touched Origin for most of the year now; the only reason I have an account is for Mass Effect 3, and I don't even have that or Origin installed on my computer now since upgrading to Windows 8.

      Meanwhile on Steam, I chat to friends and use the Workshop pretty much every day! It's brilliant!

    I think a more telling comparison would be number of bought purchases (not code redemptions or anything similar), and also dolars spent within application. No prizes for getting it right, but the gap would be interesting to see.

    How many of the 30mil that Origin claim use their account on a daily basis?
    I open Steam as soon as my PC loads, probably should set it to auto start up. I open Origin maybe once every 3 months to blow the cob webs off BF3.

    As for how often do I use each for purchases.
    Steam, all the bloody time.
    Origin, once. That's the only way I could get a BF3 premium account, which I kind of feel was a waste of money due to not playing much.

    Last edited 22/11/12 1:21 pm

    Like most here I have Origin because it was a pre-requisite for BF3, I've never made a single purchase with it, where as I buy games on Steam all the time (look out upcoming holiday sale!). I'd imagine the difference in revenue being generated by each service would be night and day.

    A better comparison would be the average amount of daily users imo.

    The only reason I have origin is because of BF3, which can't actually play because I cant connect to any of the servers, but other people using my internet can...

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