Story Details & Art Leak From Bungie's Next Game, The Sci-Fi Epic Destiny

A leaked document has revealed at least some art and the basic story background for the next game from Bungie, the creators of the Halo universe.

The document sent to IGN, and also to Kotaku, says that the game is set on a future Earth where, after a brief colonisation of the stars, humanity has been attacked by aliens and forced back to a single city on our home planet, where we are protected by a large, mysterious spacecraft. Another alien. Only this time it's a good one.

Players will take the role of what's basically a space knight, travelling the stars, exploring the worlds and of course fighting the alien menace.

The game is being pitched as a highly social experience, sort of like an MMO, with the universe hoping to appeal to as wide a variety of people.

We received a document earlier this month containing many of the same images visible on IGN, but with a twist; a reader claimed they had found the document on a USB stick left behind in a coffee shop. We refrained from posting them at the time because we weren't sure how real these images were. Some images seemed like they could be for Bungie's mysterious game. Others, we'd find, were not. But as we were tracking things down, Bungie confirmed the authenticity of some of the images to IGN.

While most images and information appear to be the same as those shared by IGN, others differ. And in attempting to determine the source of the pictures, we found that rather than being made entirely of Bungie-supplied art, at least two pieces had been lifted from places like DeviantArt.

In the wake of the leak, Bungie has stopped short of confirming all the the information, but has posted a story and image (below, the brown tank in the snow) on its own site, saying "Go ahead. Take a peek. It's alright. We weren't quite ready, but we will be soon, and we can't wait to finally show you what we've really been up to.

Stick around, we haven't even started yet."

Bungie has confirmed to Kotaku that the document and some of the art is genuine, and is somewhat representative of the game. They declined to say if the art was out of date.

This of course isn't the first bit of information about the game to spill out. Loads of stuff came out from secret studio visits earlier this month.

Below you'll find a selection of the images we were sent. Note that the bottom one, with the brown tank in the snow, was posted by Bungie earlier today.


    Look at that font. That's a future font if i've ever seen one.

    Waitwaitwait, do I see a activision logo? that's new..

      Activi$ion is a brilliant company with only their players enjoyment in mind! *Cough* I think I just coughed up a lung, call an ambo D:

      Assuming you're not being sarcastic, it's been confirmed for about a year now that Bungie's next IP would be released with Activision.

        Yeah I believe they signed a 10 year contract I think? And committed to releasing a game every 2 years? Somebody confirm this please, I need to cook dinner.

      No actually we heard when Bungie broke away from Microsoft that Activision would be their new publisher.
      BTW I think this game sounds awesome.

    Not sure if Bungie can pull another Halo without Microsofts advertising

      would they need it? all they have to do is namedrop themselves as the creators of halo

      halo wasnt a ssuccess because of mircosoft. it was a success because bungie was making a Mac & PC game that both parties wanted to play. If mircosoft never brought bungie, the Xbox would not have been as huge as it was the 360 would not of been made, it could of easily been another apple pippen

      If Halo 4 has shown us anything, it's that Bungie's input had far more to do with Halo's success than Microsoft did.

    Oh look Halo.

      Don't see anything even remotely reminiscent of Halo. Getting a bit of a Marathon vibe from that first image, but otherwise... don't see where you're getting Halo from. Or are you just being critical for the sake of being critical?

        Well, it's about humanity stepping into the stars, meeting an alien race, getting its butt kicked, and getting driven back to Earth... that's the plot of Halo, too. Though this time it's aliens instead of super-humans defending humanity. It only really starts sounding like an original idea once you get into the details.

          "It only really starts sounding like an original idea once you get into the details."

          Isn't that the case with most good stories? I know it's the internet and all, we have to have our opinions reaffirmed by words from strangers but try, just try and leave the stereotypical cynicism at the door, please?

          Get vague enough and you can make any story sound like any story.

          I would also argue that's not the "plot" of Halo, or at least not the focus of it. That's just the way it turns out as the story progresses. Earth was never a major focus of the Halo storyline, not even in Halo 3, which was marketed as a "Save Earth!" kind of story.

          The plot of Halo is that a bunch of religious aliens believe activating apocalyptic weapons, originally designed to combat an all consuming disease, will lead them to paradise.

          At no point during the Halo games do we see humanity driven back to earth. If you wanted to be a cynical wank you could have said "oh wow, how original, humanity finds itself under attack by a superior alien enemy". That way you could undermine countless other sci fi franchises in a single douche swoop.

    Interested. Would be more keen if there was a definite PC release.

    Kinda getting a pfhor vibe there

    That last pic looks awesome. proper mech tanks, yay!

    Hopefully it's better then Halo 4.

    Hopefully this will be decent enough to hold everybody over until they reveal Oni 2.

    WIll be their first game for the PS3 I think...

    Should be interesting to see how it holds up...

    Will be very interesting to see if this new IP will take off well as there wont be any launch console to lift it up..

    Future-based - check

    MMO - check

    New IP - check

    ACTIVISION involvement - check

    This couldn't possible be the mysterious Titan could it?!

    Nah - it'd have Blizzards logo all over it surely.

    It does definitly sound like they're making a slightly different Halo game, I'll be very interested to see what they pull off... Microsoft made 343 crap up Halo 4 by making it more like COD (not much variation in the weapons, and a QTE ending)... Hopefully Activision don't pull the same crap on Bungie.

      Yeah that final QTE sucked IMO, if my only options are pushing these 3 specific buttons in sequence ,just make it a cut scene.

      I Hate QTE for the record.

    Hmm, I was reading the "Whats" and thought, "hmm, sounds exactly like Halo on a different planet". Anyone else?

      Not in the least. Sounds like standard sci fi from what little they've said, but nothing that sounds much like Halo.

    If there's an option so you can play online with people from your geographical region they have already made a better game than Halo 4

    It looks pretty awesome. I'm really interested to see what Bungie come up with - I haven't been a fan of Halo for a while, but I remember what loving Halo (and Bungie) was like. I'm optimistic.

    Looks great! Wondering how much the story will come into play, or whether there'll be any RPG elements? A straight FPS or over shoulder shooter I could live without, but if they could pull off, say, a long, multi-layered Bioshock in space... Please take my wallet.

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