Surprise! Halo 4 Made A Buttload Of Money

It's a familiar process. First comes Christmas, then comes the bombastic AAA release, then comes the hyperbolic press release. So Halo 4 — believe it or not — has managed to make a metric buttload of money and, yes, it has become the biggest Halo launch in history.

In its first 24 hours on sale Halo 4 managed to accumulate an admittedly incredible $220 million dollars in revenue, a number Microsoft expects to hit $300 million in a week once the bean counters have caught up.

"We're thrilled that Halo 4 has emerged as the biggest U.S. entertainment launch of the year," said Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios VP.

It is an astounding number and as secure as Halo 4's success may have seemed to outsiders, it must come as a relief to Microsoft and 343 Industries. The first Bungie-less Halo game was, in a sense, a relative risk and I'm glad to see a game I'm thoroughly enjoying receive plaudits.

Stay tuned for the next episode of 'look how much money we made' once everyone's counted up the dollars made from the Black Ops II launch last night!

Thanks Joystiq


    That's pretty damn incredible. Even more so considering it only releases on the 1 console. Oh and the game itself isnt half bad either ;)

    Good to see it's doing well critically and commercially.

    I haven't bought the game yet and was concerned about the franchise after ODST, Reach and the change of hands. I remember being nutty excited for Halo 2 and 3 when they came out back in the day.

    Definitely a pre-Christmas purchase.

    Not bad for a game on only 1 platform.

    Must say though, it definitely does deserve it, 343 did a great job!

      They most certainly did. I was very apprehensive about it initially before its release but to date, it is probably my favourite game of the series

    Good work 343 you made a crap campaign, multiplayer that only works in the US and you still made a killing.

    Gah! I NEED AN XBOX 360 FOR THIS! Please don't make me buy one, Halo 4. Please. I have bills.

      & bang, Next time your out shopping.. You will end up getting yourself one. :-P

    They'd make even more money if they'd release the game on PC and PS3. I couldn't imagine it being that hard to make a half decent port for PC. PS3 might be a bit harder though.

      Slim chance of that. The Halo franchise is pretty much the definition of a "system seller". MS will be relying on Halo 5 to drive sales of the next Xbox.

      Though they did eventually release a couple of PC versions. Maybe if you wait a few more years...

      Yes, they definitely want to release the biggest reason to buy an Xbox on competing platforms.

    yeah ps3 guys want this so bad they can taste it. too bad for them. the speculation is funny

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