Survey: Kids Want Wii U More Than iPhones

Survey: Kids Want Wii U More Than iPhones

Kids! They are crazy. We all know this. But what do they want for Christmas?

Children are asking their parents for computers, iPads, and the Wii U, according to a new survey conducted by the folks at Nielsen.

Check out the charts:


Possible conclusions we can draw here:

1. Kids want the Wii U more than they want the iPhone. Granted, the Wii U is brand new and the iPhone has been around for quite a while, so maybe most of these kids already have iPhones, but it does seem like Nintendo’s new device is a hot commodity.

2. iPads are not going away.

3. The Vita is screwed.

4. At least it’s not Surface.


  • Wouldn’t a fairer headline read: Kids want iPad more than WiiU?

    Or: Teenagers want iPad, tablets, computers more than WiiU?

    • Bitter much? Who said consoles can compete with tablets? I dont see any console going to beat them but atleast the Wii U puts up still a strong showing. Ouch you must be hurting

      • Bitter? Gosh no.

        High level understanding of analytics and statistical interpretation? You betcha.

        The difference between desire for an iPhone and a WiiU is smaller in both datasets to the difference between a WiiU and an iPad. The gap between the iPad and the WiiU – which has only just launched after a period of hype and advertisements – is extremely interesting.

        You also need to take into account the populations used for each dataset. Speaking to this point: the green dataset is for children aged 6-12. Notice the massive difference in iPod Touch desire between that and the blue set? That’s likely due to the ability of 6yos to convince their parents to buy them a mobile phone at all – the touch does everything but make calls, so is a more likely sale for parents of younger children.

        What should be taken from the combined data here is that a) iPads are still a status item in the eyes of the child-to-teen market, and b) Mobile gaming is maintaining its dominance in this market.

        However, headlining with “Kids want the WiiU more than an iPhone” is misleading and implies that the iPhone is the must-have item. It’s readily apparent from this data that the iPad is the must-have item, and therefore is the only valid comparison to make.

        To put it into perspective, if they ran a headline saying that “Respondents prefer PS# over Xbox” is would be just as misleading – it’s a 1% difference.

        • It doesnt have to do better then the ipad to be successful. For Nintendo it has to maintain its lead over its main competitors and what this survey shows that. Infact it has quite a healthy level of interest something that Nintendo would no doubt be happy about.

          The headline is factual not misleading, although its irrelevant. The Wii U is in direct competition with neither ipad or iphone for that matter, its main rivals are sonys ps3 and microsoft 360. So long as they maintain there lead over them i dont see how Nintendo can complain about where they are compared to ipads and iphones.

          Honestly i was surprised its so high, the advertising for the Wii U sucks so far. Nothing like the Wii commercials. I remember how many millions of youtube hits the Wii adds were getting, i dont think the Wii U adds would even get nearly so much.

          • Who’s talking about successful? I’m talking about the interpretation of the data presented being poor; you’ve mentioned it’s perfectly fine, then corrected yourself.

            “Survey shows: Just-released WiiU console more desired as a purchase than 6-year-old previous-generation consoles by major competitors, which are already owned by most people interested in buying them” is apparently okay, but “WiiU less desired than iPad” is apparently wrong?

            Same datasets here. Ruling one in and the other out is extremely bad maths.

  • “4. At least it’s not Surface.”
    That could be very different next year if Microsoft come out with a xbox surface tablet to compliment the next xbox, or even just release a software update for the existing one.

    • Surface, mine has been a dream so far

      It does everything I want it to do

      And I personally just prefer Microsoft to Apple

      But I grew up when Apple couldn’t play games, and Android didn’t exist

  • Interesting that the PS3 ranks slightly higher than the 360 there, given it’s a US survey which is one market where the 360 regularly outsells the PS3. Presumably everybody who wants a 360 has got one by now and they’re looking to PS3 as a 2nd console.

  • The 3DS looks pretty screwed from that as well! None of those figures surprise me. What surprises me the most is that Apple TV was even included as an option for kids. And even more that people actually want one.

    I can’t be the only one that feels that I was happier playing with toys when I was 6 than I would be with an iPad.

  • Why does the Surface not come under “Tablet other than iPad”? Could some of those numbers be mixed up because people though that’s what it came under? I’m sure there’s a lot of people waiting for the Pro version with its x86 support too.

    Kinda played out how you’d think though. Older people want the techie stuff, kids want the gaming stuff.

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