Take A Glimpse At Your Likely Video Game Future

Evan's Note: Stumbles aside, the newly released Wii U is already pointing towards one possible future for console video games. And, when it hits next year, the Ouya box might have the power to shift games development and delivery in a yet another direction. It all sounds great, doesn't it? There's just one catch…

How're you going to pay for all of that future-tastic innovation?

Want to see more of Zac's work? Head over to his personal blog and game-themed site Magical Game Time. If you're feeling commercial, you can buy prints and shirts here. He'll be back on Kotaku with a new comic same time next month!


    Animations in comics? WHAT WIZARDRY IS THIS?!?

    Last edited 21/11/12 6:34 pm

      JESUS CHRIST LAMBO! These have been around for ages, what is going on with you!?



        Zac Gorman has been doing amazing animated video game comics FOR AGES and I think he does them for Kotaku too, so they've been featured plenty of times.

        They are mostly Nintendo based though so that's maybe why you missed them :P

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