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    Good Morning Everyone!

      o/ hey frond


      So, how bout dem vidya gaems?

      Hey man! Hope life's treating you good? Have you posted your finished trailer yet?

        No, I was wondering if the commandos in chef wanted me to keep it a secret until its premiere at the screening. But they never respond to me. I think they hat me.

          Hat's such an ugly word. :P Either way, remember to post it when it's ready for public consumption! :D

          I want some free hat. D=

    Good morning folks. Hope your weekends were awesome. Except for you Movie World people – your weekends sounded a little too awesome, so I hope there was karmic mitigation of some sort for you so you can start this week on an even keel.

    DC, you went to a meet. Good on you, mate. For real, I feel a little proud of you, despite having nothing to do with anything :)

      Morning Shane! Thanks, man! :D Hope you had a good weekend too?

        I played a bunch of Saints Row 3. I spend so much time mucking around that I forgot to do the main quests. I have only just beaten Act 1, and have spent almost 20 hours in it. Hmm...

    Morning all. I'd like to share with those of you who I havnt already my joyous tale of how I finally came to find Jesus this weekend.!/100003060174287/timeline/story?ut=54&hash=6971318678580594843&wstart=1349074800&wend=1351753199&ustart&__user=100003060174287

    Hope that link works

      Didn't work, but alerted me to a great video being linked on my own timeline.
      Whedon on Romney. Yep, you must watch it.

        That was awesome

          I love Whedon, but make a point not to ever watch any thing Romney related any more. Angers up the blood. :P

            This one will make you laugh too, at least. It's very, very good, and this is from someone quite disillusioned by Whedon since 2005 :P

              You're right. The man's awesome! That was great!

        Has anyone seen that new Morgan Spurlock doco about ComicCon? Whedon is in that briefly and he is a shining light. He just seems like the most awesome dude.

      Haha, that was terrible. In a good way. Oh, Chris.

      Also, dogs! \o/

        So it works for some then.

    Hey Lambo, I am now the most unco-ordinated of all the TAYbies did you ever walk through/ fall through a glass door? Cause i did yesterday. Speaking of which a dull throbbing in my head all day plus a fairly sore arm means i probably could of skipped work today. Me and my boredom and guilt wouldn't allow it however. So now i am at work at 7.30. WHY DONT I DRINK COFFEE.
    How are you guys doing?

      Why don't you?? Don't you care about Baristas??

        I really never have liked the taste. I prefer tea. Except its also like 30 degrees here at 7.00am so hot drinks aren't the best.

      Oooh ouch, that sounds painful D: You're not too seriously hurt are you?
      I've never been through a glass window or door before. I have slidetackled a screen door once though. Knocked it right off its tracks and bent it a smidgen, just enough to stop it from opening/shutting when we put it back in place. We never got it properly fixed so we just use it like a big window now.

      Ouch. On Friday I slammed into a wall, glasses stabbed into my face. We're all uncoordinated mofos on TAY! :D Hope you're okay too.

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      Ouch! I'm guessing you are OK since you are on TAY typing away but I hurt just thinking about your story.

      Amateur, how many years did that take you? I did that when I was 3 and a bit.
      Although I ran through it at full speed as chasing my brother who thought opening the buffet door as he ran past would be a great way to slow me down


      2 DAYS TO GO


        I've been watching other people play it in Danish on low res so I can't read the subtitles. And skipping cut scenes

          Nooo don't do that!

          Or do. I'm not your boss. But spoilers and whatnot! :P

            AlexPants is right, CJ. You've wrecked it. Too late for AC3 now. Maybe you should just wait for the next game! :P

              Nah I only figured Out one thing the rest of what I've seen I had already been told by ubisoft.

    Good morning! Now that all the fun times at Movieworld Meats are over, we can get back to serious business... whatever that is.

    I have nothing planned for this week. That's... new (but also not really). Have a good week, all!

    Off to final part of job interview. Wish me luck, TAYbies.

      Get that job boy!! What job??

      I thought you'd have pretty good job security.
      Saturdays are pretty high in demand.

      w00! Good luck indeed sire! Hope you nail it!

      Hope my reference secured the position for you :)

      Oh, man! Way to go, Saturday. Here's hoping it all goes your way!

    Virtue's Last Reward does not fix the slow-text problem of many adventure/visual novel style games.

    Gripe grip gripe.

      Can you at least fast forward it if you've read it before? I know Ace Attorney games did this but didn't get a chance to test it out in 999 (I hear it does have it though).

      I understand it's for pacing, and for a lot of people it's not painfully slow, but there's also a lot of people who read quickly and surely it wouldn't be too difficult to include a slider in the options for text speed? >:(

    *In gravelly voice* Previously on TAY!

    Nob’s Movieworld meat write up thingie!

    The day started with me freaking out that I got the wrong time. Then everyone showed up at sometime around 10:05, GOSH GUYS 5 MINUTES LATE. Oh well I guess they were all fashionably late also I GOT TO MEAT DC IN THE FLESH!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a cool guy!!!!! \o/ \o/

    The first stop was the Green Lantern Rollercoaster. The upside down bits were scary but overall it was heaps fun! Second stop was the Batmang Space Launch thingie. it was pretty boring, you go up then you go down … (sarcastic) yaaaaaaaaay. Next up was the Justice League shoot car alien ride thingie-majigie. What you are supposed to do is shoot aliens and score points. At one part of the ride it was supposed to show a movie, instead we saw a Windows desktop screen … yaaaaaay? Oh well I ended up winning because apparently you get bonus points for shooting Superman/Wonderwomen during the final movie/video and that is all that maters. After that, BATMANG!!!!! Arkham Asylum, it was fun, the terrible Harley Quinn impersonation voice was so damn awful but besides that it was fun.

    Strange arrived \o/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After introductions we decided to go on the Scooby Doo ride. Let me tell you, that ride is the most painful ride I have ever gone on. Going to be feeling the bumps and bruisers tomorrow. Next we headed to the Wild Wild West ride or should I say … Wild wild broken ride broken west … something. It was broken okay, at one point I think there was supposed to be a shootout in a town as you rode through it but there was … nothing.


    After lunch we tried to see the Stuntman car show but they ran out of room.
    Strange then decided to leave
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /o\ /o\. We were so overcome by sorrow that we decided to go on the Superman Escape ride. If Movieworld has taught me anything it is this: SUPERMAN IS A DICK. Why do you make us do loops? all you need to do is push us out of the collapsing tunnel /o\

    Superman Escape was the last of the big rides so after we went on: Batmang AA, Green Lantern, Scooby Doo, Green Lantern (Man the queue times were so short on this ride).


    It was fun!!!

      It WAS fun... but WHY DO YOU HAT ME NOB

    Sooooo... I'm in cairns... Never been here before, cairns is a pretty cool guy... Shame I'm only here for today, won't have time to see the place

      Seems like a pretty long flight for just one day. :S Hope you have fun, even if it's work related!

    Monday morning man. What a jerk,

    The bus I have to catch to the station was late so I missed my normal connecting train. Then the next train got delayed. Then it had to wait at another station because of an issue with another train on the line in front of us so I was late for work.

    I'm also incredibly tired. I had to go down to Victoria on the weekend for an old school friends wedding. Only got back in at midnight last night and I was already tired.

    How was your weekend?

      I ran through a sliding glass door.
      So better than usual. You will be okay cake frond you just need some coffee and a good sleep tonight :)

      Hey Cake! Enjoyed reading your wedding tweets on the weekend for what it's worth! Haha!

        I may have taken advantage of the free beer.

          Ah! Liquid courage, how I've missed you! :D

    Morning everyone. Finished Assassin's Creed Revelations on the weekend. It was pretty fun. After hearing some reviews I was expecting something not that great but the game's pretty similar to Brotherhood. The Desmond stuff's not as good in this one though. There's also that Den Defence stuff. I get why people would hate that. Personally I didn't mind it, but it did feel a bit out of place and if you didn't like it I can imagine how it might get annoying. You don't have to do it more than once, but if you're trying to complete everything in the game you'll probably have to unless you play really carefully.

    I also realised while playing, and I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out, that Ezio is essentially a renaissance James Bond.

    Now some rot13 stuff:
    Va gur Qrfzbaq zrzbel fghss lbh svaq bhg ur jnf envfrq jvgu gur Nffnffva'f naq terj hc yrneavat nobhg gur Grzcynef. V bayl raqrq hc haybpxvat sbhe cnegf bs Qrfzbaq'f zrzbel, fb znlor guvf vf pyrnerq hc va n yngre zrzbel, ohg V gubhtug Qrfzbaq xarj abguvat nobhg gur Nffnffva'f bs Grzcynef jura gur frevrf fgnegrq. Jnfa'g gung fghss Yhpl unq gb rkcynva gb uvz va gur svefg gjb tnzrf?

    Fcrnxvat bs Yhpl, V qba'g yvxr ubj ure qrngu jnf unaqyrq. Fur jnf Qrfzbaq'f ybir vagrerfg naq n znva punenpgre sbe guerr tnzrf naq nyy ure qrngu pbzrf qbja gb vf onfvpnyyl, bu, ol gur jnl, Yhpl'f qrnq, gung fhpxf.

    And now some not rot13 stuff. Mark (I think it was him) mentioned the other week in one of his articles that it felt like Assassin's Creed 3 was the swan song of the series. I don't know if I can agree with that. I think it will be the ending of Demond's/the current story arc's story, but I think they're going to keep on making Assassin's Creed games far into the future. Either they'll come up with a new reason for Desmond to explore his ancestors, they'll give us a new character who's exploring their ancestors or they'll just drop the Animus and ancestor thing all together and just straight up set games at different times during history. I also wouldn't be surprised if we saw a game set qhevat gur gvzr bs gur svefg crbcyr or one set in the future (I'm actually thinking there will be a twist were it turns out Demond's life is actually being viewed by one of his descendants using an Animus).

      Nterrq gb nyy gung. Vg frrzf n ovg bss. Zvtug yraq fbzr perqrapr gb lbhe vqrn nobhg na Navzhf-va-na-Navzhf gurbel. N tyvgpu va gur flfgrz creuncf.

      Be znlor gur 'zrzbevrf' va gur Eriryngvbaf Navzhf ner snxr, naq orvat vzcynagrq va uvf oenva. FVAVFGRE.

      V jnf nyfb qvfnccbvagrq nobhg Yhpl'f unaqyvat. Vg jnf fhpu n uhtr zbzrag va Oebgureubbq, naq abj vg cerggl zhpu frrzf yvxr vg arire unccrarq. Ubcvat sbe znffvir cnlbss va NP3, jurer znlor Qrfzbaq jvyy npghnyyl yrnir gur Navzhf.

      On your second rot13 point, check out the DLC. (or just read about it, not a lot of people liked that gameplay) Still poorly handled, but offers some more information.

      In terms of basic mechanics Revelations was the best in the series. Though I assume AC3 is better. It also had by far the best hidde. Tombs and assassin robes. However it lacked length and was short on side quests. Although the assassin recruit missions were very well done. Overall I enjoyed AC:R a lot but it falls under even AC 1 due to an effect I've dubbed the portal effect. (sequel better in every way but lacks initial impact etc)

        No it isn't. That stupid hook thing ruined the flow of the climbing.

          Sped it up. It only looked silly.

    This is one of those weird Monday mornings where I've woken up feeling energetic, but I've been programmed to hate Mondays so I'm conflicted and confused. Mondays are weird. Hope everyone else is doing well.

    I think Sydney needs another meat. It's been a while since we've had a proper one. Doc wants to screen the TAYfilm next Saturday, but he's not sure where. Not doing it in a cinema because of costs now, basically.
    Beyond that we could do something else is everyone is interested. I know I'm kinda keen to get back on those bumper/dodgem cars at Galaxy World at some point...not as exciting as a theme park meat, I know. :P But still fun!

    And a minor Potaku plug - wanna write some for Halloween? Scary games, scary movies, etc? We're keen...also keen for a movie world meat write up if someone wants to do that. With pictures, provided people are okay with their picture being up on a website and whatnot.

      Sydney meat! You guys need to do write-ups, though! Often you've got to piece together your shenanigans on twitter. :P

      Last edited 29/10/12 10:03 am

        There hasn't been a proper Sydney meat for a while now. A few of us have caught up for drinks/food a few times but the last PROPER meat was what...Gorzy/Pyreans housewarming? Or Doc What's birthday.

        We havent had an actual meat in a long time though! Tweets have sufficed for the rest of the stuff :p

    Wrote this up yesterday, figured I should repost for those who don't read weekend TAY!

    I didn't sleep well last night. That's a lie. Truth is, I didn't sleep at all last night. Caught the 7:15 am train this morning and made my way to the city. It has to be said, I thought about aborting the plans a whole damn lot as I got closer-and-closer to the point of no return. Before I knew it I was texting Trjn, meeting the mythical bunny in the flesh and greeting Freya. You got to hand it to these guys, they took my clear awkwardness in their stride, played it cool like crazy. Next up was Sughly, a damn good guy who totally lives up to the hype. The expedition had begun and we were on course for Movie World, site of today's meat. (My first!)

    Before we get to the park stuff these guys will confirm that I asked one-by-one about all the participants. (What's he like? She seems intimidating? Haha!) Every single damn time I put a face to a handle all my idiot fears were crushed. Anyways, we arrived a little after opening time. Things seemed overcast, but not enough to damper any ones enthusiasm. Wasn't long before Ser Nobulus, Freeze, Mrs. Freeze (An awesome lady, Freeze is a lucky man!) and Virus had made their triumphant arrivals. Many awkward "Hey, I'm D.C." hand shakes were exchanged. My mind's running commentary well and truly established and still hasn't ceased. Freya assumed the role of our unofficial leader, effortlessly weaving through crowds on course for our first queue: The Green Lantern.

    This ride was pretty damn awesome and a recent addition to the park. The carriages consist of two rows of four. The track's designed in a way that allows sheer drops and upside down sections without feeling like you've been there, done that. A little short though, no doubt. Crowd pleasing? You better believe it. There's nothing bad to be said about this. (Although an incident later in the day that I'll elaborate on later indicates an employee might be slightly unhinged.) We move onto our next target. The Batwing Space Shot. The queue was a little longer. I got talking with Sughly and the gang. One thing's becoming clear: these guys are awesome. I like them all a whole lot!

    Seems my fellow meaters aren't as impressed with the ride as I am, but I liked it for sure. That feeling as you're lifted into the air and out of your seat is a good one. The only thing stopping you from being catapulted into the heavens is the harness restraining your shoulders. I guess if there's a recurring theme for the day, it's that all the rides are too damn short. Too damn short. :'( Justice League 3D was next. Folks lamented the loss of the Batman motion simulator. I wasn't really fond of this one. You basically shoot targets from a carriage, while wearing 3D glasses. There's a good chance I might be bitter for scoring the lowest out of all the TAYbies on record.

    Whilst all this was going on we were still trying to track down Strange who hadn't arrived yet. Oh, man. I was nervous. The time hadn't come to face that particular fear yet. We checked the queue for Superman Escape, it was already 40 minutes long. (Also, you totally need a locker otherwise you can't ride.) Time for Arkham Asylum's time to shine instead. This is still basically the old Lethal Weapon, only with new carriages. No more slamming your ears into the side like a crazed maniac. Themed around the game we know all too well, except with terrible Harley Quinn impersonations. The ride itself? Great!

    Strange was here. Let's all go see Strange. *D.C. gulps and follows the group.* Oh, man. How awesome is this lady? We shook hands! Took me back to my hand shaking pleasantries from earlier in the day. If she was as nervous as me, she didn't show it! She's got the best damn family too. It was cool seeing her in mum mode. She's a natural! I was too nervous to talk to her for most of the meat, alas. While lining up for the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster we talked briefly about Linda Cardellini, an object of fondness that both Sughly and I shared! (Adventure games AND Linda Cardellini!) I wondered if she thought I didn't care enough to talk to her, believe me this wasn't the case. Just a man frightened. :P

    Talked a lot with Virus, Nobs and Freeze while queueing. What awesome folks. Felt comfortable around them straight away! This ride was great too. I shared a carriage with Nobs. We both clutched onto our wallets as we flailed around like crazy. Ribs being bruised in the process. Fun ride. Good coaster made all the better by being in doors. (Did I mention it was too short?) Afterwards it was time for Wild West Falls. The queue was fairly short, but enough time was shared to strategize plans to not get soaked. (How foolish we were, every damn one of us ended up dripping wet.) I think Mrs. Freeze bought a ride photo too! Strange was smart and decided not to ride, we all staggered out cold but happy.

    Lunch time. Sughly, Nobs, Virus and I lined up for burgers whilst the others got Spanish food nearby. Strange might've poked me in the ribs too! (She also used witch craft, her line moved faster, I tells ya!) I felt especially awkward eating. I felt like I couldn't piece sentences together properly. No one seemed to mind, though. We talked games. It occurred to me that in normal company I'd have to contain my enthusiastic ramblings, but that wasn't neccessary here -- games being something we all love so damn much! Listening to the collective stories, my fondness for the group was further articulated. Good people every one.

    After we ate we thought we'd see the Stunt Show, but missed it. Strange had to go. I thought I missed my chance to talk with her properly, but she gave me an unexpected hug. Made me feel like she could see through the awkwardness. Strange is nice. *shakes fist at Trjn* The group mossied towards Superman Escape, giving into the inevitable and purchasing a locker. We stashed our stuff and lined up for a while. I loved all the weird lining up conversations we went through. Religion. Drinking. This queue had it all! The ride was freakin' spectacular, definitely the best at the park for sure!

    Now we had seen most of the major rides we ended up going on Arkham and Green Lantern again. The group briefly split up. Trjn, Freya and I went on Justice League 3D while the others made their way towards Scooby Doo again. This time I sat next to a random kid. He beat my score. The bitterness at this ride continued to grow. Trjn and Freya opted to catch up with the others at Scooby Doo, while I went on my own for a bit and bought a Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake. (Manly? You better believe it.)

    We eventually all regrouped. Sughly, Nobs and I went on Green Lantern again. The guy seating us for the rides had a bad habbit of slamming the restraints down hard onto our... uh... laps. I think he knew it too. Some of the banter with the other ride operator seemed to indicate the man has had enough. Still, didn't take away from an awesome ride!

    We all said our goodbyes at the gate and went our seperate ways. I miss the gang already.

    Also? If you're a TAY member you should know something. You're awesome!

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      You went to a meet! \o/

      Edited: I did read it all, but the above is what I took away from it.

      Last edited 29/10/12 9:07 am

        You better believe I did! If you end up doing that Gold Coast con next year, we'll have to have a Shane meat!

          That sounds... actually quite violent. In the interest of self-preservation, I should say that I don't think Shane meat would taste very good.

            How about a Shane Shindig? :P

              My poor shins....

              Edit: Also, these days it would have to be called a Shane ShinTheDig

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      "You're awesome!" link doesn't didn't** work!


      Last edited 29/10/12 9:24 am

        Oh, thanks for the heads up! Fixed!

      Glad to hear you had fun :D Sounds like you talked more than I usually do at meats too :P

        We will have a very long and awkward conversation at PAX buddy I PROMISE :P

        Haha! Most of it was awkward rambling, though! You probably only speak when you have words of wisdom that brings everyone to tears. :P

      When I shook your hand I was extremely nervous. It's why I didn't look at you, too. "I've told this guy I think he's he's good looking! He knows! Eek!" :P Also, wasn't sure how you'd react.

      Then when we were lined up for the Scooby coaster I assumed when there'd be these huge gaps between where I was and you were that you may be scared of me so I didn't want to scare you further by talking to you too much. Everyone would have killed me if I was the one who scared you off coming to further Meats!
      Also, I'm sorry I assumed you and Sughly were talking about SMG, I should have known better. :D

      To be honest, I feel bad for not talking to everyone more. I've actually been deaf in my left ear since I had that cold the other week so I didn't want to initiate too much conversation in case I couldn't hear properly. It didn't help that that's the side you were sitting on at lunch. :P

      But mostly the reason I didn't go out of my way to talk to you too much D.C, was because I knew you'd be at other Meats and we'll have plenty of opportunities to talk.

        Now you all know I'm not all that spiffy looking either. Hope that eased the fears a little. :P Oh, man. Was so good meating you. This might be a weird thing to say, but you totally looked younger than most of us too! Haha!

        Whats an SMG?

          Pfffft. Early '00s D.C. would've been shocked. Sarah Michelle Gellar!

      Thanks DC. You're pretty awesome yourself.
      It was so much fun to meet you/hang out with you! hope you come to a ton more meats :D

    You forgot the ride photo link. On purpose? :P

      Gah! Replyfailopus! It's too early on Monday morning for you!

      Bahaha what is Bunny doing?

        He's showing his excitement.

          He looks thrilled.

            So thrilled.

            Did not want to go on that ride. Knew we were going to get soaked and shockingly, we got soaked!

            Me somewhat less so because as soon as we hit the water, I got into the brace position. Most of the water that would have ended up on my ended up on Sughly instead. Dude was dripping.

              Well why did you go on it then.SILLY BUNNY.

                He would have been much uncomfortable if he didn't go on the ride. (It was Freyr's idea)

                  wait for it
                  WHIP NOISE.
                  I tease but if it was me in that situation i would of done the exact same thing. :P

                  I would have been teased for pussing out for months. Months! A few hours of drippy sadness seemed a better price to pay.

          I don't need to see Bunny's excitement this early in the morning.

          Actually I don't need to see that any time of day!

            The excitement isn't his penis. I promise you.

              Don't go making promises you can't keep, Rocketbuddy.

      I hope I don't look like that in day-to-day life. If I do, I might have to knife myself. :P

        Dude, I look like a sleazy Mexican, you have nothing to worry about

          Haha! Ride of the misfits!

      Can someone please front-to-back, left-to-right with names please? I recognise I think two of you. Oddly, I recognise Freeze's wife. Anyway...

        Mrs Freeze, Mr Freeze, Ser Nobulous, D.C., Freyr, Bunbun, Virus and Sughly.

      I think its fair to say Nob enjoyed every ride more than everyone, he always looks so damn happy

        Although I was promised pie! He didn't even bring a pie. The meat was ruined. :P

        Hah, man I felt like a kid all day =D

        It was actually really good, lately I have felt like an old man (my sister who is 5 years younger then me is finishing highschool). Going to Movieworld was perfect to make me feel like a babby again. =D

          I felt weirdly social all day. I even made small talk with someone on the train! :D

          Old man Nob relative to my age (babby years old) but still young overall :D

          You looked super happy all day. It was so great :D

    Morning all!
    My first Nuzlocke run began this weekend in Pokemon White 2, and my first Nuzlocke run ended this weekend too.
    Got my team wiped out at my first gym badge battle, all it took was a few lucky crits and it was all over.

    Fellow Poketaybies, I assume that to Nuzlocke right you need to grind a lot more huh?

      Grinding and Nuzlocke go together like... two close things. B2W2 would actually be incredibly difficult to Nuzlocke, considering that trainer/wild pokemon levels are consistently high throughout the entire thing (unlike HGSS or something where they're very low).

      If you're going to try again, good luck!

        Oh I'm trying again alright, my team must be avenged! :)

      oh no! I couldn't do that. I can't even handle it when anyone on my xcom team dies. Even the ones that are useless and I say I'm going to kill on team speak. I still re load if they die. (so apparently I'll have to try ironman mode at some point)

      Its all about overtraining. So those lucky crits dont wipe you out. My nuzlocke run that i have started all my pokes are 5-8 levels above everyone else. It needs to be that way. Especially with rivals or gyms.

      werewolflicks! Halloween theme handles or something I've missed? :P

        And Zombalen! I never noticed D:

        Looks like we have an incoming TAY trend!

        Yeah heaps of folk on twitter are doing it so I thought bugger it lets get all halloweeny up in dis sucka :)


    OK, so some of you may remember me having a bit of a rant on the weekend about security licencing and that I now had to chose between going straight to a $300 course today after finishing 7 days of night shift at 0600 this morning or do it next month but probably be out another $400 dollars on top of the $300.

    Well apparently that decicion was taken out of my hands as the place I intended to do the course has up and moved without updating their web site. I spent 30 min driving out west to discover the place abandoned. I tried calling the number of the lady I'd been talking to last week even though she probably wouldn't be in yet. Apparently that number has been disconnected.

    Tried their head office number several times no answer.

    So then I had to spend over an hour driving back home in peak hour traffic all for nothing.

    One the bright side at least I get to go to sleep soon.


      That sucks gorzy it sounds like you might have to find a different place to do your licensing. Wheres Pyrean at these days did he move to QLD to continue his steamy love affair?

        It's the licensing laws that are causing the major problem. I Just happened to know this one was doing the course I needed before the end of the month when new laws come into effect that basically means stuff I've already done and paid for doesn't count and I have to redo them again even though they were a big waist of time and money the first time as I didn't learn a single thing I didn't already know. There was barely anything covered that even had anything to do with work.

        I'm assuming Pyrean is back upstairs in his room. I don't know though. I'm guessing I'll find out tonight.

          Sucks buddy hope you can find a place to do them before new laws and shit. Retraining is a bitch. a ugly whore who should never show her face. I hope Pyrean didn't get axe murdered by his Lady Frond. That would be a little sucky.

          I assume you can't get work to cover the cost?

      Oh, man. That's damn irritating!

      What sort of security? Private security or installations and hardware?

    Soo Mark, where is this Android vs Ipad from a gaming perspective article? I need some help deciding where to spend my money.

      HEY, YOU SHOULD BUY A NOKIA. My answer to all kinds of what should I buy questions, be it for phones, laptops, bathtubs, cheeses, furniture or fast food franchises. :P


    So I did this to my laptop on the weekend.

    Turns out that iPhones are capable of doing quite a bit of damage, even with glancing blows.

      Ouch, how did you manage that?

        Laptop was on my bed, open. Lightly tossed my phone in the direction of my bed. Managed to clip the screen.

        At first, I wasn't even sure that I had hit it.

          This is proof right here, that machines can bleed and humans can be tried for machine torture :P

      This demands a full explanation...
      Why were you throwing iphones (I fully support the throwing of iproducts btw)?

      Not so bad. You should try and turn that blue into red, though. It would look pretty awesome, and then you could rent the machine out as a zombie-flick prop. At the moment, it would only suit a Smurf-zombie-flick (which incidentally, should exist but doesn't)

      Edit: also meant to say: that sucks. Hope it doesn't cost too much to repair/replace. Any way you can stiff your work for the bill? Creative solutions \o/

      Last edited 29/10/12 10:03 am

    Morning everyone. Weekend was good put too short as usual....
    Back to the daily grind (kind of like all the Dailies in WoW but without the instant rewards)

    Update on the Job front - The HR lady called me last week just to tell me that they "haven't forgotten about me". This is good not just because they haven't forgotten but also that they bothered letting me know. It's much better treatment than I expected from such a big international company.
    I think that because of this, the interview might be just a formality, (fingers crossed) but also a good opportunity for me to find out more about the position. My biggest issue is that I'll be driving 4 times further everyday, into the city and over the west-gate. The commute may well be a nightmare. First world problems I know but getting myself to and from there will have a considerable extra cost compared to now.

      yeah i will admit i have turned down jobs due to the commute. I figure unless its paying enough more than my current place to cover travel costs there isnt much point. Add to that its only a 30 minute drive to my work currently. But to go to the west would take me probably 1.5-2.5 hours in peak hour.

        Yeah. I susspect the pay will be pretty much spot on what I'm getting now, however it's a foot in the door to the defence industry (I'm an engineer *in a ralph wiggum voice*) and thus my dilemma.
        And of course there is always the problem of not really know if you're going to like a job before you actually do it.

    Like Puppylicks above, I attempted my first Nuzlocke run on the weekend, and likewise, mine ended in tragedy.

    I played on FireRed, because I wanted to play through something with the original 151 Pokemon in it.
    I started by choosing Bulbasaur as my starter, who I nicknamed BulbousOar. I was very tempted to pick Charmander because I love Charizard, but I figured that if I didn’t have really good luck with Pokemon capturing, the first gym could very well destroy my team.

    The first time I stepped onto Route 1, I encountered a Pidgey. I had no Pokeballs, so I had no choice but to knock it out and continue on. When I reached Vermillion City, I bought some Pokeballs and headed out to the route that leads to victory road. I encountered a Mankey straight away, whittled its health down and hurled a Pokeball at it. I caught it, and because I dreamed of him evolving and becoming a giant furious ape, I named him Nick Fury after one of the biggest badasses in the Marvel universe.

    We then travelled to Route 2, where I ran into a level 2 Pidgey. I caught her, and named her Gidgey. Gidgey the Pidgey. We travelled into the Vermillion Forest, and ran into a level 4 Weedle. I caught him, and because he looked a bit like a doodle, I named him Longjohn.

    Longjohn, Nick Fury and BulbousOar got me through the Vermillion Forest relatively unscathed. I barely used Gidgey. There were a few close calls. One happened when a trainer’s Weedle poisoned poor Nick Fury and I had no Antidotes in my pack. I had one potion left in my bag, and had to race back to the Pokemon Centre to heal Nick Fury of poison before he died. I reached the counter of the Pokemon Centre with 3HP left to spare. I then bought a bunch of Antidotes and Potions, just in case.

    We levelled up a fair bit in Vermillion forest, but I figured I’d be able to get through the Pewter Gym match with BulbousOar’s Vine Whip. BulbousOar was only level 10 when I challenged Brock, and was level 12 by the end of the battle. I walked out of the gym victorious, with my shiny new badge. I then went out and challenged trainers on Route 3 on the way to Mt Moon.

    Gidgey the Pidgey died to an errant critical hit from a Caterpie. I mourned her loss, but I was determined to continue on. Longjohn evolved in a Kakuna and then subsequently Beedrill as we fought through the trainers. It was unfortunate then, when I came across a trainer with a level 14 Spearow. My BulbousOar was only level 13 at that point, and the rest of my surviving Pokemon were weak against flying. The combination of Peck and Leer were enough to destroy my entire team, ending my Nuzlocke run barely an hour and a half after it had begun.
    There’s only one thing left to do. Pick myself up, and start again.

      Ouch! Perhaps go with Squirtle next time! haha (You'll be able to catch a Diglett before the third gym anyway!)

      Charmander is much more viable in FR/LG, as it learns Iron Claw at 16 (iirc). That's still a bit of grind before 1st Gym, but you'll decimate Rock types.

        Oh man. Definitely trying Charmander next time. If I manage to get a Mankey with Low Kick/Karate Chop as well, that would be awesome.

      Nuzlocke 2012. Never forget.

      I had built a fine team of a Snivy named Liquid, a Patrat named Alan, A Sewaddle named Jub-Jub and a Psyduck named Dali. I was trying to keep them all on an even level, I even included the low level Alan on a battle with Hugh and she (yes Alan is a girl) gained three levels.

      Then after helping Hugh chase down a lost Herdier Alan took a stray critical hit from a trainer and dropped on the spot. I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye.

      I felt I could endure from this loss, but in hindsight I think the team was too young to go through such hardship unscathed. We carried on with our quest and took on the first Gym leader.

      I lost Jub-Jub to one of the apprentice trainers, and then my level 12 Liquid and my Level 9 Dali took on Cheren and his level 14 Lillipup.

      Several leers and tackles later and my quest was over.

      Nuzlocke 2012. Never forget.

      I think it's fair that the "first Pokemon per area" rule doesn't apply until you have Pokeballs. That's the way we played in HG/SS so feel free to go back to Route 1 and catch dem Pokes.

      I had a close call with the Poison thing but I forgot Pokemon can't die from Poison outside of battle in later Gens, definitely a life saver!

      Good luck to you and PLicks in your next runs :D, keep the logs coming!

        Cheers, hopefully my next update will be a log and not a postmortem ;P

    Morning Peons! Weekend was utterly delightful. So many games played!
    Got in a decent chunk of time on the Hawken Beta. Now it has not NDA, i can say this game is fantastic. If you were on twitter this morning you would have seen a multi use code for the beta, so get on that stuff.

    Also re installed LoL for the first time in ages. Now i have never played this game much, but it is really fun. I get pwned for the most part. But with 12 kills only 8 deaths, and 2 towers to my name., i think thats not bad for a noob.


      ZUG ZUG!

      Also, Rocketman gave Ruffleberg a bit of coaching in LoL over the weekend, maybe you should ask him if you want some guidance on how you should play the way you want to play. I would offer myself but I'm on recall so no LoL for a week :'(

        Yeah not sure how much coaching will help me. I did some research on builds for the characters i use, which has helped a bit. Master Yi can really do some damage with the right spec. Actually got a double kill with him, and still have over half my health left. Couldn't believe that one.

          Master Yi is very situational, since stuns or supresses can make him from hero to zero in less than a few seconds. He's awesome for pure damage on AP or AD, but that weakness is really hard to get past. I think I've Quadra kill'd with him before :P

            Yeah that doesn't surprise me. I do prefer either ranged, or tank style characters. But still getting my head around them all. I know in most fantasy/rpg type games im normally some form of spell caster, so will prob try and find a nice ranged character to use.

              Plenty of champions to try and they rotate every week on Tuesdays so you got lots of time to find which ones fit you best :)

                im just too impatient with it. And I struggle with games that lock me in for so long in one match. Usually because the wife will want me to do something for her right in the middle of a game changing tide, and yeah. tend only really to play when she is either out, or in bed.

      You couldn't resist the allure of pandas?

        haha no no, i have not bought the kung fu pandas yet. And may not. haven't decided yet. Just playing with a couple of friends. Im still in the BC areas, so no hurry for me to get pandas.

      Hawken is a pretty cool guy.
      Reckon they need to up the amount of blue points (can't remember the name) you get from matches tho; seems like it will take waaay too long to get enough to buy even one basic upgrade for one mech.

        Well it is F2P so they do want you to work for your gear. But I would be surprised if they didnt tweak the earning rate just a little bit.

          Yeah just a little more so it actually feels like you are making progress, so it doesn't feel like you HAVE to pay money to get anywhere. Because that makes it seem pay to win which puts people off playing it at all.

            Well having had the chance to use some of the "better" weapons/mechs/gear. i can say that none of them are unbalanced. You can still take someone on who has super expensive gear with your basic assault mech.

      Yeah I tried multiple times but I simply could not get into a single Hawken match :(
      Ended up finishing Deus Ex and Portal 2 co-op instead. Scratch two games off my pile of shame! :)

        Yeah took me a LOT of time getting into servers, but once i found one from the list i could join, i was able to stay in it for at least a few matches before it lost connection. Think i managed to get at least 20 games in.

      Bah I tried all the codes - twitter, google +, reddit and none of them work anymore =(

      Yeah Hawken is great fun. I get some minor lag issues but that is to be expected. Hopefully we can get some local server hosting.

        yeah im sure in time they'll be able to make some asia pacific servers. At the moment, they still are struggling with getting the servers running consistently. and they are pushing those boundaries as much as they can to see just what is required before December. Also hope they get the latency listed on the servers sooner rather than later too.

          At the moment I just wish the server browser was a bit more functionable. Currently cannot exclude full or empty servers or see ping. But hey it is still one of the best mech games I have played in years. Though I have not had the chance to check out Mechwarrior yet.

            i prefer hawken, as its more fastpaced, which is more my style.

            But yeah, at the moment they have disabled the match making to test the server list side of things. So you will find finished product will work much better with the ability to use match making.

    morning all.
    so very tired. but coffee soves that.

      Morning! Your user name made me do basic maths. I resent you for that. :P

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