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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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    So how is everyone today? Since I live in Victoria tomorrow is Cup Day, meaning that almost everybody at work has taken today off. I don’t have the leave to take off (I spent it all on a Hong Kong Christmas :D) so I’m still here though, so I have dubbed today “Victorian Zero F*cks Day”!

    • Yeah, I established that there’s all of about 2 people left in the office today. I was feeling lazy so 4 day weekend it is.

    • I’m at work today, too, buddy.
      How amusing is this, though – My work is part of a massive Burbank complex with a nice big parking lot for all their staff and the surrounding factories – My car is the only car in the entire lot.
      Mannnn i feel like such a sucker πŸ™

  • Good morning everyone. How were your weekends? Mine was okay. I played a lot of Saints Row the Third – now control all of Stillwater, and have completed Act 2. I did a bit of creative work for Pez which I won’t elaborate on for now, but it’s something I’ve neglected for a couple of weeks, so it felt pretty good to get back into it. And my son was baptised, so we had a big family do which was quite nice (despite having family everywhere).


    Anyone want uPlay PC codes for:
    – From Dust x1
    – Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands x2
    – Advanced Warfighter 2 x2
    – NCIS x2

  • Played AC3 for most of the weekend. The bulk of which was spent slaughtering poor innocent wildlife.

    Also, anyone with the bonus dlc weapons and missions for this game, when can you access this stuff?
    I could have sworn it said during sequence 6, but I cannot find any of the weapons or missions.

  • On the weekend we bought my son a t-shirt that mimics Woody from Toy Story’s outfit. He wants to wear it all the time and cried when I told him it was dirty and had to be washed.

    • Addendum to this: I’ve just returned from taking my daughter up to the place where she gets a lift on days she takes her bass clarinet to school. The first thing my son when we opened the lady’s car door was “I’ve got a Woody shirt!” even though he wasn’t wearing it. πŸ˜€

      He also was giving the most awesome running commentary on things on the way home. Here’s a sample: “There’s ants on that dog poo. Ants like dog poo. They especially like eating it.” “I can cross the road because I have shoes on. You need shoes to cross the road don’t you, Mummy?” “That’s where the stingy bitey ants live, Mummy. Just like on Deadly 60. There’s animals on Deadly 60. Like cheetahs.” My son is great company. πŸ˜€

  • Morning Fronds,

    I cave into TAY (/ TS) marketing and bought FTL. Man that game us frustratingly addictive. I wil get through like 3 systems no problem then some ship will fire 3 missiles at me all at once and bring all my ship’s systems down. Yet defeat after defeat I still jump straight back in.

    How was everyone’s weekends?

    • The feeling you get when you beat the final boss for the first time… it was so glorious and it still is every time I finish it.
      Still can’t finish one normal playthrough yet, hence why no captain’s logs :). Have patience all, I’m working on it!

          • My tactics: Engine upgrades, and then shields and weapons and drones. Max shields, multiple weapons and an offensive drone to take down their shields and various weapons ASAP is key to winning the battle. If you try to outlast them, you will get smashed. You need the upper hand, and you need it fast.

    • I got through stage 1 and 2 of that battle and took no damage, and still almost got totally smashed in the final battle. It’s a really rough spike.

  • Mornin’ all!
    So I’ve managed to drag Cakesmith into War of the Roses, so he, Jocon and I ended up having some pretty great matches that were only slightly marred by the servers having a fit every 40 minutes…

    Also, as I was typing this a rather large female teacher who was walking through the library I’m currently in let out a huge fart. I don’t think she knew I was here till after I burst out laughing.

    And then I found 10 smells.

  • Morning all,
    I decided to teach my back lawn a lesson, so I tackled it from my roof on Friday arvo, put it in its place….
    On a side note, I my wrist, neck, back, face and chest have been caning all weekend…

    Tis a mystery!

    Not a whole heap of gaming happened though (extreme sad faced panda). But I did manage to continue my XBLA Perfect Dark play through.

    • …you face planted off the roof, didn’t you?
      You are not a flower and you should stop trying to be one. No more planting yourself in the lawn.

      • Well, I did try to jazz it up, but yeah, ladder I was stepping onto sunk into wet ground causing me to face plant the ground.

        I like my re-telling better though….

    • Channelling the spirit of Macho Man Randy Savage again huh?
      May he live on within all of us.


      • Got a bit of skin off on the face, swollen forehead, bruises on several limbs, 60% use of left hand, stiff neck/shoulders, bruised right foot (big toe is almost black). Nothing is broken that I can tell, the roof isn’t that high, maybe 2 meters ish, and I landed on grass, which was probably a good thing!

  • Morning. So I caved and bought an Xbox 360 console yesterday. Star Wars console bundle clearance at Harvey Norman Online! Halo 4, here I come!

  • Monday Morning Happiness Post!

    So this weekend I’m taking my wife up to Brisbane for her birthday on Friday and Saturday night, staying in one of the Mantra hotels and taking her to see Potted Potter, and probably check out Supernova as well. I cleared my days off 3 months ago but the last roster update had me working those days. I keep mentioning to my area manager about it and he keeps being evasive about giving me an answer. Which is greatly upsetting me. Either give me the days off or just say no so I can cancel and get my money back. Which he won’t. I have this feeling I’m going to be stuck working with too little notice to get any money back. Why he has to play these stupid fucking games with everybody I have no idea. Made me that angry and stressed about it I’ve been up pacing the house for a few hours now.

    Wait, that wasn’t very happy was it?

    • =(

      That sucks man, it pisses me off when managers are indecisive and evasive. I’m asking you a question about my workload and it is YOUR job to answer questions about my workload.

    • 1) Put it in writing now, in an email to him. Say that you want to know whether you can have the days off, and that you will suffer financial penalties if you don’t get an answer. This puts you in a better position to file a claim against them if they choose to revoke your leave (as you have already had these days cleared, it might be possible to reclaim some of your lost money and put in for overtime, etc).

      2) I don’t actually have a two to put here. Not sure why I numbered these paragraphs, actually…

      EDIT: 3) Keep his name and get his licence plate number so you’re ready for him when you’re poe-lease.

    • I’m pretty sure if you ask for the time off in advance they aren’t allowed to say no – especially if you provide it in writting.

    A few things today;

    It was indeed most excellent movie! Absolutely loved it, but at the same time was very different, in some ways, to what i was expecting. It was certainly a lot more confronting in some parts.
    But dat ending… mmmhhmmm..
    V jnf ubcvat sbe n ovg bs n unccvyl rire nsgre fpranevb, ohg v tbg fbzrguvat fb zhpu zber erjneqvat va gur raq, va n jnl. V guvax vg jnf terng gb frr gur lbhatre irefvba fbeg bs fgbc guvaxvat nobhg uvzfrys naq oybj uvzfrys njnl sbe gur terngre tbbq.
    Nyfb, qbfr envaznxre cbjref!
    Nyfb, ybfvat yvzof fcbagnarbhfyl jbhyq or uryy-fpnel!
    V’z abg fher jurgure v yvxrq gur jnl gurl gerngrq gur gvzr yvar fb… ybbfryl. Gurl frrzrq gb bayl znxr vg nf gubhtu fbzr pregnva guvatf jrer nssrpgrq nf gb nqinapr gur cybg yvar, engure guna tbvat gbb qrrc jvgu vg. V’z thrffvat vg jnf zber sbe gur sybj bs gur zbivr. V xabj rirelgvzr v guvax bs gvzr geniry fghss vg znxrf zl urnq vzcybqr.

    Secondly – I watched me some NFL on saturday and it was a DAMN good game too. This prompted me to bust out Madden NFL10 on the PS3, which i haven’t really taken time to play yet. Mannnn it is AMAZING the detail they put into that game, and even more amazing how much i suck at it and the whole spatial awareness team. Also, my stupid Dolphins are, apparently, a sucky team these days πŸ˜› I did manage to score some pretty awesome TD’s, though, even though i ultimate lost both games i played. Mannnnnn NFL is one hell of a complex game and it’s going to take a while to get an idea of what to do when.

    Thirdly – Getting closer to wrapping up SR2 now. Thank goodness. I don’t know whether to spend tomorrow finishing it up or just go hard on the painting.

    LASTLY – I bought EA Sports Active 2 for PS3!! Got it for $25 from Jb Hi-Fi complete with all the crazy motion sensors and heart rate monitors. I’m determined to lose some weight, and i can’t justify paying for gym access. They are just so costly and i usually don’t have the time to attend.
    I’m really looking forward to checking this out tonight – it’s actually meant to be pretty good. I have always been REALLY pessimistic in relation to these ‘fitness games’ – but i’ve swallowed my pride and decided to give it a shot… I’m thinking of maybe keeping a running journal.. Thoughts?

    How is everyone else!? πŸ˜€

    • ‘sup Loops! I loved Looper too. The best thing to do in time travel predicaments is not think too hard about it, otherwise the headaches begin and then you’re a lost cause! πŸ˜€

    • With Looper

      V jnf rkcrpgvat n pbzcyrgryl qvssrerag zbivr, V rawblrq vg naq gubhtug vg jnf jryy qbar, ohg abg jung V jnf rkcrpgvat. Gur raqvat jnf n ovg gungf nyy? Ernyyl? V whfg jngpurq nyy guvf fb gung pbhyq unccra? Gur gvzr geniry ovg vexrq zr n yvggyr, ohg gurl qvq xrrc ersrerapvat ubj gurl qba’g obgure rkcynvavat nalguvat nobhg vg nf vg jvyy znxr lbhe urnq rkcybqr (be jung rire Wrss Qnavryf gnyxf nobhg), vgf zber yvxr lrnu, guvf jbeyq unf gvzr geniry, pnhfr ernfbaf.

      N tbbq zbivr, jryy qbar va fbzr cynprf, pbhyq frr gur raqvat n zvyr bhg (GX vf fuvg, n cneybe gevpx….. OBBZ!), abg rabhtu gvzr geniry, rawblnoyr whfg qba’g tb va rkcrpgvat n eha tha gvzr geniry npgvba zbivr, pnhfr vgf abg!

      • Lrnu, jura gurl jrer tbvat ba nobhg ubj GX jnf ehoovfu v cerggl zhpu xarj gur Envaznxre jbhyq or n GX fhcreornfg, naq nf fbba nf gurl qvqa’g fubj gur xvq fgenvtug njnl v jnf yvxr “envaznxre xvq vf tbvat gb shpx fbzr fuvg hc”, juvpu nyfb unccrarq. yby
        V yvxrq gur raqvat, ohg v nterr, vg jnf n ovg bs n yrg qbja ng gur fnzr gvzr. V jnagrq gb xabj zber nobhg jung jbhyq unccra arkg. V zrna whfg orpnhfr ur’f qrnq qbrfa’g zrna gurl ner fgvyy fnsr – gur bayl onq thlf gung tbg xvyyrq jrer gur tngzra…
        Ohg lrnu, vg’f n jubyr ybg bs fghss gung whfg uhegf lbhe urnq vs lbh gel gb gvr vg nyy gbtrgure.
        V jbhyq yvxr gb frr n frdhry srnghevat gur envaznxre, gubhtu. V ernyyl yvxrq gur frggvat naq ngzbfcurer naq v’q yvxr gb frr zber bs vg.

        • Noooo, I think you guys are starting to lose the point of the film a little bit. I think it’s not meant to be so much about time travel action comic book stuff as it is talking about how a person changes, and also how everyone kind of has their own agendas to achieve happiness, etc. I loved it. Focussing too much on plot rather than character here dudes.

    • Spoilercypher?
      V qba’g frr jul ur qvqa’g oybj bss uvf unaq, znxr Oehpr Jvyyvf qebc gur tha.

      Be careful with fitness games. I played UFC Trainer on kinect one warm day. Milk was a bad choice.
      Projectile vomit into the bathroom door (so close, yet so far) is quite funny, according to my sister.

      • unununun – orpnhfr gung jbhyq unir znqr frafr!
        Jung v jnag gb xabj vf jul gur uryy vg gbbx uvz fb ybat gb pngpu hc jvgu oehpr jvyyvf.
        Ur gbbx bhg gur naablvat qbhpur-ont thl cerggl dhvpxyl naq rira QEBIR nsgre uvz. OEHPR JNF BA SBBG!

        • Gurl yrnea gb eha snfg va gur shgher.
          Ur nyfb pbhyq unir whfg gubhtug nobhg abg xvyyvat gur jbzna, fb gura uvf shgher frys jbhyq xabj abg gb fubbg ure, naq vg nyy jbhyq unir orra svar.

          • But but… gung qbrfag rira znxr frafr! Gur jubyr cbvag jnf gung ol gur gvzr ur jnf Oehpr Jvyyvf ur unq tbar guebhtu n jubyr yvsr bs rkcrevrapr, naq cneg bs gung jnf terng urnegnpur. Nf vs gur lbhatre frys pbhyq rira haqrefgnaq gung! Lbh pnag whfg gnyx lbhefrys bhg bs gung rkcrevrapr.

          • Ohg vs ur fcrag gur 30 lrnef xabjvat gung fubbgvat gur zhz jbhyq erfhyg va uvf jvsr’f qrngu, jura gur gvzr pnzr, ur jbhyqa’g fubbg gur zhz, naq gur jvsr jbhyqa’g qvr. Fb ur jbhyqa’g unir ernfba gb fubbg gur zhz.

            I also thought that last word was velociraptor. That would have made an even more interesting time travel mechanic.

          • Lrf ohg, ur pbhyq arire tebj gb orpbzr byq Oehpr va n fpranevb jurer fur qbrfag qvr gb ortva jvgu. Ur jbhyq tebj univat ure orra fubg, fb ur jbhyq fgvyy tb guebhtu gur rkcrevrapr bs ure qvrvat va uvf gvzr. Vg’f fgvyy gur cbvag bs yvivat jvgu gung.

            EDIT: Vg jnf n fvzcyre naq aboyre guvat gb gnxr uvzfrys bhg bs gur rdhngvba, naq chg gur unccvarff bs rirelbar ryfr svefg.

          • Ur ybfg zrzbevrf gur yrff yvxryl uvf (Oehpr’f) shgher jnf gb unccra. Uvf cnfg rkcrevraprf qrcraqrq ba jung unccrarq va gur zbivr. Fb vs ur jnf fyvtugyl yrff yvxryl gb fubbg ure, ur jbhyq unir unq fyvtugyl yrff vapragvir gb fubbg ure, juvpu jbhyq unir znqr uvz yrff yvxryl gb fubbg ure, fb ba.

            Gur zbeny bs gur fgbel vf: gvzr geniry vf gbb pbashfvat, naq V fubhyqa’g gel gb hfr zl oenva jura V tb gb gur pvarzn.

          • OHG gur cbvag orvat gung, ur jbhyqir tebja hc univat gur xvq orpbzr onq, jub jbhyq fgvyy genpx uvz qbja yngre gb xvyy uvz, naq gnxr njnl jungrire unccvarff urq perngrq sbe uvzfrys, rira vs vg jnfag ure. Lbher evtug vg vf nznmvatyl pbashfvat, ohg fgvyy, V ernyyl yvxrq gur abgvba bs rirelbar ybbxvat bhg sbe gurve bja unccvarff, naq gung fubhyq or gur bireevqvat snpgbe urer – gung ur jnf oenir rabhtu gb tvir hc uvf sbe rirelbar ryfr.

    • Looper took a Doctor Who approach to time travel; that is “It’s complicated. Moving on!” which was sorta nice. It resulted in a few questioning moments, but the brilliant thing about that is you question it, then yourself, then understand why they did what they did, accept it, and move on.

  • Morning peeps, Had an awesome weekend.

    For those non twitter of you, I made a BondiPizza. This is a pizza themed on a Bondi Burger from Oporto and it was awesome. Oporto Chilli sauce, home made base with sesame seed crust, drizzle of Mayo, chicked breast and cheese… So awesome.

    AND I have decided to get a PS1 and play point blank all over again. I have an old PSOne but after cleaning it up over the weekend it doesn’t work. So I need to track down a new one. Gametraders or some guy off gumtree has one for $25 but if any Sydney TAYbies have an old PSOne (or PSX I guess) I may take it off your hands for a similar sum? Or a game trade or something?

    Also if anyone has any G-Gon 45’s or Point blank/time crisis games for pPS1 let me know. I can get them pretty cheap but i’d be happy to but from any of you guys for the same price if you want?

    Can’t wait to get these games going again.. to laugh at the graphics but to LOVE that game(gun) play!

  • Morning TAY!

    At work on a day that should really be a public holiday in VIC. Seriously, there was NO traffic on the road this morning as everyone takes a long weekend with the Melbourne cup on tomorrow. Going to be a long ass day.

    Didnt play much games on the weekend as i was in the sticks for a party. Twas fun to dress up and behave like a fool with puppylicks, danmazkin and deltaphoenix (not sure if leo uses that tag on here, or if he even uses tay)

    I did go back and play blops 1, man, that game…..i still dont know how i feel about it 2 years on.

  • Back to the old handle. I’ll miss AlexPranks. He was pretty alright.

    I pretty much spent all weekend playing ACIII. Very, very conflicted on it. Certainly enjoyed it though.

    I forgot to do that ‘here’s what you missed on Potaku’ thing last week and I fear it might be a bit annoying on a Monday morning, so I’ll just say a lot of stuff went up and it’s all worth reading so you should check it out if you haven’t, dammit. Rocketman wrote something really nice, I thought.

    And now, assignments! Because it’s my last week at uni and them deadlines have crept up…

  • GOOD MORNING TAY!!!! Hope everyone is well….

    I feelyour pain, im at work today too, will hang around for a couple more hours to see if im going to stay or go home… its pretty dead….

    Anyway, heres a video that will make your monday morning! in case my link doesnt take you to the 4:11 mark, skip to it!

    it is definetely safe for work, however i cant guarantee you wont pee yourself laughing…..

    37 seconds of pure awesome πŸ™‚

  • Morning TAY.
    Just one day left until people get excited in the nether regions about horses running around a track.
    I dunno, maybe horse racing just isn’t my thing…

  • You know what Greenmang, you’re all right when you’re not spawning squids everywhere. Thanks for the login tip thingie.

  • Sup TAY. I’m actually posting on here for once rather than just Twittering because I’m one of the few people left in the office and therefore am having a slack day. So, with that Good Morning!

    SO, my plan other than doing a bit of work and stuff today is to scour the interwebs for any mention of Halo 4 breaking street date, because I’ve gone from *zero-f*cks* to *full-hype* within a single week.

  • Howdy Tayberinos!

    I spent all my weekend recovering from tradeshow, which translates to stabbing redcoats. I also realised last night that due to a combination of socialising, being away from home, and being too tired to cook when I got back, I’d not eaten a home cooked meal in nine days.

    Hold your applause for my nutrition.

    So a Monday Morning Question (TM): What food from a game have you always wanted to try? I’ve always assumed that MGS rations must be really good for you, and I’d love a super-mushroom pizza. Yourselves?

  • Last night I was playing Theatrhythm (which, by the way, my son calls “Final Fantasy To The Rhythm”) and said to myself “I’ll just finish this song and then I’ll go and make dinner”. Gur fbat chg zr bire gra gubhfnaq juvpu fcehat n fhecevfr obff onggyr ba zr naq nsgre V qrsrngrq Punbf gur perqvgf ebyyrq.

    Needless to say, dinner was a little late. πŸ˜›

    Also, Sir Greenius…I remembered that my answer to your question in old-TAY about amazing older games discovered this year is ‘999’.

  • was too busy eating the finished product to tweet.. but posted a shot. My actual finiahed product was blurry so didn’t work out well, so that one will have to do.


    I hurt my arm over the weekend, so I’ve entered full on whinge mode. Feels like I’ve got a bruise on my shoulder or something. I didn’t even do anything, either! I was just playing PokΓ©mon very vigorously for like… 5 hours πŸ˜›

    Also, my save file for The Walking Dead is corrupt D: Won’t let me resume my progress at all. I’m very sad, now. I don’t really want to have to start again, but at the same time I kind of do… Maybe I’ll just wait until Episode 5 comes out and start over. Maybe this time instead of making decisions based on what I would do, I’ll play a total asshole character “Oh? You want some food, Clementine? TOO BAD *snarfs it down*” (implying ‘what I would do’ isn’t an asshole character already)

    Oh, and XCOM finally finished downloading at 1:30am last night. It only took 30+ hours to download πŸ˜›

    I’ve got my second wind! I was pretty disappointed in the post-game story of White 2, but surprisingly enough the Medals are what encouraged me to keep going! I’m going to try and get all the medals for beating the Elite 4 with a single-typed team. Working on a Normal type team now in Clefable, Snorlax, Porygon-Z, Ambipom, Ursaring and Braviary. Also, if anybody wants a Porygon for no reason at all, I have 93 of them in my game… It took me that long to hatch a Modest Porygon :\

  • Cabin in the Woods observations:

    Definite spoilers, don’t read unless you’ve seen the movie!

    — Abar bs gur grrantref jrer cnffnoyr nf grrantref. Unun! V xabj gung’f nyzbfg gur cbvag, fngver bs ubeebe zbivrf naq gur yvxr. Whfg guebjvat vg bhg gurer!

    — Fhpu n sernxva’ terng pnfg. Oenqyrl Juvgsbeq sebz Gur Jrfg Jvat svgf vagb gur Jurqba ‘ibvpr’ cerggl qnza jryy. Pbby frrvat Evpuneq Wraxvaf sebz Fvk Srrg Haqre naq Nzl Npxre sebz Natry urer gbb.

    — Qrsvavgryl abg gur xvaq bs zbivr gung arrqf n frdhry ng nyy, lrg bar gung unq gur zrnaf gb jvgu nyy gubfr penml gevaxrgf va gur onfrzrag. Boivbhfyl vg nva’g tbaan unccra, ohg gur yber bs nyy gubfr bowrpgf unf zr vagevthrq!

    — Nyzbfg srryf yvxr vg’f na rkgrafvba bs gur Ohssl-irefr, jung jbhyq unccra vs nyy gur zlgubybtl jnf riraghnyyl pbagnvarq naq pbagebyyrq. Jnf ernyyl na njrfbzr cerzvfr.

    — Gur Wncnarfr sbbgntr jnf nznmvat! V ybirq jura gurl inadhvfurq gur qrzba, ubyqvat unaqf naq fvatvat. V ynhturq. Nyy gur Wncnarfr ubeebe vzntrel jnf terng.

    — Gur fgenvtug hc ubeebe fghss va gur jbbqf jnf nyy xvaqf bs sha gbb. V ernyyl yvxrq gur svar yvar vg jnyxrq orgjrra frevbhf naq shaal.

    — Raqvat nyzbfg whzcrq gur funex whfg n yvggyr ovg. Abg rabhtu gb ehva gur zbivr, punbf jnf terng va n jnl, ohg pbhyq’ir orra n yvggyr zber haqrefgngrq. Unun!

    — Fvtbhearl sernxva’ Jrnire. Rabhtu fnvq!

    • Lrnu V ernyyl yvxrq nyy gur qvssrerag zbafgref. V jbhyq’ir ybirq gb frr jung gur yvggyr onyyrevan tvey jbhyq’ir qbar gb gurz vs gurl yrg gung zhfvp obk cynl whfg n yvggyr ybatre unun

      Gurer jnf ehzbhef bs n Yrsg 4 Qrnq zbq/tnzr zbqr gung jnf onfrq ba Pnova va gur Jbbqf, ohg V qba’g guvax vg jrag naljurer. Gung jbhyq’ir orra nznmvat!

    • I also watched this on Saturday night.
      Terng pnfg, ernfbanoyl vagrerfgvat vqrn. Terng Fvtbhearl, ohg V nterr gung gur raqvat jnf nirentr. Gur zbafgref jrer terng naq bapr V ernyvfrq vg jnfa’g fhccbfrq gb or n pbzcyrgryl frevbhf ubeebe, V rawblrq vg n ybg zber.

      • Unun! V guvax zl rkcrpngvbaf jrer nqwhfgrq nf fbba nf V fnj Jurqba’f anzr. Jnf arire tbaan or 100% frevbhf. :Q V yvxrq gur raqvat cebcre, gubhtu. Fzbxvat n wbvag, juvyr jnvgvat sbe gur varivgnoyr…

    • Gung fhtne-cyhz snvel jnf n ovt ont bs ABCR sbe zr, fb zrffrq hc.

      Nyfb nsgre frrvat vg ba gur zbafgre-cbby yvfg rneyvre V fjrne V guvax V npghnyyl purrerq jura gur havpbea fubjrq hc :Q

    • V syvccrq bhg n ovg jura V fnj Fvtbhearl jnf gur ovt onq qverpgbe. V unq gb ynhtu ng gur gubhtug bs Puevf Urzfjbegu orvat qrfgeblrq ol na ryrpgevp srapr orsber tbvat ba gb cynl Gube.

      V ybirq gur zbivr, vg jnf obgu n cynl ba gur fgrerbglcvpny ubeebe zbivrf bs byq naq fgvyy znantrq gb qb fbzr njrfbzr guvatf. V jnf univat n ovg bs n trrx bhg jura gur pnzren chyyrq onpx gb fubj nyy gur zbafgref naq V fnj n obbzre naq jvgpu sebz yrsg 4 qrnq, sernxvat prabolgrf, gur gjvaf sebz gur fuvavat, Serqql Xehrtre, jung ybbxrq yvxr gur nqqnzf snzvyl naq V’z cerggl fher V fnj gur Rivy Qrnq Arpebabzvpba ng bar cbvag. Vg’q or njrfbzr vs gurl qryirq vagb gur havirefr ntnva, fubjvat jung unccrarq jvgu fbzr bs gur cerivbhf rapbhagref

        • I’m excited about the Mortis Pattern Dreadnoughts. 2 x twin linked lascannons.
          Lore wise, supposedly this pattern was unique to Dark Angels, but rules wise (apart from Forgeworld) it hasn’t existed since 2nd edition.

          As a side discussion… What are your thoughts on special characters.
          I like that they exist, but I hate using them in games.
          Simply from a lore point of view, there is no way in hell a Chapter Master would run around in a 1000pt game.
          There are a few “lesser” characters such a special scout sergeant or something like that which makes more sense, but the majority of special characters are completely unique “special” beings that don’t get out of bed unless they are commanding a full chapter across a whole solar system.

  • So, finally put in some effort to get to the end of XCOM yesterday. Made it up to what I suspect is the final fight in the last level and the game crashed…fortunately, based on previous experience, it should load up at that spot when I return.
    Oh, and MC-ing berserkers is still the greetest.

      • Haha I have been the same way.
        I wiped a mission that I shouldn’t have taken but was tired so just went to hell with it I’ll see what happens. Then I was sad
        But up to the next main set battle and think I have full squad health so I’ll have to do that.

    • We could only imagine what cocaine or another stimulate like that would do to you if caffeine does this πŸ˜› also MORNING BATGIRL!

  • Best song written for a game ever?

    I’m putting in a vote for Snake Eater. Also love Can’t Say Goodbye To Yesterday.
    Love me some Metal Gear Solid music.

  • Went in to Tafe today. Almost no one was there. Only one other guy in my class turned up, the teacher didn’t even come in. Waited around for a while to see if anyone else was coming but it didn’t look like it so we left. I just got home. I guess that’s one way to waste three hours of your day. It’s annoying because no one ever mentioned it. Last week the teacher implied there’d be a class today and there were no emails about it or anything.

    I’ve had the song Little Talks stuck in my head since yesterday after having heard it for the first time last week.

    Also, Halo 4! So hyped!

    • Hey DireWolf! Hope you’re well! Once at uni we had a course meeting, I was the only one from my degree to show up. I had to talk in front of a lot of people. Wasn’t fun! πŸ˜€

    • Wow, that’s pretty irresponsible of your teacher, especially if there was no reason for them not to show up. Even if one student shows up I thought they’d be required to show up and teach.. It was always like that when I was at TAFE..

  • Dear Santa…

    So I played WAY too much TF2 on the weekend. Finally managed to beat Wave 666, got an A rating as a Soda Popper scout. Brilliant, and quite strange when money becomes so trivial that it’s used purely for your canteen and buy-backs upon death.
    Scouts should NEVER have 800+ health. That’s just… wrong.

    I’ve also been practicing ( is further assisting with my broken knowledge of the language) my German in an effort to connect a little further with a German backpacker here. She knows conversational English and not much more, which is challenging when we’re both drunk πŸ˜›

    How was everyone else’s weekend?

      • HAHA! Pickup lines are NOT my forte πŸ˜›

        Does this rag smell like chloroform?” and “did you fall from heaven? ‘Cos that’d explain your face” don’t really get me favourable audiences!

        • See above for a suggestion ^

          Also, suggesting that a 80,000 foot drop to the ground might explain someone’s face is not as complimentary as you might think πŸ˜›

          • I was actually pondering that exact question last night.

            Saw an argument that went along the lines of “Heaven has a higher ambient temperature than Hell” (using the baseline of around 444Β°C for Hell, just below boiling point for sulfur apparently) and went on to take super-literal understandings of particular quotes here and there in the Holy book. Heaven worked out to be around 500+Β°C

            It was rather interesting, and the only thing that WASN’T covered was the distance from Heaven to Earth, if indeed they’re sharing the same area. I guess you could work it out by matching the ambient temperature of the planets closer to the sun, and use them as reference points? Either way, I’d wager it’s far further than 80,000ft

            I’ll try to find the particular discussion to which I’m referring at some point today πŸ˜€

          • I think the temperature calculation of heaven was based on being bathed in the glow of 1000 suns or something like that

          • Whatever. It was a random number you guys. My point stands that it’s definitely not a compliment to have been exiled from heaven and plummeted face first into the ground from there. πŸ˜›

  • Watching the MLG Starcraft 2 finals, they just had a crowd shot between games. Front and center were a bunch of guys in red hoodies, the Aussies from Nv. They must be loving this, it’s a Zerg vs Zerg and they’re pretty much all Zergs :p

  • Just finished manually creating 100 invoices in just under 2 hours. I AM GOD. Now that what is probably my only work for the day is completed, i think its time to play some iphone games. Should i finish phoenix wright today?

  • As much as I really want and am interested in seeing the AC3 story unfold I think I’d rather watch someone else do it :S

    At no point have I actually felt like I’m actually playing a game. More just nudging the story occasionally.

  • So seeing as noone is taking the Bris meat suggestion from twitter to TAY yet, I’ll freakin do it! Ummmm… so I reckon, along with Dan, that we should do sumtin in Bris this weekend. Now I got Radiohead (woo!) on Friday, so I prefer Sat myself. and I took it over here so Sat it is! What should we do folks? I think we should drink somewhere, because we never drink and I like drink. I liek drink. What are other Brisbaniteses thoughts?

    • Not to say it is exclusively drinking either. Just, would be nice to be somewhere where drinking is available and or encouraged

    • Definitely Saturday night is the only possibility for me. Got a kid-free weekend and we’re going out for dinner on Friday night, and at Supanova on Saturday. So if I’m allowed to go, then Saturday night’s the time for me.

    • SATURDAY NIGHT MAKES ME FEEL ALL RIGHT!!! Also, yes to the beer.

      I’ll chitty-chat to Salty tonight and see if my place is kk. If not, are there other residences we could hang?

    • Yessss, alright starting to get numbers here, this is good! Well, my place is fine, but its a little ways out, southside, Moorooka. If noone minds that, then my residence is also available. Right next to a train station at least. Just throwing it out there, since someone elses might be more convenient. Or just meeting somewhere near Supanova? ie That Cybercity 2002 place in the valley or something

  • Thought I’d try using the full site on my mobile. No can do. That NFS ad makes sure its front and center filling 75% of my screen no matter where I scroll or zoom.

  • So, does anyone here have Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? I’m trying to find out more about it online (love medieval combat games), partially in relation to War of the Roses, but all I can find are “COD vs BF” style arguments, full of idiots.

  • last night, about 9pm, I figured I’d give XCOM another go. I’d previously been having trouble with the game locking up in the menus & losing the progress I’d made. that sucked.

    Last night, however, there was no such trouble. And after finally being able to get into the game & play a few mission uninterrupted, I’ve gotta say, it’s damn good.

    Before I knew it, it was 1am. so yeah… its one of those things that suck you in & is a nice time sink.

    And Okami HD. I love that game. Never finished it back in the day, but I’m rather happy this got a re-release. So pretty. AND THERES A DEDICATED ‘BARK’ BUTTON. GOTY.

    Also Journey. Never played it before & did a run through in a few hours. Holy Hell, that is a great experience. The soundtrack, the visuals, the atmosphere… it can only be described as beautiful.

    In other news, all you victorians are bastards. not really, you understand, but you get a day off tomorrow, & I am jealous.

    8 Days til Radiohead! this is a good thing. Especially since last time they toured, I had tickets, but the show was cancelled & its taken them 7(?) years to get back here…
    then Harvest Festival. Sigur Ros. thats all I’m really going for. & The Black Angels, actually. might go & see what this Erotic Fanfiction thing on one of the smaller stages is all about as well, coz that just sounds horrible.

    how was your weekends & stuff?

  • Gahhhh, if someone asked me a month or 2 ago about Halo 4 I would have said “I don’t care” but now I am hyped to get it. Microsoft use Hype.
    It’s super effective!
    Wallet faints.

  • Am I the only one sans account?

    Or is Flu still strong with me?

    I went to register and I can’t use my rad handle and I don’t wanna think of a new one sooooooooooooo yeah.

  • WOW! just got my hard copy of the new Twelve Foot Ninja Album.

    God i am loving the art work they have used for this album. Artwork is something that is so often over looked with cd’s now days. Really wish more people would take the time to appreciate albums as a full work. Not just a collection of tunes.

  • Dear Nerd Herd,

    How do I restrict a user’s account so they have limited access to various drives on the server?
    (Windows Server 2003)

    Kind regards,

    Effluvium Boy

  • I’ve started paying Katawa Shoujo again this morning. I haven’t gotten back up to actually making any decisions yet. Shizune and Rin are the only paths I haven’t completed yet so I’ll probably go after on e for them. I’m hoping that since it’s been a while I won’t have the feelings of guilt every time a girl from a path I’ve completed previously shows up.

    It got me thinking though that I keep meaning to give the interactive story medium a try. I keep hearing things about 999. Is that a good place to start? I’m thinking of putting it on my christmass list.

    • Phoenix Wright is good too! I think Hotel Dusk also fits that genre but I haven’t played it so can’t comment on it. Definitely go 999 though, much easier than having to get 4+ games for the full experience.

      • No, Phoenix Wright isnt good. PW is godly. PW is the reason to get a DS. PW is the pinnacle of interactive stories, and should be played by every living person on this planet.

        • Well only reason I said it was good is that the games are hard to find now and we haven’t got all the releases πŸ™

    • I’ve been meaning to go back and do some different paths as well. Its there sitting on my desktop teasing me, but so many other things to play as well…

      Not that I’ve played many interactive novel style games, but from what I understand 999 is… quite different. I’d almost say its more of an puzzle/adventure games, than a interactive story, but there are a lot of story sections in between. That said, its a great game just by itself. You should definitely consider picking it up

      • From what I understand with Rin you have to not interest any of the other girls but not stuff up enough to get a bad end. There are flow charts that show you exactly what decision to make if you want to go that way. I don’t think of that as cheating after my first play thought.

        Lily was my favourite so far. Emi’s story was the most dramatice but I liked Lilly better. Frejyr has accused me of being in love with her.

        • I’ve done Emi, Rin and Lily’s arcs to the end, and I think I was halfway through Hanako’s when I stopped playing. So far I think Emi was my favourite, although on first playthrough I was trying to get onto Hanako’s story because I thought it would be the best. I will have to finish them and find out for sure

          • So easy to accidentlay get snagged into Emi’s path. I was trying to go either Hanako’s or Lilly’s path and then “do you want to die?”
            “Congratulations, you now love Emi!”

            It’s a good thing she has a great story.

    • 999 is awesome. A bit tedious when you have the replay the same puzzles multiple times to see all the story and the talky bits go sooooooo slowly the first time you see them, but still compelling enough to be worth the tedium.

    • I’ve tried to get Rin twice and I ended up dating Emi on my first try and Lilly on the second one.
      I should really give it another go…

    • 999 is more of an adventure game really, given the puzzle rooms. If you’re wanting a visual novel style then you’re wanting something more like Hotel Dusk or Last Window for DS. If you’ve got a PSP/PSV and a US PSN account and like a horror theme, Corpse Party is pretty good.

      The Phoenix Wright games are great but they’re also more Adventure games than anything. But if that’s what you want then go for them.

      Japan produces a lot of traditional-style Visual Novel stuff, which means the bulk of the good ones are on PC, many of them are untranslated (but there’s quite a few with fan translation patches), and can be hard to obtain legitimately.

    • 1. 999 & Virtue’s Last Reward
      2. Ace Attorney
      3. Hotel Dusk and… Secret of Cape West/Last Window/whatever it was called.

      That is how I rate them.
      999 is superbly written and leave you craving for more, which Virtue’s Last Reward delivers on, despite being a more flawed game. Its mechanics (I feel) are better than Ace Attorney because too frequently AA falls into the ‘combine random item’ trap many Adventure games have, whereas 999 and VLR, there is seeable logic in what goes where even though sometimes (rarely) it is a little obscure.
      Although Ace Attorney is a much longer story and will occupy you for a long time, and there are some pretty spectacular bits.
      Hotel Dusk and its sequel are… okay. Decent story, but sometimes you’ll just feel lost. It’s not intuitive enough, I felt, and being lost in an adventure game is really really frustrating.

      • I found with Ace Attorney that it can be hard to tell where exactly is the right place to make an objection etc. And sometimes you hit it right but it doesn’t accept your evidence at that point in the trial because you’re thinking too far ahead etc.

        I’m not finished with 999 yet but everything in it has made sense. Also it doesn’t treat you like an idiot and hand-hold all the time. The puzzle rooms are often pretty hard and with minimal clues too, but you’re always given enough to solve them if you look around.

        I agree on Hotel Dusk. It’s good but hard to really get into. I think of the DS games by Cing before they folded, Another Code was the best of them.

        On the adventure games on DS angle, Ghost Trick is pretty good too.

    • So far I’m leaning to putting both 999 and Phoenix Wright on the list and seeing what I get. There were a few others there I haven’t heard much about and will have to look up when I get home.

  • Bothered to double check the history of Torn Banner (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare). Didn’t realise they were the group that did Age of Chivalry. It was a pretty good mod that suffered under lack of support (it was a mod, so I didn’t hold it against it). I quite liked playing AoC, but dunno if I’d care to get back into what is essentially the same game.

  • Just started watching season 4 of Fringe. So far, not a fan.
    I loved the first 3 seasons, but I just have no interest in this one.
    Here’s hoping it picks up in the second-half.

  • Howdy howdy howdy TAYbies.

    I know you’re all just waiting to hear about my weekend so I’ll get right to it, Saturday was spent doing a bit of graphic design and cleaning the house and Sunday was me powering through Dishonoured in about 5 hours, Ended up with the low chaos ending and not murdering any of the primary targets … that’s not to say that I didn’t load up another save and brutally murder them multiple times for the fun of it though. Because that happened and by the gods was it fun.

    • I didn’t know you could not murder the main targets. I thought the whole point of the game was that you were an assassin. I felt stupid afterwards when I found out.

      • Yeah it was a bit weird that you’re a knife happy stabatron 2000 but they gave you the option for a certain degree of mercy that ended up being worse than death anyway

        Here be spoilery things, rot13’d for your convenience.

        – Lbh pna unir gur craqyrgba gjvaf trg gurve gbathrf phg bhg naq frag gb jbex va gur zvarf gurl bja jurer gurl’yy trg gb fcraq gur erfg bs gurve yvirf vaunyvat qveg naq yvivat nf fynirf vs lbh qb n zvffvba sbe FynpxWnj

        – Lbh pna oenaq gur uvtu birefrref snpr naq znxr vg fb gung abar va gur pvgl jvyy uryc uvz be gnxr uvz va fb ur vf yrsg gb jnaqre gur vasrpgrq fgerrgf nf n cnevnu

        – Lbh pna qeht Ynql Oblyr naq unaq ure bire gb n enaqbz znfxrq zna ng gur cnegl naq gurl yrnir ba jung V’z sberire tbvat gb pnyy gur encr ensg nf vg jnf whfg n fznyy obng jvgu n znggerff gb ubyq ure hapbafpvbhf obql ba nf gurl nofpbaqrq bss gb fgneg n arj yvsr gbtrgure ntnvafg ure jvyy.

        – Lbh pna teno n erpbeqvat bs gur Ybeq Ertrag cebpynvzvat uvf qrrqf naq cynl gurz bire gur pvgl jvqr oebnqpnfg flfgrz naq ur’f juvfxrq njnl gb cevfba gb or unatrq naq lbh pna whfg xabpx bhg Unirybpx naq gur bgure yblnyvfgf vafgrnq bs zheqrevat gurz.

        V’ir nyjnlf gevrq gb cynl gur tbbql gjb fubrf va tnzrf jvgu ovanel zbeny pubvprf

  • I’m back baby! Yay!

    Here’s my review of Australia:
    – Seeing my family again.
    – Having a phone with 3G access speeds again.
    – Using colourful money again.
    – Not having to tip everybody I deal with.
    – A three week backlog of quality ABC programming on my Play TV.
    – Awesome accents.

    – 30 degree weather.
    – Being back at work.
    – Jetlag.
    – Having the same awesome accent as everybody around me.

    On the whole, I would say that Australia is a must buy.

  • Sooo finally started watching Parks and Recreation. In all honesty, it’s generally funny and has a few great moments, but overall its not really that great. I dont get the hype. Its just The Office basically, but in another workplace.

    • Raising Hope is about the only sitcom I watch these days. I like the warped My Name is Earl kind of humour! Weird seeing the dad in Looper, though! πŸ˜€

      • Found one called The League which I’m really liking. It’s got some crass male humour in places, but overall it’s pretty damn funny. Found it because Mark Duplass, who is my current man-love.

          • Your Sister’s Sister, Humpday, Safety Not Gauranteed, all really good. Also he’s directed some really interesting films, Jeff who lives at home, and Cyrus. Both of them pretty well written, honest films.

          • Is unexpectedly heartfelt, really well written and acted. Funny stuff too, funny and heartwarming, cant go wrong

      • It’s always sunny in Philadelphia is where it is at!

        Raising Hope is funny as though.

        In regards to Parks and Rec, give it time, Season 2/Season 3 is where it hits its stride, first season is a bit meh, Amy Phoeler can get annoying at times too, which doesn’t help.

      • Raising Hope is inconsistent…but when it’s on, it’s one of the funniest things ever. The parents are two of the most amusing character actors I’ve ever seen, and totally nail the roles, stealing every scene they’re in.

        • Season one was almost flawless, but the second season was pretty hit-and-miss. Third has picked up a bit, though. I love Sabrina. How she’s seemingly so well adjusted, but fits into the family perfectly. I was pretty much convinced I’d love it when they sang Danny’s Song in the pilot. Amazing goose bump kind of moment!

    • I’ve found it like any other NBC sitcom. Starts off okay, peaks around season 2-3 then slowly starts to decrease in quality. Still watchable though unlike The Office which got pretty horrid (had to give up mid-season because it was so bad :/)

  • Every reply is a reply fail today… I blame IE. This is a reply to Sughly but It just loaded up the default comment again πŸ™

  • Wife and I started watching season one of Heroes recently. We enjoyed Touch (Tim Kring’s more recent effort), so decided to dive into our DVD pile of shame for his previous work.

    By god, is it frustrating. The pilot was SO GOOD that we’re committed to seeing out this season, but it feels like nothing interesting has happened since then, and some of the characters are downright annoying all. the. time.

    I hear seasons 2-4 are even worse, so we won’t be touching those πŸ˜›

    Edit: Here is my question that taps into your experience. You see a pilot. You love the shit out of it. You commit to watching a show, and you end up disappointed. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS SHOW?

    • I really liked the entirety of season 1.

      But man, that Hollywood writers strike. Hilarious(I watched it until the end, it was funny how desperate they were getting).

    • Season 1? Eh. Season 2? Not bad. First part of season 3? Also not bad. The rest? urgh.

      Or- or you could simply watch only the Hiro scenes, which are obviously the best.

      • In season one maybe, but he became the worst character in the entire run. Basically just repeating his season one arc over-and-over again.

        • As soon as we finish season one, I need to wikipedia the rest. Just because I must know how bad it gets. What I’ve heard is that there are truly no words for how bad it gets.

          • There’s usually atleast one redeeming story arc in a season, but it’s such a huge ensemble it barely gets screen time. Always. :'(

          • One episode we watched recently only dealt with two or three storylines, and it flowed so well that we noticed and said, “Looks like they’ve FINALLY sorted out the structure of this mess”

            Alas, next episode had everyone in it again. There are too many damn characters in that show. I find it hard to believe (at this stage) that they’ll all have a meaningful impact in the finale. I think that at least some of them will just be doing unnecessary busy work.

          • … Once it shoehorns the lesbian relationship in, you know it’s lost the plot.

            Also, they ruin Peter, and Sylar, Nathan becomes horrendously annoying, they bring back one actress using the excuse of “twins.” Then later it’s like “did we say twins? We meant triplets!” And uhh, yeah. I could go on.

            Like when it’s all “we’re gotten rid of this character for good!” But then they bring him back.

            Only to kill him again.

          • SPOILERS.
            Also, that sounds pretty bad. In fact, that sounds really, really unforgivably bad. So bad that I’m considering not watching season two of Touch now, just in case it’s hurting this bad for ideas…

          • Since I’m not naming anyone, I decided not to ROT13 it. I figure that nobody will ever bother to watch the later seasons, so it’s not ruining anything.

            That’s my logic, and I’m sticking with it(and don’t worry, I doubt any show will go downhill as badly as Heroes did).

          • I know, I’m just kidding re: spoilers. Unless I actually get really mad with a long, verbose rant with not enough swears about why the world is in steep decline, you can assume I’m joke.

          • Yeah, I thought your probably were, but I was genuinely unsure when I posted it. Not unsure enough to think “better to be safe,” but still. Thus the justification.

      • That’ll do it.

        I wonder though if the show would have slipped into mediocrity if it continued. I’d much rather have a single season of something that is spectacular than many seasons of average meh (Dexter should have stopped after one season, Dead Like Me should have stopped after one season, thank God Wonderfalls stopped after one season, even [and don’t kill me, Jossites] Angel’s best season was its first)

        • I loved how Angel came into its own in seasons 2-3, seperated itself from Buffy. Season 5 was pretty good too. I know I keep bringing up Six Feet Under, but that’s stayed amazing its entire run, so it can be done!

        • My issue is it’s a bit too self righteous, and the way Sorkin writes women is a bit terrible. Mackenzie especially- how that woman survived in Afghanistan I don’t know

          • I don’t mind the writing itself, it’s always how flawless the team is, though. They’re always on the right side of an issue and never screw up. That’s the danger of writing something based on real world news.

    • Terra Nova!

      The pilot/pre-release trailers looked SO GOOD, but then it morphed into a generic ‘us vs them’ drama with a few dinosaurs thrown in when they felt like it. I’m really not surprised it wasn’t renewed for a second season.

      Similarly, V (the 2009 one). It started off really cool but then got drawn out forever to make the smallest of plot points (I don’t think we even saw what the aliens actually looked like for the entire two seasons?). I should really watch the original because I keep getting told it’s much better.

    • Hmm. Can’t think of anything, there’s been a number of shows which had so much potential which were shit from the start,

  • IMPULSE SPENDING. I saw on Kotaku that the Tomb Raider games are on sale on steam. I then remembered I had $4 in my bank account. So I bought Anniversary. The end.

  • Listening to Elvenking for the first time ever – ‘The Scythe’ album. Why did no one tell me these guys are soooo awesome!?!?

    Also – Watched Marley and Me when it was on TV for the first time ever.
    Holy shit… talk about a full on ending. Bee cried…. and i cried even more. I blubbered like a freaking baby. Not ashamed to admit it. It’s ok to cry when it’s about an animal.
    What made it worse is that it was making me think of my dog who died some 6 or so years ago, but it just bought everything back for some reason. Boy did i feel like a schmuck as i sobbed like a child thing… Damn you, dad movies! Why did you disguise yourself as a feel good movie before kicking us all in the nuts like that?!

    • I have seen a could of short clips for this.
      I really, really can’t stand this form of art.. it’s just so… stupid… Completely there for shock value more than anything.

      That being said, those ladies are STUPIDLY good looking. Plus also the whole creepy thing keeps you watching for a short while.
      But still… i just don’t know why people do that sometimes.
      Then again, i’d be more likely to sit through that than a traditional ballet, which replaces “wtf” with “Zzzzzzz….”

    • OHMIGOD IT IS. You freaking legend.
      I had a quick glance (saw the crutches attached to foreheads) and knew straight away. Is it a full-length thing, or just a snippet like everything else?

      For research purposes. Also to freak the hell out of facebook people.

      • wait are you reffering to the clip of the dude that has a crutch strapped to his er…crotch and is wacking the pole above him?

        thats the clip i was looking for to send to a mate, if you got a link, share one!

        also i think this runs for about 10 or so mins.

        • The first clip I ever saw was a couple minutes in length, although I can’t for the life of me find it again.
          The crutchcrotch clip is titled something along the lines of “WTF performance”, though probably not verbatim. It’s only about a minute in length.

  • Guys… GUYS! I fixed my corrupt Walking Dead save file! I CAN PLAY AGAIN!

    I lost a good hour or two of progress that I’ll have to replay through, but it’s better than having to start completely over. \o/ Looks like XCOM will have to wait even longer to be played, now! /o\

    Link for the curious

    ps. PokΓ©mon.

  • Craaaaaapp.

    Kotaku is acting so weird for me today. I had a 300 word post up there about region restricting on videos on the Internet and it published the first 2 letters /o\

  • So I just saw this article.. If I read correctly these guys broke in to someones place to steal an AC/DC CD.. Not a vinyl or a rare something relating to the band, a CD.. What the hell New Zealand.

      • Hotel, dinner and a theatre show that are all booked and paid for over the weekend for a nice surprise for my wife’s birthday. Work decided to cancel my ONE FREAKING DAY I asked for off so two people can go on leave. It’s too late to get refunds on anything so it’s going to be a waste.

        This job is so not worth this.

        • Surely they can’t cancel once it’s been approved?
          Sounds like your employers need a paddlin’ man, that’s terrible πŸ™

          It’s little consolation, but you could always take Mrs. Freeze to the BoobAppraisal exhibition near your work? Because boobs, and convenient location.

        • Just go, man. Don’t show up for work. Like you said, it’s not worth it.

          Sounds like they won’t fire you, if the next best candidate for management is going to try to clean their fingernails with the key cutter and eat paste. And if you do, I still think you might be better off.

          • Site won’t let me edit πŸ™ I’ve come to depend on you EDIT BUTTON, why you let me down now?

            Anyway, EDIT: Most enterprise agreements have a clause that requires the employer to shoulder all costs associated with cancelling of annual leave (that includes reimbursing for arrangements the employee has made).

            My suggestion: you ring your boss and tell him you’ll be calling the Ombudsman to find out exactly how much you’ll be able to get. Hopefully the threat will be enough to change his mind. If not, go through with it – nothing to lose, etc.

    • Hey Freeze, you look like you’re coming down with something, might be contagious, if I were you I’d stay away from work mate, just to be safe.

      I don’t know how many times I have just called in sick on a day off I was meant to have but was told last minute I couldn’t take it off. Also helps that I’m a self entitled jerk who does things just for the principle of that matter.


    So who listened to our Season Finale for Potaku? That ep was so much fun to edit and is probably my favourite ep to date!

  • Looks like Project Nova is all the way back to square 2. Not quite square 1, I kept a little bit of what I’d done. But after having a bit of time away from it I was really unhappy with what I’d come up with so far. In honour of my new found frustration, I’m having Shapes for lunch, and theres nothing anyone can do about it

  • Well that was another fucking wasted trip to Uni…

    Went in with the intention to pick up this assignment I did and talk about what I did right or wrong with the Tutor. I get there and look through the box of marked assignments and I don’t find mine… Weird, so I check again… and again… but don’t find mine. I even see my friend’s assignment and he got a 78% which means mine’s higher since I gave him my assignment and he pretty much deleted some things and handed it in for himself.

    So I ask the tutor why mine isn’t there and it turns out he had a pile of unmarked assignments he assumed were old and just didn’t mark… What the flipping shit?! I directly handed my assignment to him, in the tutorial on the day it was due so bullshit like this wouldn’t happen. My friend handed it into the tutor’s pidgeon hole later in that day.

    Zzzzz I went all the way there causing me to waste 2 hours of my day which I could’ve spent studying for the 3 exams I have left…

    This means I would’ve got 0 for what otherwise would’ve been a HD, greatly affecting my mark for a unit I think I could’ve HD’d.

    This coupled with the bullshit that happened last time I went to Uni to pick up an assignment on Friday makes me one unhappy chappy.


    /rant. Complainius

    • Look at it this way, You went into uni to learn a valuable lesson… Always double check your results, tests and assignment marks. Always!

      • Except they haven’t been updated online so there literally would’ve been no way for me to easily check. I already check when it’s checkable though :P.

        Freedom (for a few months) is only a week away… :'(

  • Earlier today I remember reading some comments and wishing I could “like” or “favourite” them. And now that I can upvote them I can’t find them. πŸ˜›

    • I’ve never got the Halo series. Played 3, ODST & Reach, but yeah, I don’t see the appeal.

      I’ll stay on the platform, to allow for more room on the hype train for others.

      • Ever played it system link multiplayer with friends in the same room on multiple TVs?

        Because if not, that’ll be why you never got it.

        • I played through 3 split screen with my flatmate & the hoard mode in Reach. It was better than playing it solo, but I wasn’t sold.

          I did like the change of pace in ODST though. that game had a good atmosphere to it.

          • Yeah 2-player co-op isn’t the same. You haven’t truly experienced Halo at its best unless it’s system link multiplayer with 8+ people. Also the first one was the best for this, so I guess maybe it might be one of the ones where you had to be playing it when it was new and there was literally nothing else like it.

      • Could be a nostalgia thing, people have a long standing connection with the series so the new installment is a nice mix of shiny graphics, solid gameplay and nostalgia, making for a DELICIOUS HYPE CAKE. I understand your view though, it’s much like how I feel everytime a Zelda game is released because I never got onto it from the start.

  • I come back after a few hours and find two new pages of TAY and that we now have the ability to vote on comments. Note to self: never leave TAY again.

  • Today I was walking around Toronto humming the STreetpass music and today I got 9 Streetpasses, so according to science, humming the Streetpass music as you walk the streets gives you more Streetpasses.

  • @Inquisitor
    Hey buddy – sorry for the delayed reply.
    The new dread will indeed be bad-arse.

    As for Indipendant Chars – i love the mini’s and would love the chance to paint some up when they come out, but when it comes to using them for games, i’m a little split, as they are usually quite expensive, but have some great abilities and wargear.
    As for the narative i get what you’re saying, but there is always a reaon for these individuals to make the battle, aside from the Chapter Master.
    Using the Chapter Master in an especially large battle is fine. Same with a ‘last stand’ situation, such as the battle for Rynns world, which saw the last of the Crimson Fists taking on a vastly superior Ork force where Pedro Kantor was right there on the front lines (once he could reach them).
    Librarians are also something i think would be limited. SM forces don’t deploy them everywhere as they are far too valued a commodity to waste, more so for the leaders of the libraium.

    Every other special character that isn’t a Chapter Master is just an exceptional individual, so there is no reason for them to be left out. This is especially the case for Company Masters (captains) who will more often than not lead their men into battle themselves unless it is only a small scouting party, but even then they may sometimes accompany them for glory and morale.

    Also, there is the added narratives of grudges when a character may have a past with the enemy and sees it his personal duty to crush the foe him/herself.

    • Yeah I agree,
      I’m all for the “special” circumstances where a “special” character makes sense. But for me at least, these have to be properly organised events with a back story or as part of a campaign. I hate going to a store or gaming club and having every army with one or 2 special characters. The majority of them are stupidly powerful.

      As for librarians – depends on the chapter I think. Yes they are rare, but some armies do use them more than others. In any case it’s far more likely for a librarian to lead a small strike force than a chapter master. Maybe it’s just Zahariel that’s left me with a soft spot for librarians (I haven’t read about the fall of Caliban yet so I don’t know what happens to him later).

      Also – I can’t wait to have Brother-Interrogators for every squad just like Wolf Guard do now. That’s going to be sweet. Eat your heart out Death Company.

  • Upvote / downvote appears to have destroyed the ability to edit.

    You win this time but next time Aleph, next time *shakes fist*

  • @Aleph i think i found the whole thing…. 3 x 10min parts


    creepy as hell, reminds me of silent hill

    Body Remix Goldberg Variations

    Links Below:

  • Hello all TAY-fronds!

    It is I, Pip, arisen from the dead, the blight of uni assignments almost at an end!

    I have only 7 actual days of classes to go… 7 long years and it comes down to this

    I have never been so excited for something to end in all my life!!! \o/

  • I’m glad Bis didn’t abandon us when Stevo licked him out of the country. He brings a level of class and shine that’d be hard to replace.

    • hmm, I can’t spell Bish. Also. When I click on edit the spacing on the page goes weird and collapses in on itself to the point where I can’t see what I’m editing.

  • So, I’m giving Simraceway a try.
    Basically, it’s a free online racing service with additional tracks and cars included that can be purchased, much like iRacing.
    Unlike iRacing however, you don’t have to pay for a subscription.
    It looks like it may use the same game engine as rFactor and GTR 2, so this should be interesting.


    Because I have a copy and I will never, EVER, play it. (Just like the Vita AMIRIGHT?)

    If you want it, lemme know and it’s yours.

  • So the area manager called me saying my leave was definitely cancelled. I cracked the shots and said it was bullshit and now I’m out of pocket a stupid amount. He then told me its not his problem and started making veiled threats against my job.

    SO, that’s when I hung up on him and called the state manager. Explained to him what the situation was. He was surprisingly understanding an said he would sort it out for me. Also said it was pretty unacceptable to be making threats like that.

    Only problem now is that I’ve probably made my life a lot more difficult having to work under this guy. He doesn’t handle complaints very maturely.

      • Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about your area manager. If he does something stupid, stay calm and report him again. Enough strikes, and he’ll either get the message or he’ll be turfed out and you can have his job! Win.

        • No edit button. What is this, the third world?

          Anyway, I meant to add that it sounds like your state manager has a much better handle on “best practice” management, and your company’s legal obligations to its employees. They know the value in looking after staff, and the costs associated with inappropriate corporate conduct (in PR and potential court costs)

    • So I checked who upvoted because this is the most upvoted comment so far(see, we do love you, Freeze!) and on the right where the downvote column is it says “Rad! No down votes.” Oh dear. πŸ˜›

      • Dev copy gets left in production code from time to time – sometimes because it gets forgotten about, and sometimes because it ends up having a bit of personality πŸ™‚ This one was more the later than the former πŸ™‚

    • Yes. It was happening for me, too.
      You can disable AdBlock on Kotaku without completely disabling it altogether, you just have to have it in the list of sites that aren’t blocked .
      Just go to options, click “Show ads on a webpage or domain”, and type in the Kotaku Australia address.
      Then voting should work! πŸ˜€

  • I very much doubt this, but is anyone at all interested in the Idolmaster? Because I happen to have a pair of spare Nendoroid Petit figures from the series that I’d like to get rid of.

    • Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

      What characters and how much? πŸ˜€

      • Mami and Miki. I’m happy to just throw them your way (they’re spares and I have literally hundreds – I’m not exaggerating – of Nendos so any space saved is good). You have my email still right? Send me your details. πŸ™‚

  • So, how many people own CS:GO at this point? Also, how many people would be interested in some multi fun some time? It could be PvP, TAY only, TAY vs Bots…whatever’s good.

  • I’m still waiting for feedback on an assignment that my lecturer said would be up a week ago. I need that so that I can upload my edited submission on Friday. How fun. =D
    I’m also really stuck with another assignment right now. Anyone who says creative writing is easy is a damn liar! It can get pretty difficult at times.

      • For this assignment, we can write about anything so long as we apply some of the things we discussed at length through the semester (writing styles like postmodern, postcolonial, or feminism, for example). For the one I’m waiting on feedback for, we had to write to a theme which was chosen by the class, which happened to be my least favourite of the choices available to us and has meant that I’ve struggled to do anything good with it. D:

        I love writing, but it can be so frustrating sometimes.

        • Actually, I wouldn’t enjoy that assignment. Don’t like being told what to write about, or what themes to include. I would probably struggle too.

    • The thing with creative writing in Uni is I wanted to save my best ideas for post-uni projects. So made it ten times harder to write assignments. Same with group stuff for filming. πŸ˜€

    • My years doing creative writing at uni were the best of my life and I breezed through them. I was lucky to be in a major state of flow and inspiration then. When things aren’t flowing, though, there’s not much that’s harder to do than to write something of quality.

      • I’m jealous. This semester I’ve really struggled to produce any creative works for uni that I’ve been really happy with. I get ideas that I like but really struggle to do anything interesting with them.

        Doesn’t help that I edit as I write. πŸ˜›

    • Haha! I was in a writing class with another film guy. We both ‘got’ each others work, the others didn’t. :'( Made the critiques always fun. πŸ˜€

  • best thing about exams being over?

    D&D is back on!
    well, not traditional D&D, i DM a game called Gamma world, which is basically post apocalyptic D&D… BUT YEAH IT’S BACK IN POG FORM

  • My son has been in bed for half an hour, but as soon as I sat back down at my computer I forgot he was in bed and now I’ve wasted half of my game-playing time. Damn you old-lady brain! πŸ˜›

  • And ads on Kotaku are back!

    Just as long as there’s no giant background ads then it should be fine πŸ™‚

    Upvoting is fun! You can also retract your vote by clicking up/down vote again which I find cool. You can also upvote yourself ;D

      • I heard that having it on doesn’t count pageviews which doesn’t give revenue …or something? I’m happy to leave it disabled if it benefits you guys.

      • By the way, just wanted to say I think it was very smart to show who up/down votes the comments. Also…upvoting is fun. Thank you! πŸ˜€

        • I dunno.. I think it might turn awkward for some people. I’d prefer the option to remain anonymous when voting too tbh

          • I just think the transparency means people will have to think twice before down-voting. And could reduce instances of people being ganged up on.

          • The main thing that worries me is if I get downvoted by someone I know, I’ll start getting thoughts that they don’t like me in what I say? Should I keep quiet to not step on their toes since they’re a regular? I’m not a fan of conflict (Funny that since I’m completely the opposite in a game :P)

          • I’m not saying on behalf of myself, not completely anyway. It’s just a concern I have that people could get scared off over a massive interpretation being blown way out of proportion cuz of a -1 from an active and respected TAYbie.

          • I think I can safely announce that unless you’re being rude…a down vote from me is a joke.
            (HI Aleph!) πŸ˜›

          • HI STRANGE \o/
            As much as the upvote/downvote thing is a cool feature, I’ll be trying to take everything with a grain of salt anyway πŸ˜€

            Also, I have this niggling urge to get a TON of downvotes, although I need to figure out a way to do so without actually offending anyone, because that’s not pleasant at all.

          • If you ever get a down vote from me, it’s probably because:
            a). You’re stepping on the border of inappropriate (according to the community guidelines)
            b). You said nasty things about my mother

          • No threshold, and down voting would never remove a comment (still need to report for that), but we’ll be tweaking the style to make rubbish comments less prominent, and awesome ones stand out a little bit. We’re also not going to change the order of comments. Comments will always stay threaded how they are now.

          • Since everyone else is suggesting things a spoiler thing has been mentioned a couple of times but I also have a new thing I just thought of…

            You know how when we reach the end of a reply chain we can’t reply to that person and we have to reply to the one above? Is there a way to make it so that we can still add on to the reply chain (as if we replied to the last replyable person above) yet the person we can’t reply to gets the notification?

            A bit hard to describe but I’ll try to explain it with an example πŸ˜›

            Like just above I wanted to reply to Powalen but couldn’t (reply button was greyed out). So I re