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      Ninja-ring. After dishonored and Assassins creed, what do you expect?

      HI BEN! I should probably change my name back to normal.

      How was your weekend?

      Discovering the wonders of caffeine on a Monday morning.

      Ben Ben Ben Rob Rob Rob

      Can't up/down vote with AdBlock on :(
      Can't edit comments anymore

      Thanks again though :D. Keep up the great work guys!

        Edit is fixored, adblock is an ongoing issue. Disabling works for now!

          I knew it was all part of the master plan to unblock Kotaku! :P

          All is good as long as there's no more tingy yellow giant Dick Smith ads :)

      Took me a while to find where I was at after the horrible mess you made of the site on the weekend!!!
      What is this? The 90's?! :0


    So how is everyone today? Since I live in Victoria tomorrow is Cup Day, meaning that almost everybody at work has taken today off. I don't have the leave to take off (I spent it all on a Hong Kong Christmas :D) so I'm still here though, so I have dubbed today "Victorian Zero F*cks Day"!

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      Yeah, I established that there's all of about 2 people left in the office today. I was feeling lazy so 4 day weekend it is.

      I'm at work today, too, buddy.
      How amusing is this, though - My work is part of a massive Burbank complex with a nice big parking lot for all their staff and the surrounding factories - My car is the only car in the entire lot.
      Mannnn i feel like such a sucker :(

        Should get a photo of it with a nice big "Forever Alone" caption.


    So I have a few knick knacks to sell. I'll will put some links and descriptions.
      About 7 years ago, McDonalds had some little electronic sega games in their happy meal.
      This is all 10 of the collection. The tails one needs a battery replaced, but still works otherwise.

        Two toys from the cardcaptors series. The packaging is damaged, but it was like that when I bought it. Purchased about 8 or 9 years ago.

          These are some kinder surprise toys that I collected when I was younger. Never been opened, incomplete collection, no idea how much to ask for them =P


            Dustbuster. Used twice, seat in room gathering dust (the wrong way) ever since.


              Dog clippers. These aren't mine but I think they're older then me =P

                HAHAHA! That box art is amazing. Don Draper wouldve had a field day with this.

                Holy hell. I have that exact set. My dad got it for me at a garage sale like, 2 months ago... sadly, it doesn't work and my dog remains hairy.

      Why all the selling, Scree-scree?


          :D That made me laugh like an idiot. The mental image of scree selling dog clippers for drugs. Haha!

        It's stuff we need to get rid of and we could use the extra money.

        And drugs. XD

    Good morning everyone. How were your weekends? Mine was okay. I played a lot of Saints Row the Third - now control all of Stillwater, and have completed Act 2. I did a bit of creative work for Pez which I won't elaborate on for now, but it's something I've neglected for a couple of weeks, so it felt pretty good to get back into it. And my son was baptised, so we had a big family do which was quite nice (despite having family everywhere).

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      Sounds like a productive weekend all round \o/

      Sounds like a pretty great weekend to me, buddy :)


    Anyone want uPlay PC codes for:
    - From Dust x1
    - Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands x2
    - Advanced Warfighter 2 x2
    - NCIS x2

    Last edited 05/11/12 8:54 am

      Ewww uPlay.... :P
      Wont say no to From Dust if still available!

        It's all weird cause you need to download and install the game before they ask for the uPlay code :P. So download it above and add me on Steam/Twitterz and I'll send you the code :)

          O.O that's a long link.

          (Something something that's what she said)

      Awwwww - aren't you just a sweetheart! :D

        Totally didn't abuse a free game giveaway, no I did not!

      I'd love me some Ghost Recon Action!!!

        Same dealio as above :). Download the game here and let me know when it's installed and I'll send over the CD key.

        Last edited 05/11/12 9:52 am

    Morning, folks. Hope this day finds you all well!

      Morning DC, how was your weekend?

        Not too bad, man. Played Egress! Watched Gravity Falls! Watched Cabin in the Woods! Did some writing! Didn't leave the house! What more could you want? :P

        Last edited 05/11/12 9:09 am

          Man, that sounds awesome. I crave a weekend like that.

            You've got a family of people who love you, though. You win. You always win. Haha! (Though yeah, it was good. :D)

            Last edited 05/11/12 9:15 am

      *waves enthusiastically*
      HI DC! :D

        Loops! Hey! *waves enthusiastically back*


    Morning all!

    I'm on day shift again. it's so weird being out of bed at the same time as the rest of the world.

      So you're a bit, what is this madness?

      On the plus side - night time shenanigans!

    Played AC3 for most of the weekend. The bulk of which was spent slaughtering poor innocent wildlife.

    Also, anyone with the bonus dlc weapons and missions for this game, when can you access this stuff?
    I could have sworn it said during sequence 6, but I cannot find any of the weapons or missions.

      Stupid fake animals had it coming!

      For the bonus missions you have to talk to the harbourmaster at the Aquila, then select them from the map that comes up. At least, that's where that Mayan ruin level was, anyway!

    On the weekend we bought my son a t-shirt that mimics Woody from Toy Story's outfit. He wants to wear it all the time and cried when I told him it was dirty and had to be washed.

      Haha! That's awesome!

      Edit: Not awesome he cried. Awesome in a cute antics kind of way. I'm gonna be quiet now. :S

      Last edited 05/11/12 8:53 am

      You should have bought two. Parenting fail :P

        I'll remember next time. Actually, no I won't. The shirt cost the same price as three normal shirts would have. :S

      Addendum to this: I've just returned from taking my daughter up to the place where she gets a lift on days she takes her bass clarinet to school. The first thing my son when we opened the lady's car door was "I've got a Woody shirt!" even though he wasn't wearing it. :D

      He also was giving the most awesome running commentary on things on the way home. Here's a sample: "There's ants on that dog poo. Ants like dog poo. They especially like eating it." "I can cross the road because I have shoes on. You need shoes to cross the road don't you, Mummy?" "That's where the stingy bitey ants live, Mummy. Just like on Deadly 60. There's animals on Deadly 60. Like cheetahs." My son is great company. :D

        My daughter does that kind of thing too. Love the chatter, and the relationships kids make between concepts. :D

    Morning Fronds,

    I cave into TAY (/ TS) marketing and bought FTL. Man that game us frustratingly addictive. I wil get through like 3 systems no problem then some ship will fire 3 missiles at me all at once and bring all my ship's systems down. Yet defeat after defeat I still jump straight back in.

    How was everyone's weekends?

      The feeling you get when you beat the final boss for the first time... it was so glorious and it still is every time I finish it.
      Still can't finish one normal playthrough yet, hence why no captain's logs :). Have patience all, I'm working on it!

        Oh man I smashed him in the first encounter then he absolutely destroyed me during the second encounter. /o\

          Drones, drones everywhere.

          *Goes into fetal position and rocks backwards and forwards*

            One word: Cloaking :)... oh yeah and engine upgrades! DODGE!

              My tactics: Engine upgrades, and then shields and weapons and drones. Max shields, multiple weapons and an offensive drone to take down their shields and various weapons ASAP is key to winning the battle. If you try to outlast them, you will get smashed. You need the upper hand, and you need it fast.

        That's because you probably didn't use me. I'm so good it's an insta win, it's almost cheating!

      I got through stage 1 and 2 of that battle and took no damage, and still almost got totally smashed in the final battle. It's a really rough spike.

      Testing to see of TAY hats me.

        TAY could never hat you.

          My posts seem to get eaten by TAY.

          =( I assume there is some kind of post limit for us filthy mobile Kotaku / guest account users. =P

            What phone you using? On iOS you can switch to desktop mode, log in and then go back to mobile mode and you can post with your account on Mobile TAY :)

    Mornin' all!
    So I've managed to drag Cakesmith into War of the Roses, so he, Jocon and I ended up having some pretty great matches that were only slightly marred by the servers having a fit every 40 minutes...

    Also, as I was typing this a rather large female teacher who was walking through the library I'm currently in let out a huge fart. I don't think she knew I was here till after I burst out laughing.

    And then I found 10 smells.

      I really must try that game some day. Perhaps when my Halo hype starts to wane.

    Morning all,
    I decided to teach my back lawn a lesson, so I tackled it from my roof on Friday arvo, put it in its place....
    On a side note, I my wrist, neck, back, face and chest have been caning all weekend...

    Tis a mystery!

    Not a whole heap of gaming happened though (extreme sad faced panda). But I did manage to continue my XBLA Perfect Dark play through. face planted off the roof, didn't you?
      You are not a flower and you should stop trying to be one. No more planting yourself in the lawn.

        Well, I did try to jazz it up, but yeah, ladder I was stepping onto sunk into wet ground causing me to face plant the ground.

        I like my re-telling better though....

      Channelling the spirit of Macho Man Randy Savage again huh?
      May he live on within all of us.


      Um...OUCH! You're not broken?

        Got a bit of skin off on the face, swollen forehead, bruises on several limbs, 60% use of left hand, stiff neck/shoulders, bruised right foot (big toe is almost black). Nothing is broken that I can tell, the roof isn't that high, maybe 2 meters ish, and I landed on grass, which was probably a good thing!

          Oh well, at least you're not broken! I'd hug you, but it'd probably hurt. :P

    Morning. So I caved and bought an Xbox 360 console yesterday. Star Wars console bundle clearance at Harvey Norman Online! Halo 4, here I come!

      'Swift Robot'
      Add me up :)

      or alternatively, head here and start adding ALL OF THE TAYBIES

      Last edited 05/11/12 9:11 am

      chul00p4 - add me too :)

      *looks at puppy's post*

      Oh... yeah.. just do that...

      Congrats on the 360 get!

    Monday Morning Happiness Post!

    So this weekend I'm taking my wife up to Brisbane for her birthday on Friday and Saturday night, staying in one of the Mantra hotels and taking her to see Potted Potter, and probably check out Supernova as well. I cleared my days off 3 months ago but the last roster update had me working those days. I keep mentioning to my area manager about it and he keeps being evasive about giving me an answer. Which is greatly upsetting me. Either give me the days off or just say no so I can cancel and get my money back. Which he won't. I have this feeling I'm going to be stuck working with too little notice to get any money back. Why he has to play these stupid fucking games with everybody I have no idea. Made me that angry and stressed about it I've been up pacing the house for a few hours now.

    Wait, that wasn't very happy was it?


      That sucks man, it pisses me off when managers are indecisive and evasive. I'm asking you a question about my workload and it is YOUR job to answer questions about my workload.

      1) Put it in writing now, in an email to him. Say that you want to know whether you can have the days off, and that you will suffer financial penalties if you don't get an answer. This puts you in a better position to file a claim against them if they choose to revoke your leave (as you have already had these days cleared, it might be possible to reclaim some of your lost money and put in for overtime, etc).

      2) I don't actually have a two to put here. Not sure why I numbered these paragraphs, actually...

      EDIT: 3) Keep his name and get his licence plate number so you're ready for him when you're poe-lease.

      Last edited 05/11/12 9:13 am

      Hope it all works out, man. I bet you're looking forward to the day you quit! :D

      Talk about unreasonable. He sounds like a bit of a prick. But happy birthday to the missus for Friday \o/

      I'm pretty sure if you ask for the time off in advance they aren't allowed to say no - especially if you provide it in writting.

    A few things today;

    It was indeed most excellent movie! Absolutely loved it, but at the same time was very different, in some ways, to what i was expecting. It was certainly a lot more confronting in some parts.
    But dat ending... mmmhhmmm..
    V jnf ubcvat sbe n ovg bs n unccvyl rire nsgre fpranevb, ohg v tbg fbzrguvat fb zhpu zber erjneqvat va gur raq, va n jnl. V guvax vg jnf terng gb frr gur lbhatre irefvba fbeg bs fgbc guvaxvat nobhg uvzfrys naq oybj uvzfrys njnl sbe gur terngre tbbq.
    Nyfb, qbfr envaznxre cbjref!
    Nyfb, ybfvat yvzof fcbagnarbhfyl jbhyq or uryy-fpnel!
    V'z abg fher jurgure v yvxrq gur jnl gurl gerngrq gur gvzr yvar fb... ybbfryl. Gurl frrzrq gb bayl znxr vg nf gubhtu fbzr pregnva guvatf jrer nssrpgrq nf gb nqinapr gur cybg yvar, engure guna tbvat gbb qrrc jvgu vg. V'z thrffvat vg jnf zber sbe gur sybj bs gur zbivr. V xabj rirelgvzr v guvax bs gvzr geniry fghss vg znxrf zl urnq vzcybqr.

    Secondly - I watched me some NFL on saturday and it was a DAMN good game too. This prompted me to bust out Madden NFL10 on the PS3, which i haven't really taken time to play yet. Mannnn it is AMAZING the detail they put into that game, and even more amazing how much i suck at it and the whole spatial awareness team. Also, my stupid Dolphins are, apparently, a sucky team these days :P I did manage to score some pretty awesome TD's, though, even though i ultimate lost both games i played. Mannnnnn NFL is one hell of a complex game and it's going to take a while to get an idea of what to do when.

    Thirdly - Getting closer to wrapping up SR2 now. Thank goodness. I don't know whether to spend tomorrow finishing it up or just go hard on the painting.

    LASTLY - I bought EA Sports Active 2 for PS3!! Got it for $25 from Jb Hi-Fi complete with all the crazy motion sensors and heart rate monitors. I'm determined to lose some weight, and i can't justify paying for gym access. They are just so costly and i usually don't have the time to attend.
    I'm really looking forward to checking this out tonight - it's actually meant to be pretty good. I have always been REALLY pessimistic in relation to these 'fitness games' - but i've swallowed my pride and decided to give it a shot... I'm thinking of maybe keeping a running journal.. Thoughts?

    How is everyone else!? :D

      'sup Loops! I loved Looper too. The best thing to do in time travel predicaments is not think too hard about it, otherwise the headaches begin and then you're a lost cause! :D

      With Looper

      V jnf rkcrpgvat n pbzcyrgryl qvssrerag zbivr, V rawblrq vg naq gubhtug vg jnf jryy qbar, ohg abg jung V jnf rkcrpgvat. Gur raqvat jnf n ovg gungf nyy? Ernyyl? V whfg jngpurq nyy guvf fb gung pbhyq unccra? Gur gvzr geniry ovg vexrq zr n yvggyr, ohg gurl qvq xrrc ersrerapvat ubj gurl qba'g obgure rkcynvavat nalguvat nobhg vg nf vg jvyy znxr lbhe urnq rkcybqr (be jung rire Wrss Qnavryf gnyxf nobhg), vgf zber yvxr lrnu, guvf jbeyq unf gvzr geniry, pnhfr ernfbaf.

      N tbbq zbivr, jryy qbar va fbzr cynprf, pbhyq frr gur raqvat n zvyr bhg (GX vf fuvg, n cneybe gevpx..... OBBZ!), abg rabhtu gvzr geniry, rawblnoyr whfg qba'g tb va rkcrpgvat n eha tha gvzr geniry npgvba zbivr, pnhfr vgf abg!

        Lrnu, jura gurl jrer tbvat ba nobhg ubj GX jnf ehoovfu v cerggl zhpu xarj gur Envaznxre jbhyq or n GX fhcreornfg, naq nf fbba nf gurl qvqa'g fubj gur xvq fgenvtug njnl v jnf yvxr "envaznxre xvq vf tbvat gb shpx fbzr fuvg hc", juvpu nyfb unccrarq. yby
        V yvxrq gur raqvat, ohg v nterr, vg jnf n ovg bs n yrg qbja ng gur fnzr gvzr. V jnagrq gb xabj zber nobhg jung jbhyq unccra arkg. V zrna whfg orpnhfr ur'f qrnq qbrfa'g zrna gurl ner fgvyy fnsr - gur bayl onq thlf gung tbg xvyyrq jrer gur tngzra...
        Ohg lrnu, vg'f n jubyr ybg bs fghss gung whfg uhegf lbhe urnq vs lbh gel gb gvr vg nyy gbtrgure.
        V jbhyq yvxr gb frr n frdhry srnghevat gur envaznxre, gubhtu. V ernyyl yvxrq gur frggvat naq ngzbfcurer naq v'q yvxr gb frr zber bs vg.

          Noooo, I think you guys are starting to lose the point of the film a little bit. I think it's not meant to be so much about time travel action comic book stuff as it is talking about how a person changes, and also how everyone kind of has their own agendas to achieve happiness, etc. I loved it. Focussing too much on plot rather than character here dudes.

      V qba'g frr jul ur qvqa'g oybj bss uvf unaq, znxr Oehpr Jvyyvf qebc gur tha.

      Be careful with fitness games. I played UFC Trainer on kinect one warm day. Milk was a bad choice.
      Projectile vomit into the bathroom door (so close, yet so far) is quite funny, according to my sister.

        unununun - orpnhfr gung jbhyq unir znqr frafr!
        Jung v jnag gb xabj vf jul gur uryy vg gbbx uvz fb ybat gb pngpu hc jvgu oehpr jvyyvf.
        Ur gbbx bhg gur naablvat qbhpur-ont thl cerggl dhvpxyl naq rira QEBIR nsgre uvz. OEHPR JNF BA SBBG!

          Gurl yrnea gb eha snfg va gur shgher.
          Ur nyfb pbhyq unir whfg gubhtug nobhg abg xvyyvat gur jbzna, fb gura uvf shgher frys jbhyq xabj abg gb fubbg ure, naq vg nyy jbhyq unir orra svar.

            But but... gung qbrfag rira znxr frafr! Gur jubyr cbvag jnf gung ol gur gvzr ur jnf Oehpr Jvyyvf ur unq tbar guebhtu n jubyr yvsr bs rkcrevrapr, naq cneg bs gung jnf terng urnegnpur. Nf vs gur lbhatre frys pbhyq rira haqrefgnaq gung! Lbh pnag whfg gnyx lbhefrys bhg bs gung rkcrevrapr.

              Ohg vs ur fcrag gur 30 lrnef xabjvat gung fubbgvat gur zhz jbhyq erfhyg va uvf jvsr'f qrngu, jura gur gvzr pnzr, ur jbhyqa'g fubbg gur zhz, naq gur jvsr jbhyqa'g qvr. Fb ur jbhyqa'g unir ernfba gb fubbg gur zhz.

              I also thought that last word was velociraptor. That would have made an even more interesting time travel mechanic.

                Lrf ohg, ur pbhyq arire tebj gb orpbzr byq Oehpr va n fpranevb jurer fur qbrfag qvr gb ortva jvgu. Ur jbhyq tebj univat ure orra fubg, fb ur jbhyq fgvyy tb guebhtu gur rkcrevrapr bs ure qvrvat va uvf gvzr. Vg'f fgvyy gur cbvag bs yvivat jvgu gung.

                EDIT: Vg jnf n fvzcyre naq aboyre guvat gb gnxr uvzfrys bhg bs gur rdhngvba, naq chg gur unccvarff bs rirelbar ryfr svefg.

                Last edited 05/11/12 10:31 am

                  Ur ybfg zrzbevrf gur yrff yvxryl uvf (Oehpr'f) shgher jnf gb unccra. Uvf cnfg rkcrevraprf qrcraqrq ba jung unccrarq va gur zbivr. Fb vs ur jnf fyvtugyl yrff yvxryl gb fubbg ure, ur jbhyq unir unq fyvtugyl yrff vapragvir gb fubbg ure, juvpu jbhyq unir znqr uvz yrff yvxryl gb fubbg ure, fb ba.

                  Gur zbeny bs gur fgbel vf: gvzr geniry vf gbb pbashfvat, naq V fubhyqa'g gel gb hfr zl oenva jura V tb gb gur pvarzn.

                  OHG gur cbvag orvat gung, ur jbhyqir tebja hc univat gur xvq orpbzr onq, jub jbhyq fgvyy genpx uvz qbja yngre gb xvyy uvz, naq gnxr njnl jungrire unccvarff urq perngrq sbe uvzfrys, rira vs vg jnfag ure. Lbher evtug vg vf nznmvatyl pbashfvat, ohg fgvyy, V ernyyl yvxrq gur abgvba bs rirelbar ybbxvat bhg sbe gurve bja unccvarff, naq gung fubhyq or gur bireevqvat snpgbe urer - gung ur jnf oenir rabhtu gb tvir hc uvf sbe rirelbar ryfr.

        Also, that does sound quite amusing :P

      Looper took a Doctor Who approach to time travel; that is "It's complicated. Moving on!" which was sorta nice. It resulted in a few questioning moments, but the brilliant thing about that is you question it, then yourself, then understand why they did what they did, accept it, and move on.

      I read a rumour that Xvq Oyhr vf gur lbhatre irefvba bs gur Wrss Qnavryf punenpgre.
      Quite interesting.

    Morning peeps, Had an awesome weekend.

    For those non twitter of you, I made a BondiPizza. This is a pizza themed on a Bondi Burger from Oporto and it was awesome. Oporto Chilli sauce, home made base with sesame seed crust, drizzle of Mayo, chicked breast and cheese... So awesome.

    AND I have decided to get a PS1 and play point blank all over again. I have an old PSOne but after cleaning it up over the weekend it doesn't work. So I need to track down a new one. Gametraders or some guy off gumtree has one for $25 but if any Sydney TAYbies have an old PSOne (or PSX I guess) I may take it off your hands for a similar sum? Or a game trade or something?

    Also if anyone has any G-Gon 45's or Point blank/time crisis games for pPS1 let me know. I can get them pretty cheap but i'd be happy to but from any of you guys for the same price if you want?

    Can't wait to get these games going again.. to laugh at the graphics but to LOVE that game(gun) play!

      Hey Shady! I saw the prep work of that pizza on twitter, but not the finished product! Sounds like good eating. (I assume any way, never had Oporto. :P)

      Man I miss my mod chipped PSX.. I loved the shit out of Point Blank & Time Crisis when I owned one, such good games.

      I cannot fathom for the life of my why Namco stopped making Point Blank games.
      Those games were amongst the definitive lightgun arcade games in my opinion.

      That, Time Crisis 2, and House of the Dead, thats the top 3.

      I lost my two guns and point blank. :(

        And I lost my capital letters as well, it would seem. :P

      Hi buddy - does this help?

        "Product can only be used with CRT TV's.
        It is not compatible with LCD, Plasma or LED TV's."

    Morning TAY!

    At work on a day that should really be a public holiday in VIC. Seriously, there was NO traffic on the road this morning as everyone takes a long weekend with the Melbourne cup on tomorrow. Going to be a long ass day.

    Didnt play much games on the weekend as i was in the sticks for a party. Twas fun to dress up and behave like a fool with puppylicks, danmazkin and deltaphoenix (not sure if leo uses that tag on here, or if he even uses tay)

    I did go back and play blops 1, man, that game.....i still dont know how i feel about it 2 years on.

    Back to the old handle. I'll miss AlexPranks. He was pretty alright.

    I pretty much spent all weekend playing ACIII. Very, very conflicted on it. Certainly enjoyed it though.

    I forgot to do that 'here's what you missed on Potaku' thing last week and I fear it might be a bit annoying on a Monday morning, so I'll just say a lot of stuff went up and it's all worth reading so you should check it out if you haven't, dammit. Rocketman wrote something really nice, I thought.

    And now, assignments! Because it's my last week at uni and them deadlines have crept up...

      Hey Alex! Hope you're well!

        Assignments, D.C., assignments! I'm about as well as I can possibly be with them around! :P

    GOOD MORNING TAY!!!! Hope everyone is well....

    I feelyour pain, im at work today too, will hang around for a couple more hours to see if im going to stay or go home... its pretty dead....

    Anyway, heres a video that will make your monday morning! in case my link doesnt take you to the 4:11 mark, skip to it!

    it is definetely safe for work, however i cant guarantee you wont pee yourself laughing.....

    37 seconds of pure awesome :)

    Last edited 05/11/12 9:38 am

      Hey buddy! What's new?

        sup DC??? not much man, had a quiet weekend, spent a few hours on ass creed 1, played some bioshock, and i pre-ordered Black Ops 2! one word.... ZOMBIE TIME!!! ...wait that was two..... IM SO CONFLICTED!
      The highlight of a video that was reposted on kotaku the other day. ~0:58

    My son's new favourite movie is 'Despicable Me'. He's watching again right now and he keeps wanting me to rewind this bit over and over:

      Gone are the days when you could say "I can't rewind this video because it might break it". Damn DVD's!

        I'm only rewinding it because it's on the TiVo. Thankfully he's not yet aware you can rewind DVDs.

          Bahaha, that works =P

    Morning TAY.
    Just one day left until people get excited in the nether regions about horses running around a track.
    I dunno, maybe horse racing just isn't my thing...

      Yeah I don't find the horse racing scene exciting, already today I have had several people ask me if I'm betting, and who I'm betting on, I have no idea!

        Look around to ensure nobody else is near
        say "Race (select number <10), number (select number <10)"
        Wink and walk away

      Don't forget all the setting fire to plea of money (betting) that goes on!

        Wtf? Plea of money? It was supposed to be piles of money.

    You know what Greenmang, you're all right when you're not spawning squids everywhere. Thanks for the login tip thingie.

    Sup TAY. I'm actually posting on here for once rather than just Twittering because I'm one of the few people left in the office and therefore am having a slack day. So, with that Good Morning!

    SO, my plan other than doing a bit of work and stuff today is to scour the interwebs for any mention of Halo 4 breaking street date, because I've gone from *zero-f*cks* to *full-hype* within a single week.

    MLG Starcraft and League of Legends finals are on now. I won't be getting out of bed just yet.

      Woo! For some reason peeps at my work are mildly annoyed at me for spending my morning thus, minus the bed.
      Even more annoyed they can't do a thing about it.

        You should take a bed into work too. There's no way that could go wrong.

          I keep asking my supervisor if we can buy a hammock for napping at work. He doesn't seem to keen on the idea

            I've suggested it a few times. The problem is getting the company to pay for it.

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