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    So a few of you got subjected to my whining last night on TS about how terrible my work day was yesterday. Apparently my bad day hadn't ended yet. Just as I was going to sleep I got a call from the boss. Guess who's at work 3 hours before their shift starts this morning. Gorzy is!

    If today goes like yesterday there is a good chance I'll lose my temper. I haven't done that since year 5.

    Edit: Damn, now I feel bad for depressing page get.

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      That sucks man, do you get to finish earlier or get paid extra. Surely there is some kind is silver-lining.

    Ok so I think I got something like 30 tweets last night in what I assume was in regards to the Brismeat, rather then me sifting through them (because I'm lazy) could someone tell me what the plan is?

      I think there's a Meat happening in Brisbane.

      Freeze made a joke about 9pm, no one got it. We sent him a dozen tweets making sure he knew that we didn't get it. Haha! Also, Brisbane meat on Saturday night after Supanova at Cyber City in The Valley. Don't think we've worked out a time yet.

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        I believe there's also a Sydney meat this saturday to watch Doc What's zombie movie!

          Has a location been found/decided on for this yet?

            You'll have to ask the good Doc about that one. All I know is that something, somewhere is happening this Saturday :P

    In recent weeks, I've been thinking about what I would like to do with my professional life if financial burdens were eased enough for me to look around.

    * For a while, the option of returning to uni and becoming a primary school teacher was discussed, and it's still on the table.
    * Returning to uni to complete my PhD, and maybe going into academia afterwards (probably not though, though I would enjoy the PhD part)
    * This one appeared in my mind out of left field a couple of weeks ago, and it is really growing on me. I think I would really enjoy this:

    So, TAY. I want to know your dream job occupation, if money was no object (you can say rock star or whatever if you want, but I'm more interested in what you would realistically do if you had financial security).

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      I wouldn't get a job, I'd just keep on studying things I'm interested in.

        I changed the above to occupation to broaden the field a little.

        What would you study?

          Psychology would be the main thing. Also history.

      Nothing... consistent. If I wasn't dependent on a job stability, I'd just swap around each month/week/whatever and do what I want to do at any given time. Within reason, of course — depends on what's available, I won't be driving a taxi one week and CEO of Microsoft the next... but it's more about wanting to do something to feel productive rather than aspiring to do something because it's the one thing that interests me most.

      Flexibility. That's what I want — I get bored if I'm not doing something new, so I'd just enjoy the flexibility to do... anything. :D

      If that's a cheap answer, some sort of travel industry... thing. Something that gives me an excuse to roam around so that I don't have to do it separately to work. :|

      Well... my current dream job is what I've been studying to do at Uni the past 4 years. Though I guess that's kind of expected :P I never really had fantasies of becoming an astronaut or anything as a kid. So even if I didn't have to work, I would like to think I'd still be in the same position.

      EDIT: Actually, scratch that. I just remembered that as a kid I wanted to be a paleontonologist. Why not both!?

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      My first thought was "author". I picture myself like Ian Fleming, writing 3,000 words in the morning and drinking martinis in the evening.

      But I probably would need something to exercise my mind and some sort of professional responsibility to keep me disciplined. Some sort of professional consultancy would be perfect - being brought in to a difficult problem but others having broader responsibility for the project. I recently made a big change at work and moved from litigation to advisory so I'm already on my way to achieving that!

      Just need to get writing...

        Awesome. Sorry man, I know it's not the same, but I flashed on Monty Python: transitioning from banking to lion taming via insurance. :P

      Honestly there is no particular occupation that I would pursue. I've always liked the idea of scuba dive instructor.. dive master at some resort or similar, but what I need is something that keeps my brain active. I enjoy coaching/mentoring and diving is something that I enjoy and wish i could spend more time on.

      I really thrive in problem solving and getting stuff done so would just want to keep that part of my brain active so not really sure. I've always worked toward a job where I had the stability and freedom to pursue my interests outside of work. I find this to be a better balance.

      Open a jazz bar. In Sydney this is a pretty good option - small license venues aren't expensive and the few jazz bars around are extremely popular.

      I have absolutely no idea but it would have to be something that gives my brain a regular workout. If only I could find a way to get a job like that from where I currently am. But if I don't know what I want, I don't know where I can start looking for it.

      My "get away from it all" / "head in the sand" job though is caretaker of a large property. A small cosy cabin, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, sweeping, fence repairs.

    Day off yesterday, so I spent it playing the biggest game release of this year: Mechwarrior Online :D
    So yeah my copy of Halo 4 didn't show up Monday so I battlemech'd it up for the day. Made about 3 million credits in a single day and im *this* close to being able to ditch the trial mechs and buying my first Hunchback :D

    I still lose more games than I win, and to many die-hard MWO players I'm probably a stinking PUG, but I'm enjoying myself nonetheless.

    edit again: yeah no idea how that posted mid-sentence hahaha :P

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      Hrmm, I got more responses when I posted half a sentence. Perhaps I should make my posts more dramatic and

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      I still need to give MWO a go, but still have far too many things above it. By the time I get a chance I'll have a WiiU, so that could be a while off. Bit of a shame, cause I'm hearing tonnes of good things from the TAYbies that are playing it.

        I will admit it is not a game for everyone, the learning curve is hella steep and if you're playing with a bunch of randoms you are going to lose against a grouped team almost every time. Not to mention the game only gives XP to people playing non-trial mechs, so either you pay real cash and buy a mech, or do what I did and use the trials as a training period until you have enough cash to buy a proper mech.

        So yeah, TL;DR version is that if you're playing alone and not paying cash, prepare yourself for an exercise in patience.

    Guys. Guys.

    How good is Halo 4? Personally, I'm extremely happy. I felt 343 would do a good job but I honestly wasn't expecting *this*. I really love the multiplayer too. I'm interested in how ill find it once the players all settle into one or two cheap tactics and how 343 responds to that. Bungie were always sort of encouraging of annoying players.

      I will let you know when it arrives in the mail.
      Funny thing actually, I preordered through JB-HiFi and they emailed me yesterday saying that as thanks for ordering Halo 4 off them online they're sending me a free copy of Halo 3 as well. Go figure.

        My halo 3 campaign sort of glitched and it doesn't recognise that I finished one of the levels. So I'm one level away from finishing the game on normal. I really should just go finish it off. It shows me as finishing it on easy for some reason and that's just kind of embarrassing for my service record! I usually do at least normal, with several levels on heroic and a level or two on legendary (never really got into the legendary stuff - find it just a bit too hard, despite considering myself a half decent player).

        Scratch that, my copy just showed up now :D

      Not allowed to talk about how good that game is because I can't afford to board the hype train at this stage! AND I WANT THAT GAME SO BADLY

        I sort of dodged the hype train until the reviews started hitting and reviewers were like "OMG best halo". Then my hype really peaked when I was loading the campaign at home - which is handy, because I was seconds away from playing it.

      I haven't played the multi yet, but yes, the game is good. Really good.

        I've seen people worried about the multi (well; mostly Mark Serrels on twitter, but that's important as he's a stalwart halo player). But the changes really suit what *I* like about Halo and gloss over what I don't like about Halo - some people like the rush to the power weapon, and dominating a corner of the map with it; it's about map knowledge and map control. That's always irked me. I love the weapon feel, the shootouts, rounding a corner and seeing two people shooting each other and getting the cheap double kill. Halo 4 has really focused on that aspect. Map knowledge and map control will still dominate - they've just made it a lot easier to enjoy if you're new or can't play a lot or don't have a good team.

          I have to admit, I'm a bit concerned with the multi. What I really liked about Halo 3's multi was that there were no classes, perks, specialisations, loadouts or anything like that. Everyone loaded in on equal footing and it was up to a players own skill whether the succeeded or not. I loved how I could change my playstyle on the fly by picking up a new weapon or hoping into a vehicle, unlike other games that first require you to die before you can change your class and use certain weapons.

          When Reach introduced loadouts and armour skills, I didn't really like it. The armour skills were cool, but I didn't like how they'd turned the multi into a class based game. My understanding is 4 has something similar (I really haven't looked into it). I did enjoy Reach's multi well enough, so I'm willing to give 4's a decent go, but it disappoints me how all FPS's seem to have moved to becoming classed based games.

            My only problem with the non-loadout Halo is that it was very easy to get dominated early by a team who grabbed all the battle rifles, and be spawn-camped into the next match.

              I agree. I love everyone being on an even footing, but in classic Halo it was very easy to just get dominated by a good team. There was little you could do to counter a well-placed team who have the power weapons. Or not even the power weapons - as Cracks said, just owning the BR was enough.

              Reach went too far the other way by giving everyone the DMR. It just became DMR slayer, DMR slayer, DMR slayer.

              I really, really, like where Halo 4 is going with its multi.

      YES! Started campaign yesterday afternoon, finished it at 2 am and spent the next few hours in multi. BTB has hooked me back into halo, which I love! If you're on at all today feel free to join for a few matches. GT is vv NOMAD vv

      I'm gonna ramble:

      At first I was interested in Halo because I was a Bungie fan, going back to Marathon/Myth days. It looked like it covered themes and settings that were similar enough to Marathon to get me interested, but then once I started playing I was hooked.

      Four sequels and it stayed largely the same (not necessarily a bad thing, though I enjoyed ODST because it was a bit different), but I thought Bungie were increasingly arrogant and stagnating towards the end... and the community around them seemed to be growing more immature over time — I was extremely happy when 343i took over and Bungie said they were moving on to other things. A change was great, and even better because it was a studio Microsoft spent 3 years building before they started work on a game.

      All the little bits I accidentally gleamed looked/sounded great and I'm still waiting for Post to deliver my copy, but since it was announced... I've been convinced it would mean bigger and better things — it's awesome to hear people saying that, but it's killing me not to be playing yet. ;-;

    When I see the Bret McKenzie ad to the side, all I wanna do is post this again. :D

      THIS TOO
      Watching it for the first time, and loving it.

      Bret McKenzie won an Oscar.
      Jemaine did not.

    Morning everyone.
    So, I haven't really had a very productive set of days.
    I'm thinking I should remedy that, but at the same time, i feel quite tired.

      Morning Scree,

      Doing stuff is the worst! =P

        Well it won't work now =P We're going out D=

    I'm going to channel Greenius and have a mystery question/answer time.
    It's not yes or no, though. Just say the first word that comes into your head and the first one that fits or inspires the answer to my conundrum wins. But not a prize or anything. Because I'm mean. :P

      Guinea pigs.


      (I hope this is to inspire a new quilt or something :P)

        Pokemon quilt would be awesome. :D

          Patchwork it with all 649, and then just as you finish a new game is announced and there's another 100+ to add :)

            If I left out all the ugly ones, that would make it waaaay more manageable. ;)

      it's not worth your time, move on and play Xenoblade instead


      Okay, so I just wanted to know what to have for breakfast. Shane's SPAM and Hugo's SKYRIM (sweetrolls!) translates to pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. :D

      If you two can get here in an hour there might still be some left for you. :P

        Also, looking at your responses in terms of eating was...disturbing, to say the least. :P

        Spam should've translated into Spam, not pancakes!

          Spam translated into bacon. Because same animal.

          Edit: were being all smart and making a joke, weren't you?

          Last edited 07/11/12 9:32 am

            Uh... Yes. Yes I was.

            (Actually no. I'll gladly take the credit for a hilarious joke that I unwittingly made, though)

    Yay, SKYRIM!
    Always worth going back too, my over 500 hours (and still growing) invested in this game can attest to this.

    I believe it truly captures my personality
    *prances off into the sunrise*

    Dear D.C and other Brisbane Meanbies,

    Please allow me to explain.


    PS: :P

      I'm in the get-jokes part, but also do some mocking. Where do I fit?

        Well you & I fit over there in that corner, outside of the graph..

      I'm in the blue part, cause it was a pretty obvious joke :P

        Was it word play of some sort? :P

          Was something about 9pm right? He was joking if you're all up past your 9pm bedtime/curfew he would come join the meat or whatever, I am pretty sure :P I forget the rest.

    Thoughts are so damn scattered at the moment and have no perspective about any thing. :S

      Type your scattered thoughts up and send them to someone to edit and send back to you unscattered. :P

      Seriously though, *hugasaurus*. Hope you can unscatter and find your perspective.

        :) I think they're beyond any cypher known to man. Haha! Thanks, though! Sometimes I regret posting my whiny stuff seconds after clicking submit. :D

          NO REGRETS!

          Everyone vents and says their thoughts on TAY :)

    YAY Short week \0/

    Also my cross town interview is on Friday morning...
    Should be interesting.

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      You can take the cross-town bus, if it's rainy or it's cold

      Good luck with the interview, man!

    On another note... this voting thing doesn't work for me.
    I see it and can see who voted but pressing the arrows does nothing.
    #bugreport @benwhite

      Using Adblock apparently interferes with it.

        Yeah, it's a known problem. They're working on it though but for now I disabled AdBlock on Kotaku and it isn't too bad :P

        Up/Down voting is pretty good though!

      It's because of Adblocker plus - it's the same for me.

    FINALLY up to the Ultor missions on SR2!! :D

    Mannnn dem Samedi were soooo tough! Why the hell were a group of rasta stoners far harder to beat than the samurai japanes people and psycho bodybuilders?!


    If you guys could wipe any one particular type of spider off the face of the earth, what would it be?

    For me it's White-tails... mannnn i hate those guys!
    ALWAYS drinking the last beer and eating the last shape...
    They're such dicks!

      Spider man. Just because I felt like being a prick.

      Also, that whole movie with emo man.

      Last edited 07/11/12 10:18 am


      Creepy horrible things always creeping around my house creepily.

        NO! Disagree! Huntsmans (huntsmen?) kill whitetails, so they're the good guys. They're just misunderstood!

        So, yeah. White tails.

      I agree with white-tails, those douchebags need to stop mooching and get a goddamn job.

      None really. They all have their place in the eco system, and with out them things could be altered D=

      But if I could wipe out anything else it would be rabbits/hares or foxes. Especially here in Aus where they just do damage and aren't native at all.

        If i didn't have adblocker plus i'd downvote you so hard for your sensible reply.

      Orb weavers, or St Andrew's Cross, or any of those other ones that make massive webs across walkways.

    Work recall, how I hate thee so much. Tried getting back into LoL after a full week of not playing it and I'm so bad again haha. I really need to put more time in to practice more.

      It should be Melbourne Cup loOoooonnnngg-weekend.
      We should get the whole week off.
      It's only fair.

        I worked on Monday :P and the weather was horrible yesterday so I couldn't wash the car, which makes it 3 times in a row that my car wash attempts have suffered bad omens haha

          It's ok - i didn't have monday off either :P

      I'm dreading going back into LoL. I got Mitch to share is directory so I can put it back on my computer though so I should be at it again soon.

        I miss your support antics though! I'm glad you're making a return.

      I've noticed that with Starcraft, I'm not getting frustrated in the slightest when I play terribly at the moment.

      One of the things that stopped me playing on my initial burst was that I got placed too high. My opponents outclassed me and I was getting frustrated with one-sided games. Now I'm down in Bronze and it's fairly even. I lose some terribly cheesy games (cannon rushed by a random with a hidden forge, losing to mass Void Rays from a guy that built a bajillion cannons at his multiple hidden expansions) and I win some games against opponents that clearly don't know what they're doing.

      Doesn't matter, I just laugh it off because I know that I'm terrible and can only improve.

        Yes this is the mindset I try to keep up myself, but due to fighting with the family a bit the day earlier I was still a bit shaken up in terms of mental stability, so I got angry a few times, and the lag didn't help. 300 ping feeling like 500 at times, wasn't fun to play Cho'gath with when you have to use delayed skills being even more delayed.
        I just wish I could get some jungle coaching from somebody though, since it's the only role that I'm horribly weak at. But yeah I'm trying to be more chill about playing LoL, since I know as much as anyone that it's impossible to win every match.

    The colour of the big green tick when you up vote something is almost exactly the same type of green as Greenius' avatar. I smell a plot by Greenius to take over the world! :P

      Greenius' taste in colour is one of his best damn attributes! I'm calling coincidence! :P

      The Greenius, the Greenius
      and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,
      Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,

        The Greenius, the Greenius and the *Strange...

          But Strange isn't trying to take over the world... or is there something she's not telling us yet? :P

    Today... is not a good day.
    Frumpy, so to speak.

    Hope everyone's doing better so as to make up for it. Equilibrium must be maintained!

      Hello, Alephant!

      How's your smoking thingo going? Haven't heard an update for a while!

      I didn't win lotto last night so I'm a little depressed about not being able to quit in a blaze of expletives and sour grapes.

    well, I didnt win millions of monies last night, and (because of that), I'm at work today.

    ...yes, of course it could. & I'm quite thankful that having a job, even if I dislike it, and even if its not overly secure, is the worst of my problems.

    hows stuff with you lot?

      'sup 35? How goes the mo?

        Yo, DC.
        the mo is still horrible & disgusting :p

      *high five for being in the same job boat*
      I won lotto - but i spent it all on pogs.
      I regret nothing.

      I won 1/12 of ~$130 on the work syndicate. We each put in $20.

      I am also not obscenely rich /o\

    So... Spent most of the ultra-long weekend finishing off Tales of Graces f. Now my completionist side is wrestling with the fact that I don't really want to go through the whole story again in NG+.
    Maybe I'll have a little rot13 rant tonight once I get home. By my count there's 2 or 3 people here that have also finished it?

      Have you done the EX dungeon stuff yet? Or the arena?

      EDIT: I'm assuming you've also finished the f chapter.

      Last edited 07/11/12 10:52 am

        By EX dungeon, is that the foselos thing? Because I found that after I was halfway through f when I opened the game clear save to check something else. So then it wasn't open in f and I didn't feel like restarting that.

          The Extra Dungeon isn't related to the main game and IIRC you need to beat the standard Arena to unlock it (which means fighting your way up through all the levels with one character, then a 4-character boss battle against the character at the top who is a Tales of Destiny crossover character).

          It's pretty big and complicated but there's some collectables and stuff which are only available in there eg some Carta stuff. Though I guess that's not really very compelling since you only need 20 or so cards to unlock all the rewards from that (by which I mean, unlock the Rita costume for Cheria)

          But yeah, if you want to truly 100% the game there's a few goals. Level up enough to beat the giant turtle boss in the desert. Beat the f boss by using Blue Earth (which you will never know how to do unless you read a guide as it involves pressing specific buttons in sequence when she uses her strongest attack). Do all the inn quest things too (which requires items which are only in the extra dungeon!).

            It appears that a lot of the sidequest stuff gets locked off once you start f. Think I got the Carta to about 50 cards in that but completely missed the Rita outfit.
            Made it to L26ish in the arena and figured I'd go back when I'm 'at the end', but it was a different arena when I went back in f.
            So I guess I have to abandon the f playthrough if I want full completion?

    Day = Made

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