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    Who's coming? Hmm!? Hmm!?

      I've been meaning to check out Regular Show. If it has the Dan stamp of approval I guess I should do so soon.

      Oh man... I STILL havent checked that out. Shame on me. I will make it up by saying yes I definitely will be in on this. Shorts I've seen have been amazing, maybe seeing some of it for the first time on the big screen will be worth the wait

      p.s. they had this for Adventure Time last week. We missed it.

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        Yeah the next one is Amazing World of Gumball then Regular Show. It's some new Cartoon Network thingy.

    For those that got the limited edition of Halo 4, what is in the silver pouch???
    Because you actually have to tear it open to get to the contents, I have been somewhat hesitant.
    Anyone torn this open to get to the goodies within?
    What exactly are those goodies?

      I haven't opened the red or silver pouches yet. I have no idea what's in either of them.

        The red one is resealable, and contains your DLC codes. Open it, plug them in.

      A card explaining that an unopened pouch would be able to be traded for 1 million dollars in a years time and now it's worthless because of your greed.

      There's a 'secret letter'. I was kinda disappointed that I had to tear the packet to access it.

      From what I found online, the silver pouch contains a mission card with what I think are details for your first Spartan Ops mission, the red one contains all your digital bonuses such as Forward Unto Dawn and all that.

    I'm feeling really worn out and tired today. Why can't it be home time already?

    The latest season of Dexter is annoying me slightly. Got a few great subplots there but they are cramming so many in there it's hard to figure out which is the main and which are sub.

    Video game manuals — does anyone actually use/write in the 'notes' pages they leave blank at the back?

    I like to keep all of my games in a near-perfect condition... open them, play them, read through anything included and try to keep it in a nice condition because I guess I collect them as much as I play them; the thought of scribbling something in the back of a game manual seems horrific to me. D:

      I like the ones where they don't give you a manual at all and just a PDF on the disc, so then I just write on my screen.

      I won't. It just seems wrong for some reason. I won't even write on the notepad that came in Diablo 3's box.

      That said it was always great as a kid hiring Master System games and someone had written all the cheat codes in thy space :P

        I remember when I used to play adventure games as a kid I thought it was a cool idea, like a detectives note book or the like. Don't think I ever used it, though.

      I never have. I've never had any thing worth putting down and I also like to keep the manuals in their best condition, which means unblemished by my scribblings.

      I have jotted down a few notes in Word for certain games, normally MMOs. It's normally the locations of certain things I find while leveling up and want to remember to go back to later, like cool looking armour I might want to get for it's appearance or something. When I was a kid I also used to plan out my Runescape character and how I'd advance it in levels and gear.

      Sort of related, years ago my dad hand drew maps of every buildings interior in the Jurassic Park SNES game to help him navigate around. I thought that was pretty cool.

        Have you been to
        Hand drawn game levels and maps from memory

        I used to do the hand-drawn thing with the old Bungie game 'Pathways Into Darkness' — I think I eventually moved on to running around each level/room just so I could video capture the design of the levels and map them out later. Crazy in hindsight. :P

        If someone remade that... I would kill to play it. Kill!

    Borderlands 2 steam page says I'm at 20/56 achievements. Achievement page only lists 53. New DLC coming sooner than expected?

      Hidden achievements.

        Nah pretty sure that's new DLC :P

        I was at 48/50 when suddenly I was at 48/53 before the new DLC came out. The hidden ones should be included in the 50

      Next DLC is called Mr Torgue's Kill Zone or something similar, trophies leaked on PS3

        Oh no sounds like another area type dealio :(

    Thanks for the info, may hold off on the inevitable silver packet slaughter for now.

      The info inside was kinda cool, but I also kinda wish I had an untorn packet :(

      Hugo, no offence but I have to ask, why do you keep starting new threads when replying to people instead of just replying to their comments?

    I can no longer reply to any comment, or edit any of my comments.
    It is a pain in the arse and one of the major reasons why I have stopped commenting as much as I would like too.
    Hence the annoying new bloody comment everytime I want to say something, it is a real *bad word inserted here* if I actually want to reply or have a conversation with someone :(
    Almost considered having to give up TAY altogether, but you are all just so damn awesome, I can't let you go :P

      That's a rather odd problem. Do you know why it's happening?

        FatShady has the same problem. Someone else did for a while, too. If I recall correctly it may be related to using IE.

      Yeah, man. I'd prefer to have you post here, so keep it up! :D

      I'm not as computer literate as I'd like but have you tried deleting your internet browser food? the cookies and settings and such? That would be my first step if this started happening to me.

    previous page I mentioned not having an overly secure job.
    The school I work at is moving mid to late next year. just saw the plans for the new facilities.
    no library.
    well... at least I know I'm gonna be out of a job, I guess.
    tempting fate eh?

      I'm sorry to hear that, man. Atleast you've got some pretty extensive notice, though?

        thanks man.
        yeah, we've known this was a possibility for a while now, but its funny to get confirmation via a floorplan.

        aaanyway... job hunting /o\
        i hate job hunting. especially in my current field. there's either council jobs, which pay about $13K less, or jobs I'm not qualified to do. jobs in the middle ground are really scarce (roughly 1 job becomes available a month nation-wide)

      A school without a library?! What is this madness?

        That is rather odd. Maybe they'll have a large computer room instead and expect all the kids to get their information off the net?

          the dumb thing is, the student here arent taught how to use a library by the teacher in charge of IT (for whatever reason, information literacy & study skills fall under their jurisdiction).

          rather than using our databases, or our physical collection, they use google & wikipedia. & I die a little bit every time I see a citation for a wikipedia article.

        Yeah, it seems weird. I assume it's being replaced with more computer labs or something? I would've thought there would still be a need for a fiction section at least :\

          Apparently kids get supplied with iPads these days.

          First of all, WHAT THE SHIT! I want a free iPad
          Second of all, I assume for all fiction and stuff like that they will just use the ebook store thingie.

            theres the Fereal Governments laptops for learning, in which every student in years 9-12 gets a free laptop to use. this plan is being scrapped in 2013/14.

            the iPads though... the only schools I can think of that have made them mandatory are a few private schools, & even then the students have to pay for their own.

        My daughter's school just completed a major upgrade and overhaul and the first thing finished was a new, larger library.

      Wha... damn, that's really upsetting on a number of levels.

      Where's that copy of The Lesser Evil gonna go? :-(

      Edit: That was meant to be a joke, but I decided I shouldn't joke about this. Really sorry to hear that, dude. I hope you manage to sort something out for yourself in the meantime, something a MILLION TIMES BETTER.

      Last edited 07/11/12 11:47 am

        If it comes to that, I'll be taking that with me.

      That's really sad news. Both for your job and the idea of a school with no library.

    Not sure, started with one of Kotaku's latest updates. In the top right hand corner where you are supposed to see log in register (I think, never seen them myself) all I have is please wait and the circling thinking sign. Never goes away.
    Told Ben White and he gave a few suggestions, unfortunatelyy none of them have fixed the issue :(

    Ah man, that sucks the big one. I will keep an eye out for any notices and question some of the groups I'm in, unfortunately with quite a few state gov libraries closing, there isn't a lot on offer.

      Does this happen with every single browser? The nice thing about modern computers is that if something goes wrong in one, it usually works just fine in another.

    Wii U Enthusiasts! There's a Japanese Nintendo Direct on tonight (not sure what time exactly yet) that is going over all of the Miiverse and OS features. It's about time we got some more information on it!

    EDIT: 10PM Sydney time!

    Last edited 07/11/12 11:58 am

      CHOO CHOO!

      Ohhh. Will it only be in Japanese? I guess I could watch it an looks at all the pretty pictures.

        Yeah, no subtitles :P I just watch for the pictures and the occasional number/english word...

    I'm spending pretty much the rest of today making phone calls to the payroll departments of various companies. This is the least interesting part of a rather uninteresting job. /o\

    EDIT: Our phones went down! It appears the office gods just don't want me to work.

    Last edited 07/11/12 12:03 pm

      Sounds like you need to add your own interest to it. I suggest you make the calls in a variety of silly voices, and switch voices halfway through conversations.

        Try and convince them they're actually talking to two different people.

      Hooray for other people complaining about their job!

      On the bright side my day hasn't been too bad so far. Still 2 hours left though so you never know.

      Call them then put them on hold!

    For those who followed my little campaign to getting Anna's Quest made might remember that I was teasing a potential publisher getting involved in the game. Well, I wont spill on who they are just now, because I dont want to totally ruin my chances with them, but needless to say they are big in the adventure world. They contacted me out of the blue saying they liked the look of Anna's Quest when Vol. 1 was still in development, and asked how they could get involved.

    Ok, so I was pretty psyched, as you would be. I discussed the game with the guy who emailed me, he was super psyched about it, and he asked that I put together a full game design doc. So, a couple of months later I had the complete doc. Everything was there, including all the concept art. Sadly though, the guy I was emailing wasnt in that position any more, and someone else took over the conversation with me. This guy, not as excited about Anna's Quest. Kept asking to see more of the game.

    So, on I went, sending him prototype after prototype. Kept getting the same kind of thing. 'We like it, but we can't tell much from this. When you have more of the game to send, let us know'. Fast forward to today and I get an email from him last night saying 'we've noticed vol. 1 is on sale now! We'd like to help sell it.' I find this rather well timed, seeing as the game's been out since September, and the 4/5 star review on AdventureGamers just went up. The last version of the game I sent them was the retail version, and they said the same stuff about wanting to see more.

    TL;DR, I had a guy from a big publisher who wanted to help make Anna's Quest, he got replaced by a guy who doesnt and is suddenly backflipping on it after the 4/5 review on AdventureGamers, and I feel a bit sad about it all

    Last edited 07/11/12 12:25 pm

      Aw, man! I'm really sorry to hear that. Sounds like your suspicions were correct, but would it help at all getting the other instalments made do you think? Don't feel too bad either, you made something incredible, now they want a piece of it. They might've screwed you around, but there might be a compliment buried there some where, maybe?

      Either way, man. Do what you think is best for your game. :)

      Last edited 07/11/12 12:14 pm

      I can't really offer any advice, so I'll just say 'Hope it all works out for you!'

      In the end it's your decision, of course. There's no contractual obligation (that you mentioned) requiring you to go into business with them if they don't really appreciate your vision. Assuming you know this, but if you don't think it'll be worth it, or worry about their controlling influence on the remainder of the series, you can always walk away.

      Edit #: Did they mention helping you get volumes 2 and 3 out? Put you on salary, or give you an advance or something? If you put out feelers on that, it might help you measure their level of commitment to you.

      Edit #: Congratulations anyway! An offer is an offer, and it's something to celebrate, even if it's not quite what you wanted :D

      Edit #: Is there any way you can follow the guy you originally spoke with? Is he with the same company, or has he moved on? That kind of interest is worth chasing after, even if it means a bunch of legwork for you tracking him down...

      Last edited 07/11/12 12:18 pm

        Yeah youre probably right about the edit thing, I'd hate for this to bite me in the butt one day because I woke up a little grumpy XD
        Thanks for the input though Shane

        EDIT: No, there hasnt been mention of any support as yet beyond them wanting to help sell it. I think the best thing to do now is to get feelers if they would like to commit to helping develop the future installments. Good call. I was after that to begin with, so this might be a good opportunity for that.

        Last edited 07/11/12 12:30 pm

          Say the word, I'm sure we'd all be happy to edit our posts too! :)

          No worries, man. I had a sort-of-not-really-similar experience with The Lesser Evil actually.

          I got a bite from a different publisher based on a 19 page sample I sent them. Then they asked to see the final artwork and I was like ... "That is the final artwork" and they rejected it straightaway /o\

          But one of the three main guys in the company had also branched out with his own publishing company, and because he believed in the work, he snatched up the broken pieces of my ego and offered me a contract.

          I read that over, and it's not at all like your situation except that the publishing world is a weird and fickle place. In my mind, the link was a lot clearer. I need to think about this.

            No way, it looks exactly like your situation! Blagh. I do get where they come from too, I mean, they must deal with a LOT of people like us, and they have to protect themselves at the end of the day. It's just hard when you're the little guy, and it means the difference between getting fast tracked or not.

              I saw "Blagh" and assumed you were talking to me.

              Now I feel sad and left out.


                Hey, Blagh! I'm really disappointed you didn't like Spec Ops more. :P

                  Look, D.C. don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, and I feel like people should play it.

                  It just had a whole host of issues.

      What the hell man, I really don't know what to say about people like that other than they're disgusting.

      I think there is an example of when you see the difference between "passion for their work" and "only doing it for the money" as very separate entities. Every time I see this I get sad for the human race.

      Did that first guy you spoke to leave the company or just move to a different position?
      If he's still in the industry you should just contact that guy directly and have a chat to him. Couldn't hurt to try right? :)

        zomg, just found he's at Square Enix now. Haha, Anna's Quest: Aerith edition

          I say send him an email before you make a decision. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Even if he's no longer in a position to assist, he might have enough enthusiasm to talk you up to someone who is.

          Last edited 07/11/12 12:49 pm

            Done. I felt kind of awkward about it though, since I'm asking advice based on a previous company he was employed in :/

              Good luck, man. Here's hoping it all goes your way!

              If I was him, I'd be pleased to have made that positive an impression. Hope that helps!

              Don't stress mate, whether it's his job now or not he had a genuine interest in the game, so hopefully he can help you out one way or another :)

      Dude - that is such a load of crap!
      Really sorry to hear, man :(

    This Twitter trolling of Americans who keep saying they're moving to Aus is Obama is re-elected is hard work.. Just doing my bit to keep the country that little bit cleaner for you guys though!

      Once they see the candidates for the PM position here currently I'm sure they'll run right back at 3 times the speed :P

        Pretty much, and they would be even more appalled that both parties support welfare & public healthcare.

      It's weird coming from the Republican perspective this time around, I remember when that was a Democrat catch phrase. :D

      It's pretty hilarious.

        It is. So many uneducated people out there..

          In fairness, he was a physical therapist and rural Australia is rabbit infested (betting he didn't know about that though).

            Claims to be a physical therapist. I can claim i'm anything on the internet too remember, Bunny. Tbh rural Australia is more over run with wild dogs & roo's atm than rabbits from what I am told. Well Qld at least.

      I'm sure they'll abandon their statement as soon as you tell them that Australia's PM is an atheist, and a woman :D

        I never thought of that actually. Damn it! Also I should've mentioned the gun control we have & the tax laws, etc :P

        Haha! It's funny that their endorsement for Australia is an endorsement for universal health care too.

      Hey this is hilarious, some of them have started following me now!

      Edit: that last long, they unfollowed me already LOL.

      Last edited 07/11/12 12:28 pm

      I wonder if it is our 45% tax rate or the socialist public healthcare system they are interested in?

        It must be! I can't think of any other reason why they would want to move here!

    *gracefully stumbles in poorly shaven looking sleep depraved* H... Hello everyone. It's been over a week since I last posted. Thought I'd say something now before I ape d the next two days playing more AC3 still havnt finished it yet. (I'm actually on a choo choo)

      CJ, my ol' pal. I hope life's treating you good and proper?

        Not too bad DC. It's getting a bit hot down here in Sydney to be a barista. But I enjoy it too much, think I could do it for life.

      Need moar CJ logs

        If another hits me spur of the moment like the first then it shall be.

    I think I might end up in trouble with my employers.

    Probably shouldn't have snapped at that customer but they were being an unreasonable poopy head.

      :( Hope everything stays good in the hood, ol' pal!

      Your work is no going so smoothly this week, eh?

    Totally need to go over the shops and buy a birthday card to send to my friend & see about a cake for my other mates birthday /o\ Just that requires motivation >_>

    Is Virtue's Last Reward out in Australia yet?

    Because I am totally bustin' to talk to someone about it.
    We will vomit ROT13 code everywhere in all the places.

      I don't know if it's coming out in PAL areas at all? I'm still on 999 (finished first playthrough last night! Axe Murdered!) but was thinking I might grab the US release ASAP since it seems like it was a really small print run. Undecided on 3DS or Vita, probably Vita since it's a better system.

      Wikipedia sez 'November' for Aus and November 23 for Europe so I'd expect that means around or after the 23rd for us locally.

      Even if it is, I probably won't be playing it until next year or so! :P

      I probably wouldn't be getting my copy until after Christmas, anyway. Maybe vomit your ROT13's now and then we can all come back and decipher them and join in in a month or three. :P

    Hellscream's a bad man! :D

      I just watched that. I felt like a horrible person for laughing.

    So my procrastinating studying was disrupted by a few loud knocks at the door. It was the postman who had a delivery for me. I didn't remember ordering anything but it was addressed to me and it was in a book shaped cardboard box. That's when I remembered that it could possible be one of the art books I ordered!

    I get handed the box and it's way too light to be a book. I then look at who sent it, perhaps it's a long lost Kudos prize? After seeing who it was from I knew exactly what it was... (hence the "I don't care about this" tearing to shreds of the packaging)

    I... uh... what do...?

    I just left it ontop of my dad's iPad... I'll think of it as a present :P

    And here's some context: Catch of the Day had a free giveaway thing. It was bullshit. I did, however, manage to get something. It was that. Probably not worth it.

    Last edited 07/11/12 1:14 pm

      You got your headset you were asking about?

        Unfortunately these are only headphones :(

        Much better looking than the ones Virus suggested though!

      HAHAHA! Holy crap! I nearly got one of them too, it was the closest I got to winning anything. So, you know, you did one better than me.

        It was weird cause someone suggested using the iOS app would be better (it was) but when I installed the app they showed as out of stock. Did a quick refresh a few minutes later and they were back in stock o_O. So got one as quickly as I could :P

        Came close a couple of times using the iOS app as well. Pretty much reached the end of the ordering process where they just needed to reconfirm it and it said the Blender sold out :(. The other time I had FIFA in my cart and just before going to the PayPal stage I got told it sold out.

        Would've been much easier with a credit card since you don't need to enter you PayPal details every time.

    ...what the hell?

    So a few years ago I started randomly recording myself playing some songs using some shitty in-built webcam and microphone on my Laptop. I uploaded some pretty horrid videos to YouTube and it was more for myself to see how I sounded and so that if I ever forgot how to play a song I could re-watch videos. Obviously because I was using some pretty crappy recording equipment and instruments the quality wasn't that great on my guitar videos and I never felt that they reflected my actual playing ability. I didn't care though since the videos were for myself and over time the recording quality got slightly better. I then moved on to piano stuff because... why not! and since I used my iPhone for them the quality was a bit better.

    When I first started uploading them it was a pretty frequent thing since I already knew the songs and all I had to do was record them but for the past few years it's been like a two videos a year sort of thing and just whenever I could be bothered learning a new song and recording it.

    Out of curiosity I decided to see how many total views I have...

    83,566 o_O


    I think one of my most popular videos was one I literally recorded in like 10 seconds just to test out a new guitar I got. Last time I checked it was at something like 10,000+ views.

    Conclusion: people are weird and should go watch better things :P

      Like this:
      It didn't get the ten million views I tried to drum up for it last week.

        For what it's worth, I pimped The Lesser Evil on twitter this morning. :D Too bad all my followers are TAYbies, except for one. Haha!

          So you did. You're awesome. Do you already own the whole trilogy? Because I want to send you a book.

            That ain't necessary, man. Thanks, though.

              Even if it's not necessary, can I though?

              But you can get it signed with a personalised message!

              Unfortunately he doesn't do purple pencil editions if you weren't at the meat (UGH :( ) and limited edition typo ones have run out :(


        I don't usually "Like" (clicking the button) videos but when you tried to get 10 bajillion views I wanted to "Like" it but turns out I already did :D. It was that compelling!

      Link. NOW!... Please? :)

        Wow my last videos were over a year ago :P. Yeah, like I said, it's not something I regularly update and I just pop on videos whenever I feel like it. Unfortunately I already forgot how to play most of the songs on there so it's a good thing they're up there for me to look at later :D.

        It started mostly with some basic guitar stuff then I moved onto some video game songs on piano.

          Dude. I hereby take back what I said. This is WAY better. You have skills.

            Get out of my house with your filthy lies.

            You have skills too!

          These are pretty cool :), listening to them all now.
          Oh wow that FFXIII one, that's beautiful!

          Last edited 07/11/12 1:46 pm

            Yeah probably my best video methinks :P. Completely forgot how to play 60% of the song though!

            Melodies of Life isn't that bad either.

            J-E-N-O-V-A is probably the hardest song I've learnt but it's so hard to play properly on the piano I have. Would've been much easier to do on a grand piano or electric piano as they're more sensitive with sounds. Cover was a bit rushed too but it's still funky to listen too :).

              If I wasn't so uncoordinated or short on free time, I'd try an instrument too

      You gave me the link a while back and it blew my mind, man. You're fucking talented!

      Whoooaaa, those PW covers are awesome! :D

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