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    Last week we were talking about covers, the Johnny Cash vs. Reznor thing came up for Hurt. In the week that's followed I've made a point to listen to the NiN one more. Now I don't know what to think any more. So brilliant. Also, the album version almost tells a different story to the older Reznor live version too. (Not unlike the difference between the album and Cash version, still not the same though.) I think we can all agree it's just an amazing song in general.

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      Hurt is really one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

      I saw Reznor perform it live at Soundwave, it was amazing. Still prefer the Johnny Cash version.

        I love this version, resonates with me for the same reason as the Cash version. I think it's all coming down to tempo and aesthetics for me. At first I thought there was not as much depth in the album version, but just comes from a different place.

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          Looks like it was recorded in 2005, right around the time he was sobering up. Gives it a very different feel than the album version (as does the slower tempo, which I really like).

      I believe I can see the future. Cause I repeat the same routine. There is no you only me but why do you get all the love in the world. These lights in the sky look like a Capitol G.

      The version from Beside You In Time. Holy shit.


          It's amazing, I love when the crowd kicks in, starts singing... (Some times it's just that atmospheric detail that makes some thing!)

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            Yeah, was very much like the performance he gave at the concert <3

            EDIT: Dammit, links are awaiting moderation :'( gotten into a nin video posting frenzy

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              Also, always found this song to be so underrated, easily one of nins best. Probably my personal fave

              And this was also a great memory from the show

              Maybe while im waiting for those to moderate I can let through an old anime music video that I love

              So angsty! Gotta love it

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                Actually no screw it, I remembered this AMV. Much better

                  I've never 'gotten' anime. Haha! Songs are good, though. :P

                  GAAAASP. Thought you wouldve been an eva fan for sure! Well, yeah, just revel in the angst. Its like a nostalgia trip for me, was right into amv's in high school

                  EDIT: I dont know, I kind of got bored of Baccano :/ Had good potential, but just really end up going anywhere interesting for me

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                  I don't know what it is, man, but Japanese pop culture has never really resonated with me -- games, tv and etc. I think I just prefer the western aesthetic.

                  Edit: Haha! That sounded unintentionally racist. I meant aesthetic in story telling and design, obviously. :P

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                  Haha! It's not about the setting, it's more the stylized way they tell a (batshit crazy) story. Plus I've never found the art style as pretty looking as western stuff, generalizations I know, but what you gonna do about it, Greenius? :P

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                  Convince you to watch it using my amazing psychology skills!

                  Except I can't be bothered...

                  and I have no skills


    Well ... looks like no halo 4 for me till next week. I was so excited to get a copy after work ... but then I saw the article about kogna having a portable games emulator/media player for $50 that looks uncannily like a vita and I needed to get it instead. Mostly for portable yoshis island and all the old snes games I grew up with and also just to screw with people on public transport

      Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooo FFFFFFFFFFFoooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

        ... well I could always put it on my credit card for now.


          Finish the fight!
          Start a new one!

            It had to be said.
            Edit - not big enough

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    :D omg. Just got coffee from one of Sydney's best baristas. Used to be 20min ques to get it so they bought an old storage hole or something in a wall next to the shop and made it into an espresso counter so be could stand in there all day and get orders done in 5. But that was awhile ago now cause phone rang while I was typing

    So I've finally finished Sequence 3! In my opinion the first part of the game would have been better off as DLC. It did more to put me off the game than it did to draw me in. Sad to see my plot suspicions were correct. I was hoping for a "pay-off" way better than that.

    But, onwards to the meat of the game. Looking forward to seeing how it plays from here onwards.

    Edit: I'm talking about Assassin's Creed III. Also even though I wished I wasn't right, it was kind of cool to have a record of my suspicions and have them turn out to be correct. Usually when you say you weren't surprised about something you have no way to back up your claims. :P

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      Yeah, I feel that AC3 is a bit of a let down. Lots of potential, with poor execution.

      ...Halo 4? :P
      It's Theatehrhythemh you're talking about, right? Or however it's supposes to be spelled... :P

      Meat of the game starts sequence 6. But your at the better part of the prelude. I feel perhaps the story shouldn't of been in order. To break it up a little.

        Wow that far in? :/

          4.5 hours for me. Would be less if I didn't waste time doing a few side quests I could of just done later.

      i'm also a bit annoyed that it's been over 4 hours i think of gameplay and i'm still not a proper assasin...

        Yeah, It's taken me 4 days of playing the game every chance I could and I'm still not, either. Hence my rants at the game. It's pointless and holds the player in contempt.

    Greenius, I demand you learn how to play this! :D

      I'm shit and can't learn stuff by ear :P (technically I've never really tried...)

      It's a lovely piece but I need me some sheet music and I prefer to play stuff I'm familiar with (never seen BSG).

        I think you can buy sheet music for it, but I wouldn't expect you to if you're not a fan. :P

    Virus, for a second I thought you'd made the news.

      However, as yet nobody on Twitter has advised the pre-emptively disgruntled Americans that they could help decide the election outcome by actually voting.

      Polls were closed or closing in the majority of states when this was a thing.

        It's - neither the writers nor most of their readers truly understand the concept of time zones.

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          Oh, I know. It's just amusing that they put in a little parting shot to the people on Twitter (like me!) and it was just completely wrong.

          Par for the course, really.

            Every time I go to that site, it angers up the blood. :P

      Hahaha, have quoted me before actually :S But that was regarding something to do with Slipknot lol.

      Wow if I was evil and had a twitter account I'd be so brutal towards these guys threatening to move too :P

      Ninemsn had some videos of ignorant voters. Like the woman who called Obama a commie Muslim atheists. Then questioned at the obvious conflict of ideas there she simply said he's all three.

        Was that the woman how basically kept saying "You just gotta work it out! He's a communist" over and over again to the reporter? :P

          Not sure it was only 20sec clip. She's from some controversial church or some such

          "Study it out" was what that random woman in the town hall debate thingy was saying. It's a Mormon phrase that basically means think about it and if you agree with yourself then it must be right.

            Ah that's the one! Yeah I doubted it was correctly quoted.

    Gather ye now for a tale of wonder
    Of trouble and mirth from the land that is yonder
    Of a man named Freeze
    And his failure to appease

    He was working his shop, cranky and sad
    Hoping his day would not end up bad
    When in came a lady with a simple request
    Freeze promised his all and his very best

    So he picked up his tools and got right to work
    He even did more as a free extra perk
    And it wasn't too long, just a short while
    Before he presented his work with a warm smile

    The lady inquired "how much will that be"
    "Only ten dollars and the extra is free!"
    Her face then darkened, with rage it was fraught
    And she came out with a blistering retort

    "The other person has done it before
    He was much better, he did it for four!"
    Freeze was confused it didn't make sense
    To do such a job for only mere cents

    "When was this done?" He asked her politely
    "To get it so cheap you got off quite lightly"
    "It was only last week" she said with a shriek
    "I tell you right now that I will not go meek"

    Freeze tried to reason, that it could not be
    It's only been him for the past month you see
    "Don't fill me with your lies that are vile
    And also your looks raises my bile"

    Freeze did go blank, he did not require this crap
    But it did not take long for him to snap
    "I really don't care, the price is the price
    Now begone from my shop, I am done with being nice"

    She then left the shop in rather a huff
    Threatening to call the boss in a manner quite gruff
    So from this we can learn of dignity shred
    That most clientele can be big poopy heads.

      Pfft bugger her. What do you do freeze. Also I get ransoms who just go off at you in my job as well. I wasn't there for this one but someone complained we gave them too much drink and instead of letting us pour some out they just walked out.

      It's an idle threat in all likelihood.
      You got any competitors undercutting you that she got mixed up with?

      Also, more people need to turn their days into poems. This is fact.

      A bit late to try and haggle over the price after the work's done.

      I love the "but I got it for $X here last week!"

      I used to work in retail. By myself for more hours than less for the week.
      I got stuff like that all the time. The best was "Can I have the discount? I'm the manager's brother!" - he didn't seem too pleased when I asked him why I'd never seen him before in my life if he was claiming to be my brother, even less so when I told him I wasn't going to sell to him.

        That's so bloody brilliant! :D

      Have i ever told you i love you?
      Because i do.
      So much sloppy love.

    All I want to do is sleep at the moment, and I can't even do that it would seem.

    Went out for SCHNITZEL NIGHT and it seems the Schnitzel Overlords punished me for my sacrilege last week.
    I can't say too much for litigious reasons, but I was assaulted at the pub last night. Just got done with giving my statement, and it all takes a lot of restraint.
    I'm all good, just a little bruised up and feeling rather down on myself.

    So there you have it. Proof that the Schnitzel Overlords are vengeful beings.
    The Parmagianapocalypse is at ham. Eat now, or forever hold your pizza.
    You have been warned.


      Aw man, Aleph. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're alright. :( You're a good guy and you've got friends here! If you wanna talk any time, you know where I am!

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        Just amazed at how emasculated I feel. Pathetic and powerless, and in the end it's going to turn into a pissing match with "He said she said" bullshit, and no promise that I'll be safe to enjoy an evening on my own in the foreseeable future.

        Keeping my cool, just another reason I can't wait to get away for a holiday I guess :3

          Sounds horrible, dude. If there's anything you need...?

          Yeah, that trip sounds like it's just the sort of thing you need, Aleph. I imagine the fact you're in a remote area makes it that much worse too. I'm glad you're not too hurt, atleast.

          Last edited 07/11/12 3:50 pm

        And, thanks, D.C.
        Really. That means a ton :)

        You've always something nice to say to all the TAYbies, me included ^.^

      I did schnitzel night on Monday and Tuesday. I thought of you as I consumed my meal and Jameson while watching ABC news 24 that I could not hear. The pub in north strathfield does good schnitzel. It's inside part of the old Arnorts factory.

      Hope everything is alright man. TAY collective are here for you!

      Thanks so much guys, you're all legends :D
      Except, you're all real. Or most of you are. I think.
      Iunno, can a legend be tangible, or are they in the same group as myths?

      Anyway, you're all fucking amazing and I'm amazed and gushing.
      Thank you.

      now eat your schnitzel, dammit

        I made schnitzel on Monday night. And made it into a sushi-esque dish. You'll probably be disappointed in me because it was the wrong night and I turned it into something un-schnitzel-like.

        Also: *supermegagiganormoussquashybutgentle hugs*.

          That sounds amazing \o/

          The food does too, I guess :P
          Don't think of it as desecrating the schnitzel. I'm not sure that's possible. What you've managed to do is schnitzelify your sushi, which sounds even BETTER!

          (Now I want to try to schnitzelify things. By which I mean wrap them in veal, coat them in egg and breadcrumbs, and then deepfry the SHIT out of them.
          Seriously. All the things)

          Thanks for the hugs Strange :D

    So, apparently something has happened in America...
    Can't put my finger on what it is, though....

      I only skim read the tweets but i think some guy got an erection.

        THIS GUY!
        *does thumb thing*
        *no not the thumb thing your mum likes - the OTHER thumb thing*

      Yeah, it was a hurricane and it was last week. Old news. Sheesh.

    Dear spagetti monster, it looks like I will be without my phone for a week... I really hope Optus have a loaner today cause I don't know how I can work without my phone...
    I ordered a replacement screen, installed it, turned it on and it was terrible, the digitiser doesn't work, and if you touch the screen you get the imprint of where you pressed, like if you press a laptop LCD screen, so I put my old screen back in and now it doesn't display anything at all! the digitiser works but I cant see what I'm doing! So insurance claim away......

    Guys, my Xbox console purchase fell through. Sucks. No Halo 4 for me anytime soon. Been buying V energy drinks hoping to win the comp. Won't buy too many though, don't want to end up spending $200 on Vs instead of an Xbox 360 4Gb.

    Last edited 07/11/12 3:42 pm

      Didn't you buy a Star Wars one?

        Yes, I originally did. Purchase made Sunday, payment went out same day, Harvey Norman rings me Tuesday to tell me there are none left in my state. ONE MONTH WAIT if I want one from interstate. Sad sob story aside, I just asked for a refund.

          Damn that sucks :(

          If you don't mind waiting I'm sure there'll be some killer deals just around the corner. I think I saw the deal you were talking about but I don't recall the price but there were some pretty amazing deals in the middle of the year which I think might've been cheaper (no special Star Wars branding though).

          I know Boxing Day last year had some pretty good deals so I assume they'll only get better. Consider it a late Christmas present :)

      Hey buddy. Both EB and JB have deals that completely Trump Harvey's deal, anyway.
      if you interested that is...

      Eb have the new white console with 3 or 4 (cant remember) games for $299

      JB have the black 4gig with a bonus 320gig HDD and 5 games (i think - all downloadable, though) for $249!!!

      Not sure exactly what you were after but welbot was trying to offload one the other day

    So I may seriously regret this, but I just had to do it...

    Massively edited version because I said too much:

    I got windows 8 via a promotion code redemtion for only $15 bucks.

    Thats the link if anyone is interested.

    With me getting an android and win 8 within 2 weeks, I feel like im back in school with technology, but I'll get it figured out.

    Last edited 07/11/12 4:21 pm

      Oh and for those who really need that start button, I was shown this

      There is a free trial, I have not done it, just sharing.

      Attendent: Umm... why are you photographing the serial on the display PC?

      Me: ...Because I'm a photographer?

        I've seriously considered it :) Would be a hard one to explain though.

      Isn't it only about $40-50 for the full retail version anyway?

        I thought it was more like $80 and when i was looking at them, I was worried about my starting point.... thats why the $15 price tag was worth the risk of it not working. Perhaps you are right, maybe the lesson here is if you buy an upgrade it will work for you. Which was what I had assumed would not work in the past.

      I probably shouldn't have read this as I must now point out that you're basically breaking the terms & conditions of the license...

      If you were to pirate Windows 8 once this upgrade offer ends you can still buy a legit key from within Windows Activation - there's a 'get genuine' option there that lets you buy a real legit key from MS. It's I think $69.

        Oh I didn't realise that.. and yeah maybe I should edit a bit of what I typed... ;)

        Had I known that there was such an option at that (which is a reasonable price) I would have done that years ago. I'm so paranoid about what I do with official stuff I rarely look into it. I install no updates and thats it. Glad I was able to get a legit one and if I ever have issues I'd pay that much.


        Last edited 07/11/12 4:23 pm

          Yeah the Get Genuine thing is a new thing for Windows 8.

          Anyway I am happy you purchased a copy since it indirectly feeds into my paycheck. :)


            Yeah the way I look at it is this is money that would have never made it out of my wallet and hopefully the start of a long paying relationship...

      The best thing about android is that you can make the home screen look like Windows Phone

    I wont lie, this background I'm working on for Anna's Quest Vol. 2 is looking fiiiine

      What's a day in the life of Krams Design like? Do you do things on a schedule or work at your own pace? Also, can't wait to play it! (I think I might've established that already. :P)

        It's like when children play "shop" and pretend to have jobs.

          Pretty much.

          EDIT: Except all the other kids went home years ago and I kept playing.

          Last edited 07/11/12 4:57 pm

        Nehhhh I just know what needs to get done and keep pushing it along. It has slowed waaaay down since I released vol. 1 though, I end up spending half the day emailing, whether its replying to people, chasing people up on reviews and stuff, or sorting out online shop stuff. Kind of sucks. Need a secretary. A sexy secretary.

        EDIT: Here's a little snap of the vol. 2 inspirations on my wall. The list on the left are all the characters, the graph middle top is the puzzle layout, the one underneath that is a diagram of the different rooms, and the pics on the right are some fo the characters and locations. You'll have to squint to see, but the whole vol. 2 is there! Granted the puzzle design is majorly compressed and generalised, it is longer than it looks.

        Last edited 07/11/12 5:22 pm

          Thanks for the insight, man! :D

          Edit: That's awesome! I imagine getting reviews like Adventure Gamers keeps you extra motivated the days after too!

          Last edited 07/11/12 5:25 pm

            Deeeeeefinitely! Drew like a madman yesterday! Day before, not so much.

          I hate you and your disgusting amount of talent and professionalism.

    So I guess a bunch of American's are going to pack their bags and move here, that is, if they haven't been put off by virus_.

      I wonder how the local populous will feel about the next generation of Boat People.
      Fun times ahead!

      ...they do realise the similarities between Obamacare and Medicare, right?

        Personally I don't think those American saying such thing have a clue about Australia other than we're over run by rabbits.. apparently.

          Apparently there's little knowledge of bogans outside Aus.

          I tried likening them to "rednecks" or "hicks", it kindasorta got the point across. Video footage is a far better descriptor though ;D

            Show them Housos and point out its more a doco than a spoof.

              Well as I have said before it is an accurate depiction of my neighbours.

      I'll try harder I swear! I won't let our beautiful country be engrossed by people who think helping others is evil!

    Hello everyone.
    So my day has not been productive mainly because I feel like crap again. This cold seems to love me and won't go away.

    Thank you.

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      I think you asked that last bit before and he said go ahead with it :).

      As for quickly contacting him have you tried his email, Steam, Twitter or replying to one of his comments on an older page (so he gets a notification)?

        Don't know it, yes, don't know it and what? Where? =P
        I didn't see it so I am asking anyway. Must be sure D=

          Email - Haven't you spoken through email before? Nova had my email and forgot about it so maybe you just forgot :). Hint: it starts with J!

          Twitter - TAY names :P. I'm pretty sure he's just @NovaCascade though. Some people have twitter notifications on for their phone so it lets you contact them instantly

          Find a comment of his and reply to it. That way he'll get a Kotaku notification.

      Oh, you need to know Nova's measurements? I ...don't have them yet, sadly.

    Wooo... First comment over 2 sentences in a long time and it went into moderation. It had lots of rot13.
    Guess maybe I should get me once of those fancy accounts for the times I can post from PC.

      HI BEAVWA!


        It took me a little while to find the reply button there. I'm a little behind on the new interface.

          You're obviously not posting enough then =P

            I mostly read and post from mobile.
            And given how fast TAY is moving again, my little breaks during the day are barely enough to read what's going on, let alone respond. I've relapsed into mostly lurking again lately.

              Yeah, I don't bother with the other pages unless someone has replied to it.

      I was just thinking about you and the guitar earlier today :P, how's it going? Given up yet? :(

      If it's in moderation and still visible (so not eaten by the TAY monster) you can just edit it out of moderation by changing a few things. Like if I accidentally add 2 or more links if I edit it again the original post will go out of moderation and still show.

        No account, no editing, not visible. Ah well.

        Got a bit of time with the guitar last week, just starting to establish a bit more of a regular schedule/routine so I can set a bit of time aside every week. Found a decent youtube set of tutorials which helps a lot too. Living in a shoebox doesn't help but I've cleared some room in the 'study' (piled with all our crap we never unpacked) so I've got a bit of personal space for it now.

        Larger amounts of free time have been for smashing through Tales of Graces - even then it was a good 3 - 4 weekends (with one of those being a 4 day weekend).

          I look forward to your next guitar performance :)

          Ah, if it's not visible then it's pretty much gone forever :(

          Why no account? So many awesome features, especially notifications! Perfect for keeping up with TAY.

            Can't use accounts on mobile.
            If it's gone, ah well, no big deal. There weren't going to be many reading it (maybe @negativezero) since I don't know who has finished Tales of Graces yet.
            He can tell me about all the things I missed when we both make it to Monday trivia one of these days.

              Ah, so you've got an account but you're just not using it. I thought it was either that or you just didn't make one yet.

              You can access your account on Mobile TAY but you can't do anything special with it so there's no point really. It just posts comments under your account instead of "Guest" so you can edit them later.

              Just go to desktop mode and then log in normally then switch back to mobile and you'll be logged in. Looks slightly different but nothing special.

                I'll give it a go tomorrow. Thanks! (Haven't even signed up for one yet)

                  Guess I was right on both fronts! :P

                  It's great on desktop with edits and notifications but they're still working on implementing it on mobiles so features are lacking. At least if you log into your account for mobiles you'll post under it which allows you to get notifications later.

                  So if you pop in while you're free at work and leave a comment you can go back home and check your notifications to see if anyone has replied. Makes it so that previous pages aren't so 'useless' any more :)

                  Get an account! Then you'll get notifications so you can know if you get replies to your posts on older TAY pages etc.

                I appear to now be accountable.
                Or accounted for.
                Maybe I should study accounting?

                  Don't, it's terrible :D

                  Enjoy your notification!

                  Only thing is, if you're already on the page it counts as you having viewed it. This makes it easy to miss some replies.

              For what it's worth I didn't bother doing the extra dungeon in Graces. I was really happy having finished the game and felt like I got a complete and fulfilling experience which I enjoyed immensely, more than any JRPG I've played in the last four or five years. Doing something grindy to get max levels or whatever would have taken away from that for me so I didn't do it. Bear in mind that I went onto it straight off the back of ME3, and before that I'd been struggling with the grind and everything in The Old Republic so a long grind - even with such an amazingly fun battle system - wasn't going to be fun long-term.

              Parted from it with happy memories instead.

                Good point. Might just be time to shelve it since I think I'll like it less if I grind for more achievements.

                And time for both of you to move on to bigger, greater JRPGs like Xenoblade! :D



      It doesn't work if you're not on your account and it shows "Guest". This happens on Mobile TAY. So just go to mobile TAY, switch to desktop mode on it, log in as usual then switch back to mobile TAY and you can post with your account from your mobile.

      There won't be any extra features but it'll allow you to see notifications to comments made on it :)

      You can also click on your name up the top right to see your notifications. It only counts whoever directly replies to your comment so this should get you one but if someone replied to me, I'll get a notification but you won't.

        It worked.
        And that comment was posted before I even had an account. It all looks like it's playing nicely for me.

    With the news that Matthew Vaughn is currently Disneys top pick for the Star Wars reboot, DAN!, D.C and I (McGarnical jumped in to) started talking about who we would like to see direct it.

    The names thrown in so far:
    Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men)
    Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code)
    Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Pans Labyrinth)
    Neill Blomkamp (District 9)
    JJ Abrams (Star Trek, Super 8)
    Joss Whedon (The Avengers)
    Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent)
    Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Cowboys and Aliens)
    Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Evil Dead)
    Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods)
    Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In)

    Who would you like to see direct it? One we've already suggested? Perhaps you can think of someone else.

      How about David Lynch (Mulholland Drive)?

      Last edited 07/11/12 8:04 pm

      Tarantino, just because.

      I wonder what Stanley Kubrick would make of something like the Star Wars franchise if he was still alive & was given the chance.

        I doubt he would have gone anywhere near it.

          That is true. But you never know! Though you'd only get a movie about every 8 years if he was ;)

          Wasn't Kubrick originally going to direct Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi? Turned it down to do something else.

          I might be thinking of someone else, but I'm sure some famous director turned down doing one of the original trilogy.

            I don't recall that, but he was going to make a film called Aryan Papers about the Holocaust but he took too long and Spielberg ended coming along and making Schindler's List in the same time frame and Kubrick felt it was pretty much hit on what he had for his movie.

      Paul Verhoeven could probably pull it off.

      Then - how about a Tim Burton remake of the original (episode IV) with Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Leia, Johnny Depp as Luke, and Brad Pitt has Han Solo? [/joking]

      Honestly? Spielberg. Might be obvious, but I think he'd do great!

        Although people are probably hoping for a clean break and he's best pals with Lucas. *shrugs*

          I think he'd do a great job too. But I don't see him getting the gig, or even wanting it.

      Pretty sure they've basically said that Whedon is off the cards b/c he's busy with the Avengers which is set to release same year.

    That was a good episode of RFobot Chicken.

    Blowing NES cartridges, Team Fortress 2, Masters of the Universe babies and Tin Tin riding a Velociraptor riding Jaws.

      Freeze - just want to say I loved you poem about that ****head customer from earlier.

      Also, I haven't kept up with TAY this week, but I hope you sort things out with your boss re; moving you to another store, and cancelling leave. About the leave, just call in sick. I'm sure you can find a "Dr Howlong" at a bulk billing clinic who will give you as much time off as you need.

        Oh, I called the state manager about my leave being cancelled last minute and my area manager got his ass kicked. Hence why I've been moved to the crappy store.

        I've decided not to let it affect me too much as it really is only a stopgap job and far from a career. Just turn up, do my job and collect my paycheck. Although I can't help myself and keep trying to outperform myself,

        If I don't make the police (knock on wood) I'll probably actually commit to some study for a change and actually do something useful with my life. I think most of my depression bouts come from me knowing how much I'm capable of and the fact I'm not doing it.

          Your last sentence sounds so familiar. It's why I started night classes learning Auslan (Australian sign language). If i can get out of retail and do work that helps people, it still won't make me rich, but it may make me happy, or at least provide some extra level of satisfaction.

          Good luck with the police thing man!

    Blergh this unit is run like shit... I've complained about it before and I'll keep doing it :P


      Sounds like it's the Assassin's Creed 3 of the university world. :P

    Mild Pokétalk:
    Woah. There's an achievement in B2W2 for getting one million EXP points in a single day. That's... certainly a number. You'd have to kill roughly 110 of the highest level Audino (one of the highest EXP-rewarding wild pokemon) to meet that number. Yeah, no...

    EDIT: Woah, woah! 110 Audino at roughly 3 minutes per encounter/battle (which is probably being generous :P) would be about 5 and a half hours worth of gametime! Maybe it'd be easier just to defeat the Elite 4 over and over again...

    I have nothing much to say! Hope everyone is well! I'm finally hitting some sort of stride in XCOM. I found that I was rushing way to quickly in most missions (I'm used to games scoring me depending on how many turns you take in battle :P) so now that I've slowed down a bit I'm finding it more enjoyable/less people are dying :\ The same goes for progressing the story. I was going way too quickly and falling behind, but now I've stopped doing story missions right away and levelling up a little first. Much easier!

    WIIUWIIUWIIU! The hype ambulance is pulling in! The Japanese Nintendo Direct starts in 20ish minutes!

    Last edited 07/11/12 9:48 pm

      Use a traded Pokemon with a miracle egg shouldn't be to hard or exp share with a traded Pokemon with the elite four.

      Didn't know Nintendo direct was so soon thanks for the heads up.

    Man, I really want to like FTL, but I just can't seem to progress. I keep losing and never find any new ships. Is there something I'm missing? I got the Engi one but just haven't found any other.

      A lot of it is tied to luck, and to being flexible with your tactics based on the items you find. One thing that consistently worked for me was focusing on survivability (pump your shields up 2 or 3 levels as early as possible) and you may find it a bit easier.
      In terms of finding ships, most of them require specific actions to unlock. If you want to get new ones, focus of getting those things done rather than finishing the game.

        I have, I've explore almost Jump thingie in each area but still nothing. Except one time when I almost got a Rock ship then the game bugged and it didn't tell me where the next quest location is.

    So Ubisoft has announced the Assassins Creed Anthology:

    Genuinely curious as to who is meant to buy this. You're sinking £119.99/ $AUD180 to buy every major installment in the franchise. If you've never played an AC game before, that's a huge leap to buy every game. What if you don't like it, wasted money, right? But if you're a fan and you've bought each installment as it came out, then you obviously don't need to buy it again. Which leaves people who have played one or two of the games, but have stopped playing the games some reason. Probably because it doesn't gel with you.

    So who does that leave as a potential customer?

      Also announcing it when AC3 has only been out for a little over a week seems like a poor marketing move.

        I think they may be pushing it out now so people who have joined the franchise on AC3 may rush out and buy this based on the one game they have tried.

        I think it's pretty good timing. Announce before the WiiU lands, ride on the AC3 hype AND combat the AC3 negative reviews, and get gamers new to AC to comit to the franchise on their current console, all right before Christmas. I'm certain that this will be a seller.

          Actually if this is also / only on Wii U it makes a ton of sense. However I'd have thought that porting all four of those older games, including QA and everything would cost amazing cash that would never be recouped.

          Marketing AC3 on Wii U by releasing a bundle of games on other systems?

      Not to mention that the price is far in excess of what it would be to pick up each game individually...

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