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    Edit: Screw it I'll just dump it on a Halo stream.

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    So the WiiU Miiverse is looking really cool! Though probably not for people who don't want any social networking features. I love the look of it though. It's like a Twitter feed built in to the system and you can post screenshots/messages mid-game. Video chat/direct messaging with friends, too. Looks fun!

    Now they just need to bring all this user account/Miiverse stuff to the 3DS and I'll be set!

      I just want them to link accounts with content :/. I hate that feeling that if I lose my 3DS, I lose everything on it. There's no way to re-download the stuff I've purchased or obtained (ambassador games) which is a really outdated and stupid system...

        Yeah I think they confirmed that. Accounts hold everything like save files, browser history, system settings, etc. Allows multiple accounts per system, as well (though I'd be surprised if they allowed the different accounts to access different region eShop's like the PS3 does :P).

        They didn't mention 3DS, but I'm assuming it will come for that as well.

        EDIT: Oh, I forgot my favourite thing! You can access the eShop from your PC and smartphone (I'm assuming they'll make an app or something?). Finally I won't have to boot up the 3DS to check the price of a game :P

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    Ugh Dishonored :'(

    At 9 hours in I'm still on the first Assassination Mission. I'm taking it slow and I'm just derping around, taking my time exploring everything, talking to everyone, reading all the books etc. ya know, just small little tasks. I've pretty much went through all the surrounding areas without killing anyone and getting everything I could when suddenly... I noticed some bodies went missing. Odd.

    Oh... RATS! >:(

    So I reload a save and there's no rats eating anything now but there's still bodies missing... weird... I suspect it's rats again and I might've missed them but I don't see any around. I left two unconscious bodies next to each other and yet still one is missing (it was there in a previous save). I know rats would most likely move onto the one directly next to it so it seems unlikely that it's rats this time and it still doesn't explain the missing body :/. This better not affect my whole no-kill thing :'(

    Also the first Assassination Target is bugged. As soon as I enter the meeting room the target and whoever he's with will stop talking mid-dialogue and everyone immediately runs out of the room. Every time. :(

    It also likes to have a loading screen that doesn't end (the game just crashed on one as I'm typing this)

    Woe is me!


      The bodies disappearing thing is not always due to rats, there's a problem which generally appears if you put a number of bodies in the same area, where some will just disappear. There's an ini tweak for it, though it never bothered me enough for me to try and fix it.

      Can't help in regards to the other things...

      Actually: Npghnyyl, ner gur crbcyr va gur zrrgvat ebbz? Orpnhfr gurl fubhyq or va gur ebbz arkg gb vg, naq gurl'yy jnyx va nsgre n yvggyr ovg.

        Ah phew, guess it wasn't rats then. Hopefully this won't affect the "no kill" thing.

        Gurl'er va gur ebbz arkg gb vg ohg abguvat jvyy unccra hagvy V bcra gur qbbe gb gur zrrgvat ebbz. Nf fbba nf V ragre naq rira vs V'yy uvqr gurl'yy fnl yvxr gjb jbeqf gura fnl "V'yy svaq lbh!" naq rirelbar jvyy whfg eha bhg. Xvaq bs naablvat pnhfr V jnagrq gb urne jung'f tbvat ba ohg guvf nhgbzngvpnyyl znxrf zr snvy gur cbvfba gnfx ohg cnff gur xrrc Pheabj nyvir bar (juvpu vf jung V jnagrq naljnl).

        I did Google it and I saw that other people had it. Not sure what the cause is though.

    Scree - I sent you an email. Pretty sure I sent one a week or so ago, maybe it got caught in your spam filter. But I've sent another one just to be sure

    'sup, you beautiful people?

    Odd question. Or rather, not odd, though perhaps invasive/revealing should you choose to answer it. Speaking of which, feel free not to, as I wholeheartedly understand you may/may not want to share with us.


    So, I want to know the one videogame that you've sunk the most hours into, and how many hours you've invested in it. My money's on MMOs making up a large chunk of this number, but we'll see should we get enough responses :)

    This comes as I've just tipped over the 100hrs mark on TF2 (106, to be exact), and the fact that I've put in a substantial amount of that time in in just 2-3 weeks.
    To get things started, I can safely say that RuneScape holds the record for most hours invested for me. Started playing over 7 years ago, stopped earlier this year. 3 separate accounts over that period, all with at least 4 months in-game time accrued, although one had a little over 400 days accrued.

    Again, feel free to tell me to shove off (though I'd much prefer active contribution, a direct answer is not necessary!) if this is probing a little too much.

    Love to all :3

      I know I've sunk 200 hours into Burnout 3,
      Apart from that, I'm not too sure...

      I stopped reading after the first sentence, since it clearly wasn't directed towards me.

        It's in the eye of the beholder, friend! If you'd rather, I can pretend I'm blind?

        You're all beautiful souls. I... yeah.


      After that build up, I was expecting a much more personal, non-videogame related question to answer :P

      I never really got into MMOs other than Runescape, so either that (is there a way to check how many hours an account has played?) or, much more likely, TF2. I think I've got about 300hrs in that now? Can't say for sure, but it's probably TF2.

        There was a feature introduced a while ago known as the "Adventurer's Log" in which it tracked various stats within the game (I killed X boss monster X times! I got X rare drop! etc) along with total ingame days. I believe it's only available to members though, so buggered if I'll see that functionality again :P
        A friend of mine had over 1000 days ingame o.0

          Days, as in real-life days or some sort of in-game 'day'? Because 1000 days is just insane o_o

            Yup, 24,000 hours spent in that game. A little under 3 solid years. I have spent well over 1 year in-game, though I wouldn't say I hit 2.

              Are you all fully max level, 99 in everything? Not sure how long I spent, but I was mid-80s combat and a total level around 1200 I guess, though I quit not long after Construction or Hunter was introduced (which ever was later)

                Hunter came out last of those two. I think Construction was originally in Classic, though had no purpose (or way to train it)

                My 2nd account was mostly maxed, less Agility, Mining and Runecrafting, if I recall correctly. My last account was more or less a toon/twink, so I ended up putting more hours into it for a lower combat level (I hit the peak at around 45 combat with 99 prayer, hitpoints and defence) and worked more on gaining money than experience. I think I stopped playing at around 112 combat, 2100+ total level.
                In hindsight, I'd like to have that time back to put towards more constructive things, however I guess it's the hedonist in me. I enjoyed it at the time, I don't enjoy it now.

                  Oh I had a great time with it too. I was even a P-mod for a while :) I was always very cautious about some of the higher level stuff. I remember the first time I did a Barrows run, I had studied up on it so much, all the different combat methods, specifically training my Slayer skill so I could use the staff, then blitzed through and was wondering what I was freaking out about. Helped that I scored one of the special armour pieces on 2 of my first 3 runs. Of course those were the only 2 pieces I ever got

                  My biggest ragequit was surprisingly not when I lost a HUGE stake (x2 partyhat sets) but when I tried to complete the fight caves as underlevelled as possible. I made it to Jad after 4ish hours of taking it slow and steady.
                  I got 1-hit KOed the minute Jad stepped into the arena.

      I think 120 hours for Fallout: New Vegas is the longest on record, but it's hard to say pre-Steam. Never been one for MMOs, I can see how they'd be a time sink, though!

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      Hmmm, that's difficult. Possibly Super Mario 64. I completed it to 120 stars several times, and spent so long just faffing around doing triple jumps and butt slams... or Shadows of the Empire. I lost track of the number of times I played that game. Or maybe Super Mario Kart, the go-to co-op game for me and my bro for most of my childhood.

      In recent days, though, it's rare for me to sink more than 40 hours into a game, and usually only one playthrough. Honourable exceptions include Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2, both of which I have played numerous times.

      Edit: I have never played an MMO.

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        Hmmm, that's a good point about Mario Kart. So many hours playing the same Super Mario levels over and over again. Would be interesting to see how that all added up.

      As a series, definitely Pokemon. Though because I restart games a lot, I couldn't give you an exact time on any of the games. Collectively across the series I would say at least 500 hours, probably more. Could even be closer to 1000, soooo much time has been spent on that series. Its probably a good thing I will never know exactly how much

      For an individual game, I would say at least 150 hours into Mass Effect 2. Four complete playthrough, plus 2 partials. My Steam games list says 50 hours on TF2, but if I load it up and add up all my times as X class, its around 120 hours. And Terraria has got 76 on it as well

      EDIT - Just read Pow's post and Runescape comes to mind as well. Probably a good 100-200 hours on that too, but its really the only MMo I've put any sort of time into. Now I just get emails saying I've been suspended or banned (multiple times :/ ) for macroing or various other shenanigans that some hacker has got up to. Don't really care, haven't played in a good 4 or 5 years

      Also double checking my steam list, 71 hours on Audiosurf. I don't even... How have I spent so much time on that?

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        Yeah I was going to say Pokemon as well, but I thought collecting 10ish games into one was cheating a bit haha. As a series though, definitely.

          I know I had at least 200 hours on my Ruby file, where I was only 3 off completing the entire Dex. So it probably is closer to 1000 all together. Hell it could be more than that

          Hold me *foetal position*

            Yeah, same. I know I had at least 250hrs in SoulSilver, plus almost 100 so far in White 2, so that's overtaken my TF2 record already in two games :P

            We have to stay strong and wait for help!

              100 in White 2? Wow, I'm only at 50 I think. Beat the elite 4, so now I'm working on Catching and evolving everything (lucky Egg + Audinos). Stupid transfer system needing 2 DS's. I really wanted to bring all my Platinum pokes across, work on those mono type teams to get the elite 4 badges

                Haha I'm doing exactly the same thing. Did all of the post game stuff I could find, now training a normal type team (Porygon Z is a beast!). Total game time is closer to 90hrs, but I rounded up :P

                  My jellicent is getting a fair bit of exp as well, I always switch to it because Audino "can't touch this". Super jealuos of your P-z. I want one but I don't have anyone to trade with. I need to get your friend code so we can trade over wi-fi *wink wink nudge nudge*

                  P-man posted the other day offering a bunch of Porygons which were up for grabs :)

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        I wouldn't pay any attention to those emails, they're all phishing attempts. Jagex (to the best of my recollection, disregarding shady undertakings and mitigating circumstances) will only contact you via the in-game system only.

        I'm really unsure about Steam's quantification system. If I count up the times played per class in TF2, it ends up being 30-40 hours or so, and that's it compared to Steam's calculation of 106hrs.
        Compare that again to games where I KNOW I've put in more (50 odd) and yet Steam states it as being in the single digits. Weird :S

      I still think clocking in somewhere in the realm of 300 hours on morrowind is my best / worst.
      Pokemon probably takes second place but far too long ago to attribute any sort of accurate number to that statement.
      Never really did the MMO thing.

      I have friends that complain that Pip is responsible for half the total playtime of all friends on Terraria. That's a scary number she's got up on steam now.

        I really ought to add Pip /o\

        Morrowind was a decent number of hours for me, although buggered if I can give even a rough approximation.
        Man, my house was FILLED with shiny stuff. Couldn't leave a stone unturned in that game. The walks back to town while overencumbered were hell.

        I know you guys helped me catch the Terraria bug :P

        Last time I checked she was like 780 or so? I'm sure she's hit 800+ by now :)

      For a single game, probably World of Warcraft. For a series, probably Pokemon.

        I love that Pokemon is still considered a kids game, and yet nearly all of us have mentioned it as a series we've sunk a ridiculous amount of hours into over the years

          For a long time I still thought Pokemon was a kids game :P. I was even embarrassed buying LeafGreen when I was like 11 :/

      Hundreds of hours in Dark/Demons Souls (multiple characters with 50-70hrs each) would put it up there but who knows in my younger days. It was never a thing to worry about hours spent on a game. It seems to be a more modern concern.

        Come to think of it, the amount of time wasted away with friends on Goldeneye/Doom/Quake would probably make a few hundred hours look like a warm up.

      Well depending on your definition and such it might be ogame for me. Have played solidly for a number of years. But it is a browser game and I can be done with it in a day in around 5 minutes. But I generally login every day to check on things. So total time would be right up there.
      There have been a number of MMo that I played a bit but non that really got up there, I tend to jump around games a lot.
      According to steam the two games I have spent the most time myself in are Mount and Blade and just cause 2 at almost 100 hrs each. My combined torchlight play time would be higher but we both play that.

      Totally smashed by my wife and puzzle pirates with her 800+ hrs in that

      I'm not sure, but it's one of World of Warcraft, Marathon Infinity or an obscure shareware Mac RPG I used to play all the time.

      That's a perfectly fine question :P. Doesn't feel invasive at all.

      As a single game it's probably... Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 D:. It was the first real game that I played multiplayer with friends on frequent basis. I think we played nearly everyday for a decent amount of time so I easily racked up 200+ hours.

      I did play WoW over a few months many, many years ago so I have no idea how long I actually spent in that game (any way to check?).

      As a series probably Pokemon, Final Fantasy or Zelda. Kind of cheating though since each one has so many games that they all add up in the end.

      A single play through? I sunk an incredible amount of time into Dragon Age. Even though there wasn't much exploration, I did a lot of backtracking looking for additiional side-quests and things.

      In general? I'm not sure. I think it would probably be Zelda: LttP, Zelda: OoT, Suikoden or Super Mario World.

      I've clocked over 2000 hours in Guild Wars, with 10 characters, played the lore expansions so got some exclusive weapon skins. I don't regret one second of it, as I spent so many hours making builds to perfect every one of them. By the end of it, my warrior was next to unkillable, my assassin was able to win any physical combat encounter, whether it be 1v1 or 8v1 in PvP, and other things like that transpiring.

        Yeah, I was much the same with RunEscape. It's a new kind of game when you understand the mechanics to such a point that you can manipulate them to your advantage. I had what was known as a Defence Pure, which was the immovable object. I could happily tank 15+ opponents simultaneously on a good day.

          Very impressive :). Runescape was my high school days.

      WOOO different computer, I can actually reply!
      As for your question... MORROWIND!
      Ha! probably expecting SKYRIM!, well it comes a close second, but so far MORROWIND still outranks it by about 50-70 hours.
      However with new dlc coming for SKYRIM! I think it shall soon top the 650+ hours i put into MORROWIND!

      Let's see my most played game would be WoW.

      I have 153 days of /played time clocked on my main character...

      Other than that my most played game is GTA IV at 163 hours. This should be TF2 or CSS but Valve reset my hours a few years back and I lost what I had already sunk into them =/

        Yeah, I saw you were Elite on TF2 rankings within Raptr, was wondering how you'd managed that with so few hours :P

          Probably all the achievements I have tbh. Only started using Raptr this year y'see.

      I'd have to check but I'm fairly sure it's Dead Island with about 97 hours

      Final Fantasy 8. Lost count of how many times I've replayed it. And it's been around 100 hours each time. Probably the only other game that would be even close is Morrowind.

      Hello Aleph-Null! Not much, just work and stuff :)

      Either MMO - Ragnarok Online

      or DOTA... the original on WC3... so Warcraft III, technically.

      Longest I can ever remember being on a file of anything was actually FF8, I think it was around 120 hours or something. Dont think I usually sink too much time into one game.

      I've definitely invested many many hours into WoW since launch, but I couldn't give you a number.

      I just went past 375 hours on TF2.
      The next longest play time from my Steam library is Dragon Age Origins at 84 hours. It's odd, I don't feel that I put that much time into it, and I never even ended up finishing it - so I should probably go back and do that one day. Actually, that's wrong. My Borderlands 2 playtime is past DAO now, about 120 I think.

      But, like just about everyone else, it's got to be Pokémon:

      Blue 999.99 (clock maxed)
      Silver ~250
      Sapphire 999.99 (clock maxed)
      Emerald ~500
      Leaf Green ~350
      Pearl ~600
      Platinum ~500
      Soul Silver ~400
      White ~600

        Those numbers are crazy! Especially Blue! Wouldn't have thought there'd be enough content to get that many hours. Kudos for dedication, though!

          For Blue, I think most of those hours came from me glitching tons of Rare Candies, and then being disappointed with my army of level 100's, so I decided to got and catch a whole bunch of replacements and levelled them "manually".

    Wait wait wait.

    No one told me there was a brand new Universal Soldier movie out starring both Van Damme AND Lundgren.

    Why was I not perviously informed of this?

    I played some Halo 4 multi last night after spending about half an hour entering codes and downloading DLC. Played two games of 8v8 slayer (I think they call it something different in the selection menu). I think I did okay considering how out of practice I am playing Halo multi. In the first game my team won but I came second last on my team with only around 160 points. Second game my team lost but I came first on my team and about 4th overall with about 280 points. I have no idea how many kills that is. Maybe around 6 - 10? Back in my Halo 3 prime I'd get around 25 - 30 kills on 8v8 games. Hoping I can eventually get myself back up to that level with Halo 4.

    I found the multi fun, but one thing I didn't really like is how bare the maps felt. In Halo 3 you'd find weapons and items scattered all over the place. From what I could see, there was none of that in Halo 4 and it left the maps feeling a bit empty.

    I also tried out one of those episodic Spartan mission things. I decided to play solo just to get a feel for it first. It's pretty much what I expected, completing objectives on reused single player locations. Still rather fun. Unlike another sci-fi shooter whose multiplayer consists of completing objectives on reused single player maps (ME3), these actually have some story elements about them, which is nice. The opening cinematic was also rather cool.

      There's less weapons on the maps because they decided to remove their points of differentiation from CoD, it's now about the weapon loadout you start with (which you unlock by gaining XP) and the weapons you get via ordinance drops because you started with better weapons and are doing better in the game.

      It de-emphasises skill and knowledge of the map, and instead emphasises being a no-lifer that plays it constantly. Such a shame.

    Zombie movie screening on Saturday! \o/
    But we still don't have a location /o\
    Batguy might have a solution \o/
    But at this stage it doesn't look like it'll happen /o\
    Number 35 thinks he can get us a projector! \o/
    But we still have no where to plug it in /o\
    The film will still go up on youtube as planned \o/
    But... uh.... I'm almost out of Shapes? /o\


      If it ends up being in Ctown, I doubt I can make it, btw. Would be too long to travel there then back, I'd barely be there for anything. Damn Tad's birthday *shakes fist at sky*

        I really don't want to do it in Ctown. I was even tempted to find out if I could use the office at work. the other idea is my place, but that's not much closer. :(

          This is all Tad's fault!

          Seriously though don't change anything for me, do what you need to do.

      Can't wait to see the final product =D

      Hope the screening goes smoothly for you!

      I can get you a projector!
      Though, I dont know if I can make the screening on Saturday :(
      So, if you want a projector, let me know & I can get it to you after work today or tomorrow.

      Maybe we could have another TAY Cinema night? There's a program we used to all watch a YouTube movie at the same time, can't remember what it was called though. I'll ask Masha!

        You guys should do that! At the same time WE watch it!

          Let me know the deets and I will try!

            The site is You need one person to be the 'host', who loads up the video to be watched (just copy/paste from youtube) and then send everybody the link to watch. It was really fun last time we used it (also gives the group the ability to add any random youtube video they want as pre/post-show entertainment which was amazing).


          Hey! If you're having a physical screening, I'll be there! (hopefully :P)

    (tf)2 eerie crate, or not (tf)2 eerie crate, that is the question

      I may or may not have eerie keys, I'll trade you reg. crates for eerie crates?

        If you want my crates I'll give them to you. They are worthless to me currently unless I buy keys. If you have keys without crates no issue in sending them your way

    Played Halo 4 for the first time last night, didn't like it so I'm returning it today and boycotting 343 studios for life.

    Haha I'm just kidding the game is totally awesome.

      I've only ever played the games for co-op campaign but what stuff I've seen with the multiplayer looks worryingly non-Halo-esque. Like they took the changes made in Reach and kind of ran with them in the wrong direction.

      Not having played it, I could be wrong, just the impression that I get.

      Mainly, I'm just curious if this is going to result in a CS1.6/CS:S style schism.

        Perhaps, multiplayer feels different, but not too different.
        To me it feels like a fresh take on the same Halo formula, but I'm sure many purists will reject the changes and keep playing Halo 3 until the end of time :P

          True purists play Halo 1.

          No-shields pistols-only CTF on Hang 'em High.

        Yeah they've basically ruined multiplayer for the people that were most into the multiplayer, so they could chase an audience that doesn't play Halo. :( I was worried about it back when I played in the closed beta (I can talk about that now yay!) but I thought maybe they'd also offer a 'classic' mode too. No dice.

        At least the campaign is okay (though Halo's plot is pretty garbagey a lot of the time honestly) and the co-op element should be fun too.

    Tomorrow I hand in my honours thesis, and then I am theoretically finished with uni. Assuming I don't fail things. It's making me incredibly nervous and incredibly excited.

    I just need to proofread it and make a few changes, but I just absolutely, positively cannot be bothered. Someone send motivation!

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      Go Saur! That's an awesome accomplishment - congratulations!

      There should be a shiny new book waiting on your doorstep tomorrow after you hand in your thesis. Motivation?

      Last edited 08/11/12 9:22 am

        But like sleep and stuff. And then i can play assassins creed 3 (I'M ENJOYING IT, DAMN THE HATERS) and XCOM and Dishonored and Borderlands 2 and oh god I also bought GTA IV yesterday because i'm stupid and and and and yeah that's about it. No wait, need to catch up on Walking Dead and Homeland and start watching Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire and Dollhouse and Community and still want to see Looper and Argo and Safety not guaranteed and then imma explode into nothingness.

          Wow, turns out I'm really bad at motivation :P

      Congrats, man. That's all kinds of awesome!

      Handing it in is such a great feeling, even though I got a mate to do the actual physical handing in.

      Motivation - get it done and out of the way and you're officially a free man!!! :D

      Grats, buddy! :D

      I remember the day my Thesis was due.
      I was up until 4AM until I was all NOPE, SCREW IT, THIS IS DONE, WHATEVER.

      Enjoy the feeling of dumping it off in your school office then moonwalking away, Notoriousaur!

        Probably won't be up until 4AM. I hope. Oh god I probably will.

        Thanks Bish!

      Handing in that thesis was the best feeling.

      For us it was on Melbourne Cup day itself. So we handed in our theses, watched the race on a projector in the lobby of the CS building, then a bunch of us went to the cinemas at The Glen and watched / MST3Ked Doom.

    hey guys. so im b ack at work after spending my public holiday in the worst possible way.. so basically i was working on monday, not much was happening so by about 1pm i decided to leave work early. got home with lunch for my wife, my bro in law who was staying over the long weekend and myself, and by about 3pm, was feeling really ill. mind you i was in tip top shape earlier.

    so by 4pm my stomach was no longer home to my earlier lunch for obvious reasons, and half an hour later, my fever reached 42.3 degrees. back pains kicked in, i decided to jump in the shower, at which point i was drained completely of any energy and collapsed in the shower. quite literally had to call out my missus to help me up, then spent about 28 hours in bed seeping on and off and drinking lemonade. its funny when you're sick how apathetic you are towards food.

    i forced my missus to sleep inside as i didnt want her catching anything, but she was awesome constantly checking up on me :)

    also equally awesome was that my kitty didnt leave my side at all and she stayed snuggled up to me keeping me company. damn i love animals.

    so my plans to finish ass creed 1 went down the toilet, ah well, there is always the weekend!

      That's not good, man. Hope you're feeling better now atleast. Cats are amazing!

      Hope you get better duder! Also deep heat is amazing at the whole back pain thing I find. Although I don't know if it's clever to use it while sick.

      Sorry to hear, mate.
      I hope you're feeling better.

      On the plus side, our cat is an absolute prick. So you at least got one that isn't the spawn of Satan.

      Damn, I hope all is well now!

      Seems like the loving family and cat made it a bit more bearable though! :)

      42.3? That's grounds for getting checked at a hospital IMO.

    Was anyone here a console gamer back in the early/mid 90's?

    If so, do you have any memories about the Sega/Nintendo console wars? From what I've heard, there really didn't appear to be as much rivalry in Aus as there was in the UK, but maybe one of you chaps and chapettes have some stories.

      I was! But I was a Sony kid, so i'm not much help here :S

      Infact I never owned a Nintendo or Sega console heh..

      I had NES/SNES, but I remember it was pretty civil. People had their preferences, but nothing to get riled up over.

      Last edited 08/11/12 9:29 am

        Yeah, there was always the odd comic / article in game magazines that had some but it was very little.

          You fellas obviously grew up in different place than me. We had a big fort in the playground which was alternatively Sega or Nintendo domain depending on who got there the fastest after lunch started. Then the while lunch was spent trying to cram as many as your side as possible into it.

            Haha! That's crazy, I loved these consoles but I think by this stage I had already fallen for the Amiga and the humble point-and-click adventures that came with it! :D

        I was all fired up by the magazines I read, being an impressionable kid, but couldn't find anyone who cared as much as me to argue with, so it kind of went nowhere :P

      I just remember one guy I went to school with who owned a GameGear, while I had a GameBoy. he made fun of me because his was in colour & therefore my B&W gameboy was inferior to his 16 colour handheld.

      but yeah... that dude was a twat. & sega hardware sort of disappeared... so I'm gonna assume I won that argument.

      Edit: spelling.

      Last edited 08/11/12 9:32 am

      I was more a sony man, but our family did have a Sega Master system.

      Yeah, I was a subscriber to NMS (Nintendo Magazine System) which routinely had fanart of Sonic being brutally butchered by Mario. When I think about it, it's probably best I let my subscription lapse...

        I have some guys sending me art and letters from MM, MMS and NMS for the article I'm writing. The part the magazines played is going to be a large part of the story.

          I can't help with the art examples, sorry - I threw all my mags out years ago. But if you need some words, feel free to shoot some questions my way, and I'll do my best to answer.

          Last edited 08/11/12 10:19 am

            Like I said, I have all the old art sorted (hopefully) But I'll shoot you some Q's about your recollection of the time! :D

      As I recall it Nintendo was for younger kids, Sega for teenagers. Sega had all the good fighting games, and games like Motely Crue Pinball.

        Rastan. The enemies would die in an explosion* of blood. Take that stupid kiddy Nintendo!

        *More like two large drops of red. Could have been anything but to a 10 year old, giant fountains of blood.

          Rastan was brutal! It's amazing how much our imaginations shaped the visual details from what was onscreen to what we "saw"

        "Sega had all the good fighting games"

        Like Street Fighter II Turbo? also MK2 on te SNES was the better version (Which was surprising given the crappy version of MK it got)

      I had a Snes, Master System and Mega Drive - i loved them all ohhh sooo much!!!
      Soooo many amazing games :D

        But your split personalities got into so many fights

          That's only because other me is a dick.

      It wasn't a bitter rivalry personally, but it was a rivalry nonetheless. Remember the fan-art that would get sent in to the Nintendo and Sega magazines? There was some dark shit in there :P

      oh man the arguments and literal punch-ons that occured etween me and my friends over sega vs nintendo.... i remember 3 of us got suspended in grade 5 after we accidently broke a window in the heat of one particular argument

      I was a Nintendoian, but I would play pretty much any thing, but then again, my first console was a N64, as even back in the early - mid 90s I was a card carrying master race member.

      Never really got into Sega, thought Sonic was alright, but Mario was better!

      My first console was an Atari somethingsomething. It took myself, my little brother, my mother, my stepfather and ALL their friends, and presumably many cartons of XXXX to figure out how to get a plane in the damned sky in the flight sim we had. Awesome stuff :)

      The first console I truly played was the MasterSystem II, had so much fun with it!
      I think overall I'm a SEGA guy with regard to the consoles I've owned, though I do love both sides equally.

      Sure, my group in school was massively divided! I remember some debates getting pretty heated too, as ridiculous as that sounds. It became like mud slinging contests really, dissing on each others consoles.

      I was happy to play games on any console, but I focused on, and barracked for, Sega all the way.
      Not until the Game Boy Pocket did I ever have any interest in owning a Nintendo product.
      I was fine playing on Nintendo consoles at friend's places but if there was a choice between the two I would always go for the Sega console.

      There was a vague rivalry. Everyone took a side, but it wasn't impassioned to a substantial degree. I was still pretty young, so maybe people a little older than me would have witnessed more contention.

      Like others have said there were the separate factions at school. I don't think it got as heated at my school as it did at some others, but there were moments.

      Last edited 08/11/12 11:44 am

      There was no rivalry when I was a kid. Sega had presence and marketing, Nintendo was way uncool and no one had one.

    Have any TAYbies seen Argo?
    If so, what did you think of it?

      Was going to see that or Frankenweenie, ended up seeing nothing. :S

      I read that as Agro and in my mind yelled "Yes!"

      True story.

        Is it strange that i did the same?

      It's really, really good.

      I wrote a thing about it here:
      if you're at all interested, but basically it's well told and the fact that it's mostly true is astonishing.

      I liked it. I recommend it I reckon. Really well built tension and stuff. Although you do really have to question how much of it really happened, and how much is dramatised, I had that awkward feeling a lot of the time. But yeah, overall its good.

    So I need to learn how to install a hard drive into my computer.
    On the up side, I am learning things.

      its really easy.
      which one of these does the cable look like?

      hopefully the one on the right.

      plug a the cable into your computers motherboard, plug the other end into your hard drive. done.

        not true, if he still has IDE, he has master/slave jumpers to worry about...

          If Scree is using IDE drives, then I think installing a new HDD is the least of the problems....

        It's SATA I think

          SATA is the standard these days. Most new motherboards won't even come with IDE ports.

      1) Open computer.
      2) Insert HDD somewhere it fits and secure it.
      3) Find a cable that fits into the HDD and plug it in.
      4) Close computer.

      Installing parts is remarkably simple.

        In practice, it is indeed quite simple, though it looks stupidly intimidating the first time you try it.

          I've had to walk people through installing extra sticks of RAM into their work computers over the phone. The conversation boiled down to "open computer, move the CD drive out of the way and then shove the stick in the only place it fits."

          It still took a while because people were intimidated by the idea of tinkering with their computer's innards.

            How do i know which one to buy /o\ It's so confusing

              I really have never noticed a difference with RAM. I will generally get the one that is in the middle price range of the size I want.

      'sup, scree!

        Not much, just slightly terrified out of my wits

          Haha! That's me on a daily basis, you'll do fine! :D

      Into a tower?
      First off, make sure you have a SATA cable.
      Then, after opening your computer, you have to unscrew the side of the 5.25 inch bay.
      Insert the drive and screw it into place.
      Plug one end of the SATA cable into the drive, and the other end into the motherboard.
      Then, take one of the cables from the power supply, and plug it into the other slot on the hard drive.
      If you have any trouble, consult this page:
      Hope this helps. :)

        Thanks. I'm sure it'll help once I figure out what to buy

          Buying a hard drive shouldn't be too hard scree there are basically 3 things you need to decide on (Type, size, brand)
          SSD or SATA: SSD are solid state drives and will run faster but be a lot more expensive. Personally I wouldn't worry about the SSD yet and just get SATA 3.5" Drive
          Size: Again it will depend on what you need it for but it looks like a 1TB drive is about the sweet spot for value for money.
          Brand: As long as you pick a known brand you should be ok (Seagate & Western digital are the two I use)

            Thanks! I'll make sure it's SATA before i do anything though.


        CUT THE RED WIRE!!!

        (this is bad advice)

          NOT THE RE.....



      Just be careful when handling it, lots of PC parts have sharp pieces or edges, I've slit my thumb open with the edge of a hard drive casing once. Wasn't a bad or painful cut but it was enough to draw red oil for me.

        I'm beginning to think Tech Knight might've spent some time in a robot insane asylum and isn't in fact an actual robot! :P

        It's always fun to play "why the hell is there blood on this component?"

        My CPU cooler gets the better of me more often than I'm willing to admit...
        Guess it doesn't help that there's next to no room between the cooler and the case for my hands to fit :P


      At first I thought they were cupcakes.

        They are far more delicious than that! :D

      To the uninitiated (i.e me) that looks bloody intimidating.

        To the initiated it's still bloody intimidating.
        Seriously ,this morning before the stuff arrived, i was looking at all the stuff i have to paint and thinking "oh... god... where do I go next?!"

        Still it's great fun! lol



    Meet at CyberyCity in the Valley for dinner after Supanova at around 6:00 - 6:30. (let me know if that time doesn't work I'm just guessing from the last time I went to Supanova)

    It's BYO but for that to work we each need to get over $10 of food. (Which shouldn't be hard)

    There's a Bottle-O nearby so don't fret about getting booze. If two people are keen I'm good to split a carton of beer three ways to reap the cheap benefits.

    Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Husbands and Wives are welcome (no Nannas please)

    I'll be there from 6:00ish (if the time doesn't change) so feel free to give me a call if you can't find it. (Lemme know if you don't have my number)

    I'll also need approx numbers so I can get a table when I get there. So reply here or someone send me a total on Twitter. I'm guessing around 8 - 10?

    Also, if you've never been to a thing before, come along. Open to all.


      I'm looking forward to it, man. Don't drink, though. Obviously don't mind if you guys do, just letting you know I'll be extra strength nervous from the lack of liquid courage. :P

        It's cool man, I have basically given up drinking too. We can sit and silently judge all the alcoholics. =P



            But seriously, like you need to be nervous! You've met the majority, right? 'Cept me and Jimu?

              I actually have never met jimu too!

              Yeah, didn't actually speak a whole lot to Strange, though. I was frightened. Haha!

                Stop that, or I'll give you something to be frightened about! :P

                She's pretty intimidating.

                Or do I mean intimidatingly pretty?


          Sometimes I fear I may actually be an alcoholic.
          When I feel like that I go down 1 of 2 routes. I drink away my apprehensions, or I go without grog for a week or so. Which is still probably less time than I should.

            For what it's worth, not drinking isn't a judgement thing or any thing with me. Just like to stay in control, is all. I have reasons. My head's a mess at the best of times, I like to keep it clear.

            If you can go without for a week or so, you are probably not an alcoholic. Alcoholics tend to not be able to do that. And they'll hide the fact that they drink from people as well, which you are not.

            You seem like a binge-drinker though. Which I used to be. In which case I would say, if you're worried about it, try and set limits for yourself on when/where/how much you drink. Don't feel mad at yourself if you go over your self-imposed limits, just try again. :)

      Not only am I in, but I want in on that beer. Imma gon get it on in cybercityyyy

        It's gonna be a Sassy* Dan & Dane kinda evening!


          Drunk and mean and abusive and probably inappropriate

      If you guys are still going strong after 9 I can drop in unles Mrs. Freeze wants to "celebrate" a bit after then I won't be available until 9:10.

        You're in the big smoke!?

        Just text someone and we'll let you know, boo.

        So assuming it takes you 8 minutes to get to us, that's 2 minutes worth of "celebrating" huh. Nice.

        EDIT: Also highly doubt we'll be done by 9. If everyone else is, I wont be.

        Last edited 08/11/12 11:05 am

      I shall most likely be joining you. Most likely without Mr. Strange. Because he is allergic to fun.

      I downvoted because I can't go! D:

        Not our fault you're not doing the screening of your movie at Supanova.... :P

      Who's actually going to Supanova?

        Not me!

        Me! And without kids for the first time ever! No more will I have to worry about inconsiderate convention-attendees knocking my kids out with their backpacks or trampling them underfoot.

      I've got another meat type dealy on at 6:30 ... but if you guys will be there for a while I'll try to make it after 8

        For sure, yo!

        Do you know where Cybercity is? It can be a little difficult to find, is all.

        Tweeter me when your making a move (@dkzeitgeist) and I'll let you know where we are.

    So, its been 1 day without my iPhone.... instead Optus gave me a basic (well, actually its an insult to basic) Huawei phone. This thing is terribuble! I've become use to having decent gear, and phones that have features such as bluetooth, email, mp3 ring tones, exchange sync, and its really offputting to have a phone with none of the above! But I can send and recieve sms, and make and receive phone calls, which is the basic needs to do my job, and I have my iPad to fill in the other areas (except no 3G tethering....). So I'm going to slowly slip into more peaceful time, where my phone was just a phone, men where men, cows where cows and try to forget about the future that I know is coming once my phone comes back to me.

    Yes, I am ranting that I have to use a low end phone instead of my iPhone, but I have gotten use to having a device that I can use for so much, and it has so far been unsettling to not have that there. 10 - 15 business days cannot pass quick enough.

    Also MIDI!!!!

      What the hell is Huawei?

        Chinese electronic manufacturer, supposedly connected to the Chinese military, so all my phone calls and sms are being added the Chinese intel on me.

        Enjoy my texts you sneaky buggers!

          Start texting the late night TV ladies then!

          Make sure to include the words "revolution" and "uprising" as much as possible.

            Also, conspire with the Dalai Lama!

              Hey Mr Dalai Lama, would you like to join me a for dinner party to discuss uprising techniques? I think we can get a revolution started!

              Also don't forget to mention how shit Pork Buns and Spring Rolls are!!! AND RICE!

              ...They totally aren't, but it'll be fun to see what they do.

              ...Probably nothing.

        Its the noise you make when you cant go poop

    I am looking forward to playing Assassin's Creed III today because tree-running is fun. Still bitter about the first unnecessary four days of play, and missions are still excruciatingly unfun, but at least I've finally managed to find some fun in the game. :D

      I'm thinking about reading the wikia today, but not sure. What if I some how like it next time I play?

        Guess you'll never find out and it's time to move on to Journey : )

        Play it! Just rush through the missions without trying to do the optional objectives for 100% sync. It's way better if you do that. That's not usually my playstyle but it's the only way I can get any enjoyment out of the game.

        Reading it really isn't the same as playing it. :P There are certain points I think you'd rather experience properly in this game!

          Riled me up so much, though! You saw my twitter ramblings! :D

            I know. I'm talking about specific moments though, that would be better played than read, like SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER

      That's how I felt about the first game. Didn't really like the missions, but running from building to building was pretty great.

        I loved the first game. The missions, the sidequests, the exploration, the way Altair moved so fluidly, the story, everything. It remains my favourite AC game.

          I prefer AC2, but I know how you feel about Ezio. :D